Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (Prelims) 2014 (Part-1)

Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (Prelims) - 2014

HPAS Prelims 2014
         1) In which of the following year the Asiatic Society of Bengal was  established?
A.   1757
B.   1784 (Asiatic Society of Bengal founded by Sir William Jones on 15  January 1784)
C.   1835
D.   1857

2)      Which of the following is represented by the Harrapan Civilization?
A.      Second urbanization
B.      Third urbanization
C.      First urbanization
D.      Fourth urbanization

3)      Which of the following rivers is called ‘Nadittam’ in Rigveda?
A.      Jhelum
B.      Ravi
C.      Beas
D.      Saraswati

4)      The officer who enjoyed authority over the large pasture ground was known as during the Rigvedic period?
A.      Gramini
B.      Vrajapati
C.      Kulapas
D.      Senani

5)    Match names of List I with that of List II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
Answer Matched:
A.      Kailashanath Temple - Kanchipuram
B.      Brihadeshwar Temple – Tanjavur
C.      Hoyasaleshwar - Halebid
D.      Gomteshwar - Shravanabelogola

6)      Which of the following is the author of Tamil Ramayana?
A.      Pampa
B.      Ponna
C.      Kamban
D.      Ranna

7)      Which of the following rivers ‘Swargadhari’ is located at?
A.      Indus
B.      Ganga
C.      Godavari
D.      Brahmaputra

8)      Who among the following increased the Mansab from 5000/- to 7000/-?
A.      Akbar
B.      Jahangir
C.      Shah Jahan
D.      Aurangzeb

9)      Which of the following political parties was called ‘Rajadroha Ka Karkhana’ by the British?
A.      Muslim League
B.      Indian National Congress
C.      Communist Party of India
D.      Unionist Party

10)   Who among the following established the Central Hindu School at Banaras?
A.      Madan Mohan Malviya
B.      Annie Besant
C.      Raja Ram Mohan Roy
D.      Swami Dayanand

11)   Rani Gidalu was one of the freedom fighter from the north-east. She hailed from one of the following states. Identify it:
A.      Nagaland
B.      Manipur
C.      Assam
D.      Meghalaya

12)   Which of the following states did not return Congress in power after the first provincial elections in 1937?
A.      Punjab
B.      Gujarat
C.      Sindh
D.      Madras

13)   Which is not temperate grassland?
A.      Prairie
B.      Steppes
C.      Compos
D.      Downs

14)   Which one of the following is located in Atlantic Ocean?
A.      Okinawa
B.      Bermuda
C.      Timor
D.      Male

15)   Which one of the following is incorrect?
A.      India’s north-south extent is 3124 km
B.      India’s east-west extent is 2933 km
C.      India’s land frontier is 15,200 km
D.      India’s total geographical area is 4.2% of total land area of the world             
16)    Which of correct descending order in terms of length (km) of river?
A.      Ganga(2525), Godavari (1465), Krishna (1400), Narmada (1312)
B.      Ganga, Krishna, Godavari, Narmada
C.      Ganga, Godavari, Narmada, Krishna
D.      Ganga, Narmada, Godavari, Krishna

17)   Zulus tribe is found in?
A.      South America
B.      Africa
C.      Australia
D.      Asia

18)   Which of the following has the highest sex ratio as per 2011 census?
A.      Mizoram (975)
B.      Meghalaya (986)
C.      Tamil Nadu (995)
D.      Andhra Pradesh (992)

19)   Which one of the following is incorrect?
A.      No scheduled caste population is found in Karnataka
B.      Majority of Scheduled tribe population is found in hilly areas
C.      Main occupation of scheduled caste population is agriculture based activities
D.      No caste is notified as scheduled tribe in Delhi  
Note: Scheduled caste population in Karnataka is 16.20%

20)   Which one of the following is the largest producer of coffee in the world?
A.      Sri Lanka
B.      Brazil
C.      America
D.      Kenya

21)   Which one of the following is not trade block?
A.      SAFTA
B.      EFTA
C.      OPEC
D.      UPEC

22)   Which is the tallest dam of India?
A.      Hirakund
B.      Tehri (260 m)
C.      Bhakhra- Nangal (226 m)
D.      Sardar Sarovar

23)   Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
A.      Pittsburg of India – Jamshedpur
B.      Boston of India – Ahmadabad
C.      Silicon Valley of India – Hyderabad
D.      Deccan Queen of India – Pune

24)    What was the exact constitutional status of the Indian Republic on 26th January 1950?
A.      a Democratic Republic
B.      a Sovereign Democratic Republic
C.      a Sovereign Secular Democratic Republic
D.      a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic

25)   Who among the following former Presidents contested the election to the office of the President of India without resigning from the office of vice-President of India?
1.       Dr. Zakir Husain
2.       V.V. Giri
3.       R. Venkataraman
4.       Dr. S.D. Sharma
Select the correct answers from the codes given below:
A.      1,3 and 4
B.      2,3 and 4
C.      1,2 and 3
D.      1 and 3

26)    Which of the following are the ways of acquiring citizenship of India?
1.       Birth
2.       Descent
3.       Incorporational of Territory
4.       Naturalization
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:-
A.      1 only
B.      1 and 2
C.      1,2 and 4
D.      1,2,3 and 4

27) The Right to Freedom under Article 19 of the Constitution of India may be suspended by President of India?
A.      Under Article 360
B.      Under Article 356
C.      Under Article 352
D.      At any time he so desires

28) Disagreement between the two Houses of Parliament on the following bills can be resolved by the Houses in a joint sitting?
1.       An Ordinary Bill
2.       Money Bill
3.       Constitutional Amendment Bill
4.       Private Member Bill
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:-
A.      1 and 3
B.      1,3 and 4
C.      1,2 and 3
D.      1 and 4

29) Which of the following union territories do not have any representative in the Rajya Sabha?
1.       Delhi
2.       Chandigarh
3.       Dadra and Nagar Haveli
4.       Lakshadweep
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
A.      4 only
B.      3 and 4
C.      2,3 and 4
D.      1,3 and 4

30) Which of the following languages have been declared by the Constitution to be the languages for conducting business in Parliament?
A.      English
B.      Hindi
C.      English and Hindi
D.      English, Hindi and mother tongue

31) Which among the following committees was the first to demand constitutional recognition for Panchayats?
A.      Balwantrai Mehta Committee
B.      Ashok Mehta Committee
C.      G.V.K. Rao Committee
D.      L.M. Singhvi Committee

32) In which of the following states have the Panchayati Raj institutions been set up in conformity with the traditions and customs of the local people?
1.       Assam
2.       Goa
3.       Nagaland
4.       Arunachal Pradesh
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
A.      1 and 3
B.      1 and 4
C.      3 and 4
D.      1,3 and 4

33)Which one of the following models/theories views public policy as a continuation of previous government activities with some modifications?
A.      Rational Model
B.      Incremental Model
C.      Group Theory
D.      Game Theory

34)   The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) was set up in:
A.      2006
B.      2008
C.      2010
D.      2012

35)   What were the main findings of the N.N. Vohra Committee?
A.      Internal Security Threat
B.      Electoral Malpractices
C.      Politicization of Bureaucracy
D.      Nexus between Politicians, Bureaucrats and Criminals

36)   NABARD came into existence in the year:
A.      1980
B.      1982
C.      1984
D.      1986

37) Who is the Chairman of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) at present?
A.      Abhijit Sen
B.      Arjun Sengupta
C.      Ashok Gulati
D.      G.K. Chaddha

38)   The Targeted Public Distribution System (TDPS) was adopted in the year:
A.      1991
B.      1995
C.      1997
D.      2002

39) What is India’s Global Position out of 187 countries as per UNDP’s Human Development Report 2011?
A.      119
B.      134
C.      143
D.      137

40)   Which is the correct measure of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)?
Answer: No. of infant deaths during a year/ No. of live births during the year*1000

41)   What was the average annual growth rate of Agricultural and Allied Sectors in India during 11th five year plan?
A.      3
B.      3.6
C.      4.2
D.      2.8

42) The Khadi and Village Industries Commission was established during which of the Rive Year Plans?
A.      4th
B.      2nd
C.      3rd
D.      6th 

43) “There is enough for everybody’s need but not enough for everybody’s greed.” Who said it?
A.      Nelson Mandela
B.      Jawaharlal Nehru
C.      M.K. Gandhi
D.      Rabindranath Tagore

44)   Which of the statements given below is/are correct?
1.       Bihar has the highest decadal (2001-2011) growth rate population, while Kerala has the lowest.
2.       The best performing state in terms of growth rate during 2011-12 in Bihar
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
A.      1 only
B.      2 only
C.      Both 1 and 2
D.      Neither 1 and 2

45) Which one of the following is taken as the Base Year for estimating GDP at constant prices in India during 2012-13?
A.      1993-94
B.      1999-2000
C.      2004-05
D.      2009-10

46)   Which Indian State has the lowest death rate according to census 2011?
A.      Orissa
B.      Kerala
C.      West Bengal
D.      Himachal Pradesh

47)   In a National Park, protection is provided to:
A.      Entire ecosystem
B.      Flora and Fauna
C.      Fauna only
D.      Flora only

48)    Soil erosion can be prevented by:
A.      Deforestation
B.      Forestation
C.      Overgrazing
D.      Vegetation removal

49)   Climatology is the science of:
A.      Edaphic factors
B.      Topographic
C.      Climate factors
D.      Biotic factors

50)   Ultimate source of energy for living being is:
A.      Carbohydrates
B.      Fats
C.      Sunlight
D.      ATB

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