Himachal Pradesh Subordinate Allied Services Exam 2016 II Solved Paper II Part-1 II

1. What is the Vedic name of Yamuna?

A) Kalindi

B) Kshipra

C) Purushni

D) Asikini

2. At which place does river Beas intersects the Dhauladhar mountain range?

A) Rampur

B) Larji

C) Kangla

D) Kugti

3. Which one of the following lakes is not in Chamba district of H.P.?

A) Ghadasru

B) Kareri

C) Mahakali

D) Manimahesh

4. Which mountain pass joins Kullu and Mandi Districts of H.P.?

A) Dulchi

B) Jalasu

C) Jalori

D) Darati

5. With which rishi is Nirmand region of Kullu associated?

A) Vyas

B) Vashisth

C) Parashuram

D) Vishwamitra

6. With which of the following is Rewalsar village of Mandi District of H.P. associated?

A) Padamsambhav

B) Lomas Rishi

C) Guru Gobind Singh

D) All of the above

7. In which District of H.P. is Chamera lake?

A) Bilaspur

B) Mandi

C) Sirmaur

D) Chamba

8. What is the title of Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan’s autobiography?

A) Looking Back

B) Looking Behind

C) Looking Past 

D) Looking Within

9. Who is the author of ‘Gurkha Conquest of Arki’?

A) Manmohan Singh

B) C.L. Datta

C) R.L. Handa

D) U.S. Parmar

10. Which princely state witnessed the Juga agitation around 1883 AD in which some farmers self-immolated?

A) Guler

B) Sirmaur

C) Kehlur

D) Bushahr

11. On which day does the Guga Mandli begin to recite the Guga story by going around different villages?

A) On Rakshabandhan

B) On Guga Naumi

C) On Janmashtmi

D) On Nag Panchmi

12. Near which fort a battle was fought in May 1815 between the British and the Gurkhas in which Bhakti Thapa was killed?

A) Malaun

B) Kamlaha

C) Kotla

D) Lohgarh

13. Which Raja of Kangra princely state refused to marry his daughter to the son of Dhian Singh and has to flee to save his honour and life from Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s ire?

A) Ghamand Chand

B) Rup Chand

C) Anirudh Chand

D) Jai Chand

14. Which Raja of Kehlur princely state died issueless whose death gave rise to succession struggle?

A) Mahan Chand

B) Kharak Chand

C) Bijai Chand

D) Amar Chand

15. Around which year was Lahul region captured by the Sikhs?

A) 1814-15

B) 1828-29

C) 1835-36

D) 1840-41

16. Which one of the following hydropower projects is not in private sector?

A) Sumez

B) Kurmi

C) Jogini

D) Rukti

17. According to 2010-11 Agricultural census what is the percentage of small and marginal holdings in H.P.?

A) 82.09 percent

B) 85.36 percent

C) 87.95 percent

D) 89.23 percent

18. Where was mobile soil testing lab set up in H.P. in 2010-11?

A) Palampur

B) Nurpur

C) Shahpur

D) Sujanpur

19. What is the extent of state subsidy for setting up Poly houses?

A) 30 percent

B) 40 percent

C) 50 percent

D) None of the above

20. Where is sheep breeding farm in Shimla District?

A) Mashobra

B) Khaneti

C) Chirgaon

D) Jeori

21. Which Sikh Guru got three villages from the Rani of Kehlur princely state and made his residence at Mokhowal ( later known as Anandpur Sahib)?

A) Guru Nanak

B) Guru Arjun Dev

C) Guru Hargobind

D) Guru Tegh Bahadur

22. Which one of the following princely states did not help the British during the 1857 uprising?

A) Mandi

B) Chamba

C) Bushahr

D) Kehlur

23. Which Raja of Sirmaur princely state tried to organize the administration of his state on the British pattern?

A) Shamsher Parkash

B) Fateh Parkash

C) Dharam Parkash

D) Karam Parkash

24. Around which year did the ruler of Chamba princely state give almost all the forests of the state on lease?

A) 1837 AD

B) 1846 AD

C) 1861

D) 1864 AD

25. On what basis are surnames like Kalta, Tegata, Gangta and Jharta given in some parts of Shimla District?

A) on the name of the village

B) on the name of ( head of) the clan

C) on the basis of occupation of the family

D) on the name of month or day of birth

26. How many silk yarn reeling units have been set up in Bilaspur District of H.P. in the private sector?

A) None 

B) One

C) Five

D) Thirteen

27. What was the approximate number of registered unemployed on the live registers of the employment exchanges in H.P. on 31-12-2014?

A) Ten Lakh

B) Five Lakh

C) Fifteen Lakh.

D) Twenty Lakh

28. What is the minimum educational qualification for availing the Skill Development allowance in H.P.?

A) 5th class pass

B) 8th class pass

C) 10th class pass

D) No educational qualifications

29. How much discount is allowed in the bus fare under the Green Card Scheme of H.R.T.C.?

A) 25 percent

B) 30 percent

C) 40 percent

D) 50 percent

30. According to 2014-15 Economic Survey approximately how many Stay units are registered in H.P.?

A) 387

B) 576

C) 823


31. What was the number of nominated members in the first Himachal Vidhan Sabha constituted in 1951-52?

Answer: two 

32. What was the number of elected members in the H.P. Vidhan Sabha constituted in 1967?

A) 36

B) 41

C) 60

D) 68

33. In which building of Shimla town did A.O. Hume conceive the formation of Indian National Congress?

A) Peterhoff

B) Rothney Castle

C) Red Roof

D) Manor House

34. Who organized an agitation against the Raja of Mandi in 1909 AD?

A) Mathra Dass

B) Hardev

C) Mian Jawahar Singh

D) Shobha Ram

35. Who presided over the conference of Praja Mandals of Hill States held at Jubbal on July 13, 1939?

B) Bhag Mal Sautha

36. What was the venue of All India State Peoples Conference held on January 26, 1948?

B) Jubbal

37. To which area of Mandi District did Thakur Karam Singh, Chairman of H.P. Territorial Council, belong?

A) Sarkaghat

B) Jogindernagar

C) Dharampur

D) Chachiot

38. When was H.P. Academy of Arts, Culture and Language set up?

A) 1966

B) 1968

C) 1971

D) 1972

39. Who is the author of Twarikh-Jubbal, Kohistan, Shimla?

A) Ranjor Singh

B) Ganesh Singh Bedi

C) Bhagwan Dass

D) Acchar Singh

40. Which of the following is not included in the category of Scheduled Tribes in H.P.?

A) Bhot

B) Lamba

C) Khampa

D) Doom

41. As per 2011 census which district of H.P. has the highest density of population?

A) Shimla

B) Hamirpur (406)

C) Mandi

D) Una (338)

42. Which District of H.P. reported the highest incidence of crime during 2014?

A) Kangra

B) Mandi

C) Shimla

D) Solan

43. In which district of H.P. is Tangnu Romai hydropower project?

A) Simaur 

B) Kullu

C) Shimla

D) Chamba

44. In which district of H.P. a site has been identified for setting up a solar plant?

A) Mandi

B) Kullu

C) Shimla

D) Bilaspur

45. In which river basin is Sarbari hydel power project?

A) Beas

B) Satluj

C) Yamuna

D) Ravi

46.At which one of the following reservoirs the per hectare production of fish is highest in India?

A) Chamera

B) Pong Dam

C) Gobind Sagar

D) Ranjit Sagar Dam

47. Which country is assisting in Swan River Integrated Watershed Management Project in Una?

A) Japan

B) Norway

C) Germany

D) France

48. Which bank is collaborating in implementing the Doodh Ganga Scheme in H.P.?

A) S.B.I.


C) UCO Bank


49. What is the approximate percentage of total geographical area of H.P. under forests?

A) 33 percent

B) 50 percent

C) 66 percent

D) 75 percent

50. In which District of H.P. is Shahnehar Irrigation Project?

A) Una

B) Kangra 

C) Hamirpur

D) Chamba

51. Who led the Gurkha Regiment’s 1857 revolt at Jutog Cant? 

A. Ram Parsad Bairagi 

B. Subedar Bhim Singh 

C. Commander Amar Singh Thapa 

D. Captain Rattan Singh 

52. Which is the birth place of Pahari Gandhi Baba Kanshi Ram? 

A. Gurnkad village in Kangra District 

B. Haroli village in Una District 

C. Khidri village in Kangra District 

D. Bhumpal village in Hamirpur District 

53. In which year was suspension bridge built over river Beas near Mandi town of H.P? 

A.1878 AD 

B. 1882 AD 

C. 1888 AD 

D. 1894 AD 

54. What is the approximate area of Kangra District of H.P (in sq. Kms)? 

A. 3975 sq. kms 

B. 5739 sq. kms 

C. 7395 sq. kms 

D. 9537 sq. Kms 

55. Which Mughal emperor ordered the demolition of all temples of Chamba Princely state around 1678 AD? 

A. Akbar 

B. Jahangir 

C. Shah Jahan 

D. Aurangzeb 

56. When was Social Forestry Project launched In H.P ? 


B. 1985-86 



57. Which Raja of Chamba abdicated in favour of his son Shyam Singh around 1873 AD ? 

A. Siri Singh 

B. Gopal Singh 

C. Jeet Singh 

D. Charat Singh 

58. Who occupied the throne of Kangra princely state when Raja Hari Chand was presumed dead ? 

A. Ranbir Chand 

B. Jagat Chand 

C. Karam Chand 

D. Ghamand Chand 

59. Which noble of Lambagraon became the chief of Katoch clan after the death of Raja Pramod Chand in 1850-51? 

A. Kirat Chand 

B. Uday Chand 

C. Daljit Chand 

D. Pratap Chand 

60. Which uncle of Raja Ajit Singh of Kullu attacked the kingdom with the help of Rajas of Kangra and Mandi but was defeated because of sabotage by the Raja of Mandi? 

A. Kishan Singh 

B. Jhagad Singh 

C. Hira Singh 

D. Lal Singh

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    3. 24 - D 1864

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      35 - B , (Bhagmal Sauhta)

      36 - B ( social forestery in himachal started in 1985-86, assisted by World Bank)

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