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In the previous post, we talked about the various Lakes of Himachal Pradesh. In this post, we will gain insight into the world of Hot Water Springs of Himachal Pradesh.

Tatwani Hot Water Springs | Image Source
Some of the most popular and frequently visited by tourists are Manikaran Springs in Kullu, Tattapani Springs in Mandi, Bhagsunath Spring in Dharamsala and Kalath Springs in Kullu . However, there are at least 10 hot water springs in Himachal Pradesh (more springs will be added to this list as and when information is acquired.)

Recently in 2014, the Tattapani Hot Water Springs were to be submerged in the 800 MW NTPC Kol Dam reservoir because of which shifting and reinstating and restoring of these springs to a safer location was demanded by the locals.

Only time will tell, what will happen to the Tattapani Hot Water Springs. Meanwhile, I am sharing the list of various hot water springs in Himachal Pradesh.

Kindly point out mistakes, if any in the comment section.

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