Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services 2012 - Himachal Pradesh General Knowlege

1)  Haem is the important biologically in the myoglobin which is used to store: - Ans. Oxygen in the muscles  

2)    What is the Vedic name of the river Ravi? – Ans. Purushani

3)  The 40 years war between ancient Aryan king Divodas and Shamber resulted in the defeat of: - Ans.  Kirats

4)  Where was the capital of Kullu in the earlier times? – Ans. Jagatsukh

5) Who translated the collection of South Indian tales into Sanskrit and titled the work as ‘Kathasaritasager’? – Ans. Somdev

6) Who was installed as Raja of Bilaspur (Kahlur) princely state when Kharak Chand died issueless? – Ans. Mian Jangi

7)  The Himachali who was captain of Indian Hockey team that won gold medal at 1964 Summer Olympics at Tokya? – Ans. Charanjit Singh

8)  Who built the Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Chamba? – Ans. Sahil Varman

9) Which ruler of Nurpur princely state was sent by Shah Jahan in 1645 A.D. to curb the Uzbeks of Balkh? – Ans. Jagat Singh

10) Which treaty signaled the departure of the Gurkhas and arrival of the British on the political canvas of Shimla Hillstates? – Ans. Treaty of Sagauli

11) Which Raja’s wooing of Nokhu Gaddan is depicted in the “Raja-Gaddan” love lyric? – Ans. Sansar Chand of Kangra

12) Match the following: (Answer matched) – Ans. (Major Mehar Dass-Sardar-i-Jung), (Hari Singh-Sher-e-Hind), (Captain Bakshi Pratap Singh-Tagma-i-Shatrunash), (Lt. Amar Chand-Medal for expeptional)

13) Who among Dr. Y.S. Parmar, Anand Chand, Pt. Padam Dev and Joginder Sen was returned unopposed to the first Lok Sabha? – Ans. Anand Chand

14) According to 2011 census which district of Himachal Pradesh has the lowest female literacy rate? – Ans. Chamba

15) On which issue did several Panchayats of Nichar Sub-division boycotted the December the December 2010 – January 2011 Panchayat election? – Ans. Opposition to Karcham Wangtoo Hydel Project

16) When Himachal Pradesh was formed in 1948 which was the smallest Princely State/Thakurai to join it (in terms of area)? – Ans. Kuthar  

17) On which river is Chamba Pattan Bridge which being without pillars is first of this kind in Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. Beas

18) At which place in Mandi District has the Department of Ayurveda set-up herbal garden? – Ans. Jogdinder Nagar

19) For distribution of essential commodities all families in Himachal Pradesh have been divided into four categories. Two of them are: Below Poverty Line (BPL), and Above Poverty Line (APL) families. The other two are: - Ans. Annapurna and Antyodaya families

20) Arrange the dynasties in chronological order: (Dynasties arranged) – Ans. Nandas-Mauryas-Kushans-Guptas

21)  At which place was Vardhman Mahavir born? – Ans. Kundagram

22) From which place did Mahatma Gandhi ji started Dandi March to the sea? – Ans. Sabarmati

23) After Subhash Chandra Bose resigned from the President ship of Congress in 1939 who became the party president? – Ans. Rajendra Prasad

24)   Who were the two prominent leaders of Home Rule League? – Ans. Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Besant

25) In 1943, Muslim League ministers were installed in four provinces. Two of them were Sind and NWFP. Which were the other two? – Ans. Bengal and Assam

26)  In which year was the Partition of Bengal annulled? – Ans. 1911 A.D.

27) At which venue did the 1907 A.D. split in Congress Party take place? – Ans. Surat

28) Who was the first Indian to declare that “Freedom is my birth right”? – Ans. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

29) Who founded the All India Depressed Classes Federation? – Ans. B.R. Ambedkar

30) Who was the founder of Arya Samaj? – Ans. Swami Dayanand

31)  What is the capital of Republic of South Sudan? – Ans. Juba

32) What is the name of first Indian Research Station in the Arctic? – Ans. Himadri

33)  Five rings linked together constitute the symbol of Olympic Games. Each ring is of a different color. Two colors are blue and black. Which are the other three colors? – Ans. Green, Yellow and Red

34)  In which state of India is Kanziranga National Park? – Ans. Assam

35)  In the coast of which state is Wheeler Island? – Ans. Orissa

36)What are the measures of Human Development Index? – Ans. Life expectancy, Literacy rate and Gross enrollment  

37)  Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the United States of America? – Ans. France

38) Which statement is true about Ellora caves? – Ans. Majority of them are Hindu caves

39)  Which city n India is called the Garden city? – Ans. Bengaluru

40) Three important rivers of the Indian Subcontinent have their sources near Mansarovar Lake in the Great Himalayas. These rivers are: – Ans. Brahmaputra, Satluj and Indus

41) Match list (Nuclear Power Stations):  – Ans. matched. Kakrapar-Gujarat, Kaiga-Karnataka, Rawatbhata-Rajsthan, Narora-Uttar Pradesh

42)  Koyali is: – Ans. Oil Refinery n Gujarat

43)  Zawar mines are important for: – Ans. Zinc

44) Which group of rivers originates from the Himachal mountains? – Ans. Beas, Chenab and Ravi

45) The Pennines (European Appalachians (America) and the Aravallis (India) are examples of: – Ans. Old Mountains

46) Almost 90% of the world’s annual fish supply comes form: – Ans. The Continental Shell

47) Mediterranean agriculture is: – Ans. Known for grapes, olives, oranges and figs

48) Match list (Former speaker with political party): – Ans. Matched. P.A. Sangma-Congress, G.H.C. Balyogi-Telgu Desam Party, Manohar Joshi- Shiv Sena, Somnath Chatterjee-CPI(M)

49)  Under the constitution of India, the power to issue a writ of Habeas Corpus is vested in: – Ans. Both High Court and Supreme Court

50) In which part of the India Constitution has the provision for Panchayats been made? – Ans. IXth

51) Which is no longer a source of Income of urban local bodies in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. Octroi

52)  The Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats meet at: – Ans. Nilgiri Hills

53)  Fly ash is environment pollutant produced by: – Ans. Thermal power plant

54) The quality of diesel oil for use in diesel  engines is determined by: – Ans. Cetane number

55)  Dr. Piyush Guleri award winning work, “Chhaunte” is a: – Ans. Kavita (Poem)

56)  Which Mughal ruler imprisoned his stepmother after the death of his father? – Ans. Shahjahan

57)  Who has been given the 2011 Sahitya Academy Award? – Ans. Kahsinath

58) With which activity is Magsaysay awardees Rajendra Singh associated? – Ans. Water Conservation

59)  In which district of Himachal Pradesh is Mulgan valley? – Ans. Kinnaur

60) Which of the following statements are true: 1) the repo rate is the rate at which other banks borrow from the Reserve Bank of India (2) A value of 0 for Gini co-efficient in country implies that there is perfectly equal income for everyone in its population. – Ans. Both 1 & 2

61)  The Production of most metallic minerals is not affected by the: – Ans. Weight of the ore

62) Intensive subsistence agriculture is concentrated in: – Ans. Major river Valleys and deltas

63)  If the post of the Vice-President of India is vacant at the time of resignation or demise of the President of India, who assumes the charge of the office of President? – Ans. Chief Justice of India

64)  Which of the following statements is not correct about a judge of a High court: A) He holds office during the pleasure of the President. B) He can be transferred to any high court. C) He can be removed for proved misbehavior or incapacity. – Ans. He holds the office during the pleasure of the President

65)  The Governor has the power to impose Governor’s rule in the State of: – Ans. Jammu & Kashmir

66)  The Public Accounts Committee presents its report to: – Ans. The Parliament

67)  When an advance grant is made by Parliament, pending the regular passage of the budget, it is called: – Ans. Vote on account

68) Under the Constitution of India, Education as a subject of legislation is included in: – Ans. Concurrent List

69)  The Tenth Schedule added to the Constitution of India by the 52nd Amendment relates to: – Ans. Anti-defecation law

70) Match list: (Indian Constitution with Source of Borrowing) – Ans. Matched: Privileges of Parliament-The Britain, Residuary Powers-Canadian Constitution, Directive Principles of State Policy-Irish Constitution, Judicial Review-United States Constitution

71)  Which Indian city has the highest population according to 2011 Census? – Ans. Mumbai

72)  Among RIL, ONGC, IOL, NTPC which of the Indian Companies has been listed at the top in Forbes-2000 list? – Ans. IOL

73) ‘Niramal Bharat Abhiyan Yojna’ is associated with: – Ans. Community toilets in slum areas

74) The maximum limit of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in public sector banking is: – Ans. 49%

75) Among Indira Awas Yojna, Ambedkar Awas Yojna, PURA which plan is meant for constructing houses for rural people? – Ans. Indra Avas Yojna

76)   What are the components of Gross Domestic Capital Formation (GDCF)? – Ans. Gross Domestic Savings & Net Capital Inflow

77)  As per 13th Finance Commission Recommendations during 2010-15, transfers to the states in the form of ‘grant-in-aid’ are expected to be: – Ans. Rs. 3,18,581 crore

78) Ethanol mixed petrol is being sold in various states w.e.f. January 1, 2003. The percentage of ethanol in petrol is: – Ans. 5%

79) At present the National Commission on Population is under: – Ans. Ministry of Health

80) Tarapore Committee was associated with: – Ans. Full Capital account convertibility

81) Participatory Notes (PNs) are associated with: – Ans. Foreign Institutional Investors (FII)

82) Environment planning organization is: – Ans. National Environment Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)

83)  Shallow lake with rich organic products are called: – Ans. Eutrophic

84) Loss of forests, urbanization and increasing pollution are all due to: – Ans. Population explosion

85) In coming years, skin related disorders will become more common due to: – Ans. Depletion of Ozone layer

86)  What is the animal symbol of World Wildlife Fund (WWF)? – Ans. Giant Panda

87)  Plant genes of engendered species are stored in: – Ans. Gene Bank

88)  State bird of Rajsthan is: – Ans. Great Indian Bustard

89)  Soil erosion is more when: – Ans. Rainfall is High

90)  Ecology takes into account of: – Ans. Relationship between organisms and their environment

91)  Sun loving plants are: – Ans. Helophytes

92) Among wool, silk, cotton and Teflon which one is not natural polymer? – Ans. Teflon

93) A polymer which is used for making ropes and carpet fibres is: – Ans. Polypropylene

94) The urine sample of a diabetic patient contains: – Ans. Glucose

95)  Rusting of iron is: – Ans. An electrochemical process

96)  When mild steel is heated to a high temperature and suddenly cooled in water, it becomes hard and brittle. The process is known as: – Ans. Quenching

97)  Among Graphite, paraffin and heavy water which one is used as moderators in nuclear reactors? – Ans. All of these

98)  Silicon carbide is known as: – Ans. Carborundum

99) A pale blue gas with a fish like odour restores the color of a blackened lead painting. The gas is also used as a rocket fuel. It is: – Ans. Ozone

100) The bleaching action of chlorine occurs in the presence of: – Ans. Moisture  

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