HP Election Kanungo Paper 2014 (Part 1) - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

    1.      The slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ was raised by – Bhagat Singh

    2.      Which personality was popularly known as ‘Deshbandhu’? – Chitranjan Das
    3.      The pioneer of ‘Indian Rnaissance’ was – Raja Ram Mohan Roy

    4.      The name by which Ashoka is generally referred to in his inscription is – Priyadarshi

    5.      The term ‘Yavanpriya’ mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts denoted – Pepper

    6.      Who invented ‘Zero’ – Aryabhatta

    7.      Which civilization was associated with river ‘Tiger’? – Mesopotamian

    8.      The name ‘Jefferson’ is associated with the – American war of Independence

    9.      The name ‘Jitan Ram Manjhi’ is associated with …….State. – Bihar

   10.  According to ASSOCHAM study, …..State has recorded the highest growth rate of milk production and per capita availability during the period between 2006-10. – Andhra Pradesh

     11.  The Islamist jehadi outfit ‘Boko Haram’ Which was recently in news, belongs to – Nigeria

     12.  Plastic currency notes of Rs……….denomination will be launched in 2015 in five cities chosen by RBI

    13.  How many Lok Sabha seats have been won by BJP in Uttar Pradesh recently  held Lok Sabha Election – 2014 – 71

     14.  ‘Dalbir Singh Suhag’ is the new chief of the – Indian Army
    15.  The India’s own payment gateway which was recently launched to compete with networks as Visa and Master Card, is known as – Ru Pay

   16.  Which animal has recently been banned (from being used in the sports like Jallikatu) by the Supreme Court? – Bulls

   17.  What is the name of combat drill conducted by Indian Army recently in Western Rajasthan? – Sarvad Vijay

    18.  Which class the ‘Astra missile’ belongs? – Air to Air

    19.  Which country has recently purchased 3,400 Indian made EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) for its Presidential Polls? – Namibia

    20.  What do you understand by ‘NOTA’ pertaining to election and EVMs? – None of the above

   21.  Which states, were the first states, to be issued plastic electors Photo Identity Card(EPIC) during recently concluded Lok Sabha Elections? – Assam and Nagaland

    22.  The General Election – 2014 were held for total……Parliamentary Constituencies in India. – 543

   23.  The limit of election expenditure by a candidate for Parliamentary Constituency has recently been increased to Rs……………in bigger states. – 70 lakh

   24.  The General Elections-2014 were conducted in ……phases. – 9

  25.  As per official record, Who among the following is known as the ‘First ever Indian Voter’? – Shyam Saran Negi

   26.  The present Lok Sabha is the ……….Lok Sabha. – 16th

   27.  The minimum age to qualify for election to the Lok Sabha is – 25 years

   28.  The power to decide an election petition  is vested in the – High Court

   29.  The members of Rajya Sabha are elected by – Elected members of the Legislative Assembly

  30.  Which part of the Constitution provides for establishing India as a Welfare State? – Directive Principles of State Policy part IV

   31.  Which is not a Fundamental Duty? – To vote in public elections

  32.  Which department is responsible for the preparation and presentation of Union Budget to the Parliament? – Department of Economic Affairs

  33.  The idea of the Preamble has been borrowed by the Indian Constitution from – USA

  34.  The constitution empowers………..to form new States and to alter the areas, boundaries or name of existing states. – Parliament

  35.  A device through which members of Parliament draw attention of the government to a specific grievance is (it is used to seek reduction in the amount of a demand fro grants presented by the government) called – Cut motion

  36.  There are ……..Languages of India recognized by the Constitution India – 22

  37.  Who is ‘Executive head of the State and the first citizen India’? – The President

  38.  What is the meaning of ‘Mandamus’? – We Command

  39.  Which feature is not associated with Indian Constitution? – Dual Citizenship

  40.  How many modes are there for losing citizenship? – 3

  41.  The first and the only President  who died in the office was – Dr. Zakir Hussain

  42.  Which is not a session of Lok Sabha? – Summer Session

  43.  The President of India can nominate……..members of the Anglo. -2

  44.  There are …………number of Judges in Supreme Court other than Chief Justice. -30

  45.  The first woman Judge of the Supreme Court was Justice – M. Fathima Biwi

  46.  Who declares ‘Financial Emergency’ in the country? – The President

  47.  The maximum permissible strength of the Rajya Sabha is – 250

  48.  Justice Rajendar Mal Lodha has joined as the …….Chief Justice.-41

  49.  The Kedarnath temple of Uttarakhand state is dedicated to lord. – Shiva

  50.  The name “Gorla Rohini” is associated with – Judiciary

  51.  ‘Straight from the Heart’ is a book written by – Kapil Dev

  52.  ‘Gitanjali’ is a book written by – Ravindranath Tagore

  53.  Which organization is specifically associated with human rights and related issues? – Amnesty International

  54.  The name ‘Shiv Kumar Sharma’ is associated with – Santoor

  55.  ‘Jagdish Chandra Bose’ was a – Scientist

  56.  ‘Operation flood’ was associated with – Dairy

  57.  The heavenly bodies made up of hot buring gases and shine by emitting their own light, are called – Stars

  58.  Which is the Smallest Planet? – Mercury

  59.  Indian Standard Time is …….a head of Greenwich Mean Time.- 5hours 30 minutes

  60.  Which town is located on the banks of river Gomati? – Lucknow
  61.  ‘Farakka Project’ is associated with – West Bengal
  62.  ‘Japan’ is also known as ………..the other name of Japan – Nippon

  63.  Indian is the ……largest country in the world. – 7th

  64.  ‘Typhoons’ are the cyclones associated with – China Sea Region
  65.  ‘Suez Canal’ connects – Mediterranean Sea to Red Sea

  66.  Rabi Crops are harvested in – April/ May

  67.  Which is known as ‘Soya Region’ of India – Madhya Pradesh

  68.  ‘Shompens’ (tribal’s) are the native of - Andaman & Nicobar

  69.  Which State is associated with ‘Corbett National Park’? – Uttarakhand

  70.  ‘MacMahon Line’ is the International Boundary line between – India and China

  71.  ……….is the largest(area wise) State of India – Rajasthan

  72.  Which is not a ‘Land Neighbour’ of India? – Sri Lanka

  73.  ‘Wular Lake’ is in – J & K

  74.  The Tidal Port “kandla’ is located in the state of – Gujarat

  75.  ‘Manavjit Singh Sandhu’ is associated with – Shooting

  76.  The World Cup Hockey men was held at – The Hague

  77.  The sports term “Duck” is associated with – Cricket

  78.  The filament of an electric bulb is made up of – Tungsten

  79.  The rise of Kerosene oil in wicks of lamps is due to which property of liquids? – Capillary action

  80.  Which is the most abundant gas in air? – Nitrogen

  81.  The chemical name of ‘Baking Soda’ is – Sodium Bicarbonate

  82.  ‘Tadpoles’ breath through – Gills

  83.  ‘Scurvy’ diseases is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin – C

  84.  ‘Rafflesia’ is a – Flower

  85.  The disease ‘Jaundice’ affects – liver

  86.  Speed of sound is maximum in – Solids

  87.  I calorie is equal to …..Joule – 4.184

  88.  Wavelength of ……….Colour is maximum – Red

  89.  Electric Motor transforms – Electric energy into mechanical energy

  90.  ‘Sampoorna Singh kalra’ is popularly known as – Gulzar

  91.  The name ‘N.R. Narayana Murthy’ is associated with – Infosys

  92.  Mr. Vijay Shehadri has won prestigious Pulitzer Prize – on the ……….Category. – Poetry

  93.  ‘World No Tobacco Day’ is observed on – 31 May

  94.  Indian consulate in …….Afghanistan was recently in news due to terrorist attack. – Heart
Directions :(Q.No. 95 to 98) In each of the following questions a number series is given with one term missing. Give the correct alternative that will continue the same pattern and replace the question mark in the given series:

  95.  4, 7,13, 22, 34  - 49

  96.  21, 32, 44, 57, 71, ? – 86

  97.  9, 13, 11, 15, 13, ? – 17

  98.  11, 22, 21, 42, 41, ? – 82

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