Himachal Pradesh Excise & Taxation Inspector's Exam 2006

1. National bird of India is – Peacock (Symbol of Indian legend literature and love songs)

2. When was Indian National Congress founded? – 28th Dec. 1885

3. Who was the Ist President of Indian National Congress (INC)? – W.C. Banerjee

4.When did Fa-Hien ( A Chinese pilgrim) visit India? – 5th century ( 405A.D., during the reign of Chandragupta II)

5. Who was the propounder of “ Yoga Philosophy” in 200-100 B.C.? – Patanjali

6. Where did Mahatma Budha preach his first Sermon? – Sarnath ( in U.P.)

7.  India’s National Calender is based on – Saka Era ( 78 A.D.)

8. Who wrote “Abhigyan Shakuntlum”? – Kalidas

9.Who was the first Muslim Invader to India in 712 A.D.? – Mohammad Bin Quasim

10.Who was the first Muslim woman ruler of India? – Razia Sultan

11. Which Muslim ruler enforced a strict Price Central System during his time? – Alauddin Khilji

12. In Which year first battle of Panipat was fought? – 1526 A.D. ( between Ibrahim Lodhi and Babur)

13.   When was “Delhi Sultanate founded”? – 1206 A.D.

14.   “Sufi” sect originated from – Islam religion

15.   Tulsidas was contemporary to which ruler? – Akbar

16.   Who compiled Guru Granth Sahib? – Guru Arjan Dev

17.   When was East India Company founded? -  1600 A.D.

18.  Who was credited with the act of transforming “East Indian Company” from a Trade Company to a Political Power? – Robert Clive

19.   Who introduced “English” as medium of education in India? – Lord William Bentick

20.   Sometimes metal pieces fall from the sky on the earth these pieces are known as – Meteorites

21.   Who founded Rama Krishan Mission? – Swami Vivekananda ( on May, 1, 1897 at Belur near Calcutta)

22.   Who was the first Indian woman President of Indian National Congress? – Mrs. Sarojini Naidu (Cownpore session 1925)

23.   Who started Home Rule League Movement in India? – Annie Besant in 1916

24.   When was Minimum Wages Act passed? – 1948

25.   Who said – “Man is a social animal”? – Aristotle

26.   India’s pilotless aircraft is named as – Lakshya

27.   Which planet is smallest, fastest & nearest to the Sun? – Mercury

28.   Which is the largest planet? – Jupiter

29.   Which planet rotates most slowly on its axis? – Venus ( in 243 days)

30.   What is the age of Earth? – 4.5 Billion years

31.   Which raw material is used predominantly in the production of cement? – Limestone

32.   Which is the lowest layer of atmosphere? – Troposphere

33.   “Monsoons” are – Temporary Winds

34.   Which is the largest desert in the World? – Sahara ( in Africa)

35.   Where is the headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency? – Vienna ( Austria)

36.   Who is the Chief Information Commissioner of India? – Wajahat Habibulah

37.   Ist All India population Census was conducted in the year – 1881 A.D.

38.   The basic principles of heredity were discovered by – Gregor Mendal ( Father of Genetics)

39.   When was the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi? – 1911 A.D.

40.   Charles F. Richter is a famous – Seismologist

41.   The Asteroid Belt is found between – Mars & Jupiter

42.   Astigmatism is a disease of – The Eye

43.   The vitamin responsible for blood clotting is – vitamin k

44.   Who was the Chairman of Drafting Committee of the Constitution of India? – B.R. Ambedkar ( 1st Union Law Minister)

45.   Ascorbic acid is the chemical name of – vitamin c

46.   Who is known as “Frontier Gandhi”? – Khan Abdul Gaffur Khan

47.   Who was the first woman Governor in India? – Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

48.   Who was the first woman Chief Minister in India? – Sucheta Kriplani

49.   According to Planck, energy possessed by electrons is in the packets called – Quanta

50.   A hereditary disease of the blood in which there is a deficiency in the blood clotting mechanism is called – Hemophilia

51.   The deficiency of vitamin A causes – Night Blindness     

52.   Ornithology deals with – Birds

53.    Quinine is obtained from which plant? – Cinchona

54.   The most important source of revenue to the state Govt. in India is – Sale tax

55.   Through which city passes the meridian on which the Indian Standard Time is based? – Allahabad

56.   “Penguins” means – Antarctica

57.   An example of Igneous Rock -     Granite

58.   Which is the oldest mountain range in the world? – Aravali

59.   “Peninsula” means – A tract of land surrounded by sea water on three sides

60.   Which country has highest Muslim population in the world? – Indonesia

61.   Which Indian state is the largest producer of Rubber? – Kerala

62.   The causal agent of Bird-flu disease is – a virus

63.   Galvanized iron is made by coating iron with – Zinc

64.   Which is the smallest country in the world? Vatican city (Rome)

65.   Boundary line between India and China is known as – McMahon line (drawn in 1914 A.D.)

66.   Seismograph is used to measure – Earthquake

67.   Who won Football World Cup 2006? – Italy, (by defeating France)

68.   Who won “Golden Ball Award” in 2006 Berlin Football World Cup? – Zinaden Zidan ( Captain of France)

69.   Port Louis is the capital of – Mauritius

70.   Arjuna awards are given in the field of – Sports

71.   Which award is given to Sports coaches? – Daronacharya award

72.   With which sport is the Davis Cup associated? – Lawn Tennis

73.   Who won the Men’s Wimbeldon 2006 title? – Roger Federer ( of Switzerland)

74.   Who won the man of the series award in India-Westindies Test series 2006? – Rahul Dravid

75.   2004 Olympic games were held at – Athens

76.   Who is Milkha Singh? – A sprinter

77.   In which game excelled Samresh Jung of Sirmaur District? – Shooting

78.   Where is the “Shaking Minaret” ( Jhoolta Minar) located? – Golconda ( Karnatka)

79.   Hawala Market is related to – illegal foreign exchange

80.   SEBI stands for – Securities & Exchange Board of India

81.   The term “Forth Estate” refers to – Press

82.   What is the approximate length of the proposed gas line from Iran to India through Pakistan?- 2100 km.

83.   The total identified Hdyro Electric Potential of Himachal is – 21500 MW

84.   What is Sex Ration? – Number of females per 1000 males

85.   Larji Hydro-electric Project ( 126 MW) is located in – Kullu district

86.   Lytton memorial is located at- Nahan

87.   Lavi fair is held at – Rampur

88.   Roreich Art Gallery is located at – Naggar (Kullu)

89.   Malana is located in the district – Kullu

90.   Part “C” state Bilaspur was integrated with Himachal Pradesh on – 1st July 1954

91.   Himachal Pradesh became full fledged state on – 25th January 1971

92.   The best conductor of heat & electricity is – Silver

93.   The article 370 of Constitution is applicable to the State of – Jammu & Kashmir

94.   In which case the Doctrine of Basic Structure of the Constitution was established? 
Keshwanand Bharti case ( April 1973)

95.   Poplar is a – Tree

96.   CNG stands for – Compressed Natural Gas

97.   The tenure of the member of Rajya Sabha is – 6 years

98.   Who appoint the Prime Minister in India? – President

99.   What is the maximum interval between the two sessions of the Parliament? – 6 months

100. Two houses of the American Congress are – Senate & the House of   Representatives

101. In the Parliamentary form of Government the council of minister is collectively responsible to the – Parliament

102. Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission? – Prime Minister

103. Green Revolution refers to – the increase in the crop production

104. ICICI is a – Commercial Bank

105. Reserve Bank of India was established in the year – April1, 1935

106. What does IDBI stands for – Industrial Development Bank of India

107. The Book “ Autobiography of a Yogi” is written by – Paramhansa Yogonanda

108. What is the unit of distance in the sea Navigation? – Nautical miles

109. The intensity or loudness of sound is measured in the unit of – Decibel

110. Sovereignty is an essential attribute of – State

111. Bureaucracy literally means system of – Officers

112. Plato was – A Greek Philosopher

113. Bile, a fluid which helps in the digestion of fats is secreted by – Liver

114. Which disease is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin D? – Rickets

115. National Defense Academy is situated at- Khadakwasla ( Pune)

116. Who said “where there is no law, there is no freedom”? – John Locke

117. Who was the first person to enter the Space on April 12, 1961? – Major Yuri Gagrin (Russia)

118. What is the Blood Pressure of a normal person?-  120/80 mmHg

119. Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI) is situated at – Kufri (Shimla)

120. The form of Govt. in which all citizens enjoy equal political rights is known as – Democracy

121. National Science Day is observed on – 28th February

122. The head of Parliamentary Government is – Prime Minister

123. Who is known as the “Lady with the lamp”? – Florence Nightngale

124. Fascism believed in – Force

125. Who gave the Theory of Natural Selection in 1859 A.D.? – Charles Darwin

126. When can a President refer a matter tot eh Supreme Court for its opinion? – When a matter is of Public importance

127. The Modern Concept of private property emerged with the emergence of – Liberalism

128. With which sport “Ranji Trophy” is associated? – Cricket

129. Where is the birth place of well known Musician Tansen? – Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)

130. How many offices are kept outside the ambit of the Office of the Profit Bill? – 56 Offices

131. Who is Tiger Woods? – A golfer

132. The difference between the value of commodity produced by a labourer & the wages received by him is known as – Surplus Value

133. In which distt. of H.P. Renuka lake is located? – Sirmour

134. The Salary of the Presidential of India is drawn from the – Consolidated fund of India

135. Solar Eclipse ( only on the New Moon Day) occurs when – Moon comes between the Sun & the Earth

136. On which days of the year National holidays are observed? – 26th Jan, 15th Aug & 2nd Oct.

137. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of India’s Independence? – C.R. Attlee

138. An example of non-conventional energy is – Biogas

139. Who is the father of History? – Herodotus

140. What is Humas? – Semi-decayed organic matter (Biofertilizer)

141. Communism is – Revolutionary in nature

142. With which sport Leander Peas is associated  – Lawn Tennis

143. With which sport Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore is associated? – Shooting

144. Which is most important system in a democracy? – Political System

145. A Socialist state lays emphasis on – Economic Equality

146. In which year did Prophet Mohammad migrate from Macca to Madina? – 622 A.D

147. Hereditary characters can be traced with the help of – Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA)

148. On whose recommendation does the central Govt. grant financial assistance to the states? – The Finance Commission

149. The Planning Commission in India is – An Administrative Advisory body

150. The President of USA is the – Real Executive Head of the state

151. The “Jallianwala Bagh” Massacre took place on – April 13, 1919

152. The programmer of Non- Cooperation launched by Gandhiji did not include – Armed Rebellion against the Govt.

153. When were the first general election held in India? – 1952 A.D.

154. The power of Judicial review is conferred on the Supreme Court in India by – Article 13 & Article 32

155. The Indian Constitution is the – Lengthiest written constitution in the world

156. The President of India can nominate to the Rajya Sabha – 12 members

157. In the Indian constitution the interest of the minorities are protected by – Article 29

158. To prevent recurrences scams in Indian Capital Market, the Govt of India has assigned regulatory power to – Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

159. Agricultural Price Commission was established in the year – 1965

160. The apex Institution in the field of Industrial finance is – Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)

161. The branch of Geology which deals with the study of rocks is – Petrology

162. The Integrated Rural Development Programmer (IRDP) was launched on – October2, 1980

163. The Prime Meridian passes through – Great Britain

164. Which award is associated with an outstanding work in the field of agriculture? – Borlaug Award

165. The stock exchange is a part of – The Capital Market

166. Table Tennis is also known as – Croquet

167. Which is the largest Nationalized Bank of India? – State Bank of India

168. President of India is – The Head of the State & the Supreme Commander of Armed Forces

169. With whose reign is the Gandhara School of Art associated? – Kanishka

170. Who is the author of the famous novel “War and Peace”? – Leo Tolstoy

171. Who encouraged remarriage of the widows most? – Raja Ram Mohan Rai

172. Among the early Aryan the Principal means of earning a living was – Farming

173. Who wrote “Hints for Self Culture”? – Lala Hardyal

174. “Contours” represent places having – Equal Altitude

175. The Red Indian belongs to – North America

176. “Yak” is found in – Central Asia

177. In which planet a day is longer than year on the earth? – Venus

178. The brightest object in the Universe is – Quasar

179. Doldrums refer to – A belt of calm and light variable wind near the equator

180. Racial traits of man are situated in – Anthropology

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