Mountain Peaks in Himachal Pradesh - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

In our previous post, we talked about Mountain Passes & Jot of Himachal Pradesh and Protected Monuments of Himachal Pradesh.

Today we discuss about the Mountain Peaks in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal has been blessed by the mountain Gods in abundance. From its Northern corner in Lahaul to its Southern corner in Sirmaur, you will see peaks scaling massive heights all around. 

The highest mountain peak in Himachal Pradesh is Shilla located in the Kinnaur District that stands at a gigantic height of 7025 meters. The lower Himalayas Shivalik, Dhauladhars and the Great Himalayas Ranges pass through the state. 

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Author: Karun

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  1. I think so highest peak in HP is "Shilla" (7035m) in district Kinnaur in Zanskar Range.

    Great Job..

  2. Highest peak of himachal is Reo purgyil peak.

  3. There is some confusion between the highest peak of Himachal some says that Shilla is the highest peak and it is situated at kinnaur district and some says that shilla is in spiti. As I personally visited spiti and local peoples of Langza village says that the shilla peak is seen behind the Langza village, please correct and clarify which is the highest peak of Himachal?????

    1. Shilla is the highest peak located in District Kinnaur.


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