Solved Paper Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Prelims-2016 (GS) Part-1

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1. Which of the following is not a freshwater ecosystem?

a) Pound

b) Lake

c) Wetland

d) Open Ocean

2. Which of these is not an ecosystem service?

a) Climate control

b) Recreational Benefits

c) Winds

d) Food

3. Desert ecosystem are characterized by annul rainfall of less than:

a) 25 cm

b) 30 cm

c) 40 cm

d) 50 cm

4. Which of these places is reputed to be world"s most biologically diverse?

a) Yasuni tropical rain forest

b) Western Ghats

c) Eastern Himalayan

d) Indo-Burma region

5. India is to home to how many (approximately) mammalian species ?

a) 1320

b) 628

c) 350

d) 3560

6. Identify the correct sequence of countries with the highest biodiversity ;

a) Brazil > Colombia > China > Indonesia 

b) Brazil > Colombia > India > Indonesia 

c) Bolivia > Indonesia > Colombia > India

d) Bolivia > Venezuela> Indonesia > Colombia 

7. Which of these is not a factor threatening extinction of several species in India ?

a) Population explosion 

b) Climate change 

c) Laxity in implementation of environment policies 

d) Socio-cultural practices 

8. According to Paris agreement on climate change, the rise in average temperature of earth's surface 

above pre-industrial levels should be limited to:

a) 1 Degree Celsius 

b) 2 Degree Celsius

c) 2.5 Degree Celsius

d) 3 Degree Celsius

9. The acronym UNFCC represents:

a) United Nation Framework on Climate Change 

b) United Nation Fund for Climate control 

c) United Nation Fund for Climate change 

d) United Nation Framework for climate change

(This question is wrongly asked. It should be UNFCCC instead of UNFCC)

10. In the context of climate change, measures undertaken by Government of India have a target of electric power generation by renewable energy (by year 2030) of :

a) 350 GW

b) 175 GW

c) 500 GW

d) 250 GW

11. When a body is taken from the earth to moon :

a) Mass change but weight remain the same 

b) Weight change but mass remain the same 

c) Both weight and mass change 

d) Both weight and mass remain the same 

12. Decibel is used to measure the intensity field of:

a) Magnetic field 

b) Sound 

c) Light 

d) Heat 

13. Which of the following vegetable oils does not contain essential fatty acids?

a) Sunflower oil 

b) Mustard oil 

c) Coconut oil 

d) Groundnut oil 

14. Usually fuels on burning causes pollution. which one of the following fuel causes minimum environmental pollution ?

a) Diesel 

b) Coal

c) Hydrogen 

d) Kerosene 

15. Vegetables are easily perishable because of their high content of:

a) Sugars 

b) Water 

c) Vitamins 

d) Enzymes 

16. Sweat mainly serves to eliminate :

a) Water , NaCI

b) NaCI, Fats 

c) Dirt, water 

d) Serum ,Water 

17. In a poultry unit the factor most influencing the cost is the cost of :

a) Feed

b) Transportation 

c) Chicks

d) Medicines 

18. Bombyx mori is a :

a) Fish 

b) Silkworm 

c) Ringworm 

d) Moth 

19. Which of following statements is correct?

a) Wheat bran is rich in carbohydrates 

b) Fungal fermentation of rise is used for the preparation of alcoholic drinks 

c) Rice has antibiotic properties 

d) Wheat contains 80-85% carbohydrates 

(Although Rice expressing lactoferrin and lysozyme has antibiotic like properties when fed to chicks.

20. A pressure cooker works on the principal of :

a) elevation of boiling point of water by application of pressure 

b) making the food- grains inside softer 

c) making the food-grains softer by application of pressure and temperature 

d) keeping the food-grains inside steam for a longer time

21. Which of the following is not the feature of caste system?

a) Hierarchy

b) Hereditary occupation

c) Exogamous marriages 

d) Accountability

22. Ashish Bose is well known for his concept:

a) Demographic transition

b) Population Explosion

c) BIMARU States

d) Sustainable Development

23. Which state of India was the first to pass Jamindari Abolition Act?

a) Bihar 

b) Uttar Pradesh

c) Rajasthan

d) Karnataka 

(Both UP and Bihar had passed Jamindari Abolition Act in 1951. So let's wait for HPPSC's answer key)

24. In which year was the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act passes?

a) 1998

b) 2001

c) 2004

d) 2005

25. Which is not an indicator of Human Development Index?

a) Life expectancy

b) Education component

c) National per capita income

d) Level of Urbanization

26. Of which rivers tributaries are Phojal, Sarwati and Hansa streams

(a) Satluj .

(b) Beas.

(c) Ravi.

(d) Yamuna.

27. What is the archaeological style of Adi Brahama temple Khokhan ?.

(a) Pagoda.

(b) Pent-roof.

(c) Pyramid-roof.

(d) Pyramid.

28. With which region of H.P is Bonangchyu dance associated?.

(a) Chamba

(b) Sirmour

(c) Kinnaur

(d) Kangra

29. According to 2011 census which district of H.P has the highest number of urban households?

(a) Kangra.

(b) Shimla

(c) Mandi

(d) Solan

30.Who was the court poet of Raja Dharam Chand of Kangra who wrote Dharam Chand Natak in around 1562 AD?

(a) Ganesh Singh

(b) Kanhyaya Lal Sharma.

(c) Manik Chand

(d) Padam Chand Guleri

31. To Which princely state did Zorwawar Singh, General Of Raja Gulab Singh who invaded Ladakh and Baltistan during 1834-41, belongs ?

(a) Kangra

(b) Sirmaur

(c) Jubbal

(d) Kehlur

32. When did the Chandrahabhaga Valley which was held as Jagir by the families of Tibetan origin come under sway of Kullu ?

(a) Thirteen century

(b)  Fifteenth century

(c) Seventeenth century

(d) Eighteenth century

33. The territory of which of the following princely state was divided state was between two cousins/scions Vijay Singh and Ram Singh during the nineteenth century?.

(a) Daturpur

(b) Siba.

(c) Guler

(d) Jaswan

34. Around which year did captain RC Lee set up an apple orchard in Kullu area?.

(a) 1870 AD

(b) 1895 AD

(c) 1905 AD

(d) 1910 AD

35. Which Raja of Sirmaur princely state shifted the capital of his state from Rajban to Kalsi in the beginning of the thirteen century?

(a) Udit Prakesh

(b) Kaul Prakash

(c) Maha Prakash

(d) Sumer Prakash

36. Which Raja of Bushahr princely state received Hang-Rang valley from Tibet as Jagir ?

(a) Prem Singh

(b) Karam Singh

(c) Bhup Singh

(d) Kehri Singh

37. Around which year did Russian painter Nichloas Roerich visit Naggar in Kullu District for the First time ?

(a) 1915




38. Which Raja of Bangahal princely state was treacherously killed by Raja Siddha Sen of Mandi

(a) Raghunath Pal

(b) Dalel Pal

(c) Prithi pal

(d) Man Pal

39. In Which basin is Upper Joiner hydro-power project?

(a) Ravi

(b) Satluj

(c) Beas

(d) Yamuna

40. Which school did Amrita Shergil join in Shimla around 1924-25?.

(a) Taral Hall

(b) Alfred Corpet

(c) Santa Annciate

(d) Jesus and Mary

41. At which place in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh is fish farm?

(a) Patil Kuhl

(b) Moheli

(c) Nagini

(d) All of the Above

42. Which bank is collaborating with the Himachal Pradesh government in implementing Doodh Ganga Yojna?

(b) UCO Bank

(b) State Bank of India


(d) H.P state Cooperative Bank

43. Which agency is managing Himachal Pradesh state wide Area networks (HIMSWAN) services?.

(a) M/s KPMG

(b) M/s Orange Business services

(c) M/s E&Y HPSDC

(d) M/s Vyam Technologies

44. Who founded Himachal Pradesh congress (HVC)?.

(a) Maheshwar Singh

(b) Thakur Ram Lal

(c) Dr. Salig Ram

(d) Pandit Sukh Ram

45. Which two districts of H.P are covered under Backward region Grant fund of ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India?

(a) Kinnaur and Lahul spiti

(b) Lahul-spiti and chamba

(c) Chamba and Sirmour

(d) Sirmour and Kinnaur 

46. Who among the following persons has secured India’s 12th Olympic quota berth for shooting for the Rio Games? 

a. Napis Tortungpanich 

b. Sanjay Rajput 

c. Vitaliy Dovgun 

d. Jitu Rai 

47. Who among the following persons has been appointed as UP’s Lokayukta? 

a. Prabhu Nath Singh 

b. Sanjay Mishra 

c. Virender Singh 

d. N.K. Mehrotra 

48. Which of the following Indian States will get the first ever solar-stellar observatory? 

a. Rajasthan 

b. Gujarat 

c. Maharashtra 

d. Karnataka 

49. India celebrated its first constitution Day on : 

a. 15th august, 1947 

b. 26th January, 1950

c. 26th November, 1949


50. In which of the following states, ‘Hornbill’ festival has been observed to uphold Unity in Diversity? 

a. Nagaland 

b. Manipur 

c. Assam 

d. Mizoram

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  5. The Berlin-based corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) has put India at rank 76 out of 168 countries in its latest Corruption Perception Index.

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  8. I want to know about ques. No. 51 how it can be all above are correct ? The question is asking about only IRNSS 1E so the fourth option would be wrong because it is not independent in itself but if we talk about IRNSS then it would be a right my answer would be 1,2and 3...plz do comment

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