Solved Paper Excise & Taxation Inspector 2013 (Part-1) - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1)      In the Supreme Court of India, a judge holds office till he attains the age of ……………years.
A.      60
B.      62
C.      64
D.      65
2)      ‘Area of Seven Sisters’ is
A.      North Eastern States
B.      Cambodia
C.      Mumbai
D.      Northern India
3)      Which of the following is not directly addressed to the court?
A.      PIL
B.      CMP
C.      CWP
D.      FIR
4)      Which of the following is known as ‘Forbidden City’?
A.      Lhasa (Tibet)
B.      Norway
C.      Kabul
D.      Vatican City
5)      Who designed the Parliament House of India?
A.      Edwin Lutyens
B.      Herbert Baker
C.      Lord Curzon
D.      Shahjahan
6)      Which of the following companies launched its video telephony service in Delhi and Mumbai?
A.      Idea
B.      MTNL
C.      Vodafone
D.      Airtel
7)      Anand Bhawan is related with
A.      Sardar Patel
B.      Dev Anand
C.      Jawahar Lal Nehru
D.      Subhash Chandra Bose
8)      Bankin Chandra Chatterjee composed ‘Vande Mataram’ in
A.      Tamil
B.      Bangla/Bengali
C.      Sanskrit
D.      Hindustani
9)      The National Calendar based on the Saka Era was adopted from
A.      20th December, 1948
B.      26th January, 1950
C.      21st March, 1953
D.      22nd March, 1957
10)   Who composed ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’?
A.      Mahatma Gandhi
B.      Tulsidas
C.      Surdas
D.      Kabir
11)   Who was the Chairman of Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution?
A.      Dr. Rajendra Prasad
B.      Sardar Patel
C.      B.R. Ambedkar
D.      Maulana Azad
12)   The hereditary system of government, where the ruling family has total control over the State is called……..
A.      Anarchy
B.      Dictatorship
C.      Monarchy
D.      Democracy
13)   The term ‘division of power’ refers to a ……….government.
A.      Unitary form of
B.      Federal form of
C.      Feudalistic form of
D.      NOTA
14)   Who has been chosen for ‘Jnanpith Award’ this year?
A.      Ravuri Bhardwaj
B.      Chaman Bhardwaj
C.      Mrinal Pandey
D.      A.B. Pandey
15)   Who has written the book ‘In the Line of Fire’?
A.      Ahsan Kuraishi
B.      Parvez Musharraf
C.      Abhinav Bindra
D.      Gagan Narang
16)   What is ‘Dial Kashmir’?
A.      Telephone company
B.      Army helpline
C.      Android application
D.      Police helpline
17)   In Himachal Pradesh, ‘Morchella Esculenta’ is general known as
A.      Guchchhi
B.      Mushroom/Khumb
C.      Chhachhi
D.      Shamo
18)   Pong Dam belongs to
A)     Punjab
B)      Himachal Pradesh
C)      Tamil Nadu
D)     Jammu & Kashmir
19)   Pin Valley is situated at
A.      Spiti
B.      Kinnaur
C.      Keylong
D.      Shillai
20)   Which of the following districts is fully located in the Shiwalik hills?
A.      Kangra
B.      Solan
C.      Sirmaur
D.      Una
21)   Which of the following passes is not located in district Chamba?
A.      Sach
B.      Chini
C.      Kunzum
D.      Chobia
22)   The famous lake Rewalsar is situated in district
A.      Bilaspur
B.      Sirmaur
C.      Mandi
D.      Chamba
23)   Bhuri Singh Museum is situated at
A.      Chamba
B.      Kangra
C.      Mandi
D.      Kullu
24)   ‘Ghantal’ festival is celebrated in….. District.
A.      Kinnaur
B.      Sirmaur
C.      Lahaul- Spiti
D.      Chamba
25)   The most beautiful valley in Kinnaur is
A.      Morang
B.      Ribba
C.      Kanam
D.      Sangla
26)   The place ‘Marhi’ is located near
A.      Rohtang
B.      Kunzum
C.      Sach
D.      Baralacha
27)   ‘Gaggal’ is famous for
A.      Industrial area
B.      Ancient temple
C.      Airport
D.      Railway
28)   The ’Kamrunaag’ lake is located in district Mandi. The Tehsil is
A.      Sarkaghat
B.      Karsog
C.      Chachiyot
D.      Sundernagar
29)   Chamera Hydro-electric Project is situated in district ………. Of Himachal Pradesh.
A.      Chamba
B.      Kinnaur
C.      Una
D.      Kangra
30)   In which of the following books, Kalidas has made a reference about ‘Kinners’?
A.      Kumarsambhava
B.      Abhigyanam Shakuntalam
C.      Meghdoot
D.      Raghuvansham
31)   ‘Kahloori’ is spoken in the district
A.      Mandi
B.      Hamirpur
C.      Kinnaur
D.      Bilaspur
32)   ‘Potala Palace’ is located at
A.      Dharmsala
B.      Rekong-Peo
C.      Lhasa (Tibet)
D.      Bengaluru
33)   Which of the following is not correct about Jogdindernagar?
A.      Existence of Revenue Training
B.      Railway connectivity
C.      Falls in district Mandi
D.      Existence of Airport
34)   At which of the following places, there is a Resident Commissioner in Himachal Pradesh?
A.      Bara Banghal
B.      Dodra Kwar
C.      Pangi
D.      Keylong
35)   Who became the First Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court in 1971?
A.      Justice A.N. Ray
B.      Justice C.B. Kapoor
C.      Justice Fatima Biwi
D.      Justice M.H. Beg
36)   ‘Mother Day’ is observed on
A.      8th May
B.      12th May
C.      14th May
D.      16th May
37)   ‘Dev Anand’ the evergreen veteran film star died at the age of 88 in
A.      Mumbai
B.      Pune
C.      Washington
D.      London
38)   The famous Academy Awards (Oscar) for the Best Picture of Year 2012 was given to
A.      Life of Pie
B.      Lincon
C.      Argo
D.      Curfew
39)   Which movie was adjudged Best Children’s Film in the 59th National Film Awards?
A.      Bal Hanuman-I
B.      Chillar Party
C.      Bal Hanuman-II
D.      Byari
40)   What is ‘Adhaar’?
A.      Computerized
B.      Bus Service
C.      Rural Development Project
D.      Unique Identity Project
41)   Who is known as ‘The Iron Lady’ in International arena?
A.      Razia Sultan
B.      Indira Gandhi
C.      Margaret Thatcher
D.      Julia Gillard
42)   Who is adjudged Best Actress in 59th National Awards 2012?
A.      Rupa Ganguly
B.      Vidya Balan
C.      Aishwarya Rai
D.      Katrina Kaif
43)   ‘Numismatics’ is the study of
A.      Languages
B.      Kidneys
C.      Earthquakes
D.      Coins and Medals
44)   ‘Deep Blue’ is a
A.      Super Computer
B.      Tablet
C.      Virus
D.      Under Water Project
45)   The National Bird (Peacock) is a symbol of
A.      Sacrifice
B.      Grandeur
C.      Peace
D.      Beauty & Grace
46)   Super Computer developed in India is
A)     Deep Blue
B)      Blue Gene
C)      PACE
D)     COMOS
47)   Nelumbo Nucifera is a scientific name of
A.      Rose
B.      Marigold
C.      Lotus
D.      Sun flower
48)   Nirvachan Sadan (Office of Election Commission of India) is situated at
A.      New Delhi
B.      Chandigarh
C.      Mumbai
D.      Lucknow
49)   The new minimum limit is……….percent of total valid votes polled in State Assembly/Lok Sabha Polls to get the status of State Party.
A.      5
B.      6
C.      7
D.      8
50)   The world’s cheapest tablet PC, launched by India is
A.      Aksh
B.      Aakash
C.      Rudra
D.      Tab S-5

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