Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (Arts) 2012

    1.  Who is known as ‘Pahari Gandhi’? – Baba Kanshi Ram

    2.  Who discovered DNA? – J.Watsen and F.Crick

    3.  H1N1Flu is caused by – Virus 

    4.  Which amongst Carbon, Iron, Calcium, and Uranium is the source of fuel for a Nuclear reaction? – Uranium
    5. Which river originates from Mansarovar in Tibet and enters the Indian border at Shipki in Kinnaur district? – Satluj

    6.  The Vedic name of river “Ravi” is – Parusni

    7.  Who named Chamba town after the name of his daughter “Champavati”? – Sahil Verman

    8. In 1009 A.D. Kangra Fort was captured and plundered by – Mahmood of Ghazni

    9. ‘Treadmill Test’ (TMT) is conducted to treat – Heart

    10.  A meteorite is – A piece of matter which has entered the earth’s atmosphere from outer space
    11. Who is the largest exporter of tea in the world – Sri Lanka

    12.  Ozone depletion is mainly caused by – Chlorofluorocarbon

    13.  The study of ‘fossils’ is known as – Paleontology

    14.  Recently Bhu-Chung Bhutia was in news .To which sport he is associated with? – Football

    15. The World Trade Organization (WTO) was earlier known as – GATT

    16.  The symbol of Indian currency is designed by – D. Udaya Kumar

   17.  The overall sex ratio at national level as per census 2011 has increased to reach ____ as against 933 in census 2011. – 940

  18. Which State Government has announced the formation of Agriculture Cabinet to address the problems faced by the farmers? – Bihar

   19.  Who was declared the winner of ‘Dada Saheb Phalke Award’ for the year 2010 by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry? – K. Balachnder

   20.  Who is the winner of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2011?  – Gagan Narang

   21.  Which city will host the 2012 Olympics? – London

   22.  Famous “Roerich Art Gallery” is situated at – Naggar

   23.  ‘Billing’ in Kangra district is famous for – Para-Gliding

   24.  ‘Vipasha’ is the Sanskrit name of which river? – Beas

   25.  Which place is known for “The Mini Lahasa” in India? – Dharmshala

    26.  World’s highest post office opened on 5th Nov.1983 in H.P is – Hikkim (Distt. Lahaul-Spiti)

   27.  While teaching in a class, a teacher inadvertently gives wrong information, which the students point out .He/She should: - Admit the error and correct it

   28.  During the classroom interaction a student raises a question which you cannot answer there and then. How will you react? – Admit your inability and promise to answer next day

    29.  Which is the apex body for curriculum related matters for school education in India? – NCERT

  30. What should be the goals of a teacher? – Develop knowledge and skills in all areas of development, Help children learn-how to learn , Understand individual difference and learning styles
   31. A female student of your class complains of being teased by a male classmate. How will you handle the problem? – Initiate an enquiry at your own

   32.  IEP  stands for – Individualized Educational Plan

  33.  When most of the students in the class do not understand a concept clearly ,the teacher should – Conduct hands on activities on that concept

   34. The term CCE implies – Evaluation of Scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of pupil growth

  35. A teacher should have – Mastery over the subject, Have leadership qualities , Maintain discipline

   36.  What should be the role of teacher in meeting the individual differences of students? – Try to know the abilities, capacities , interest and attitude of pupils, Try to adjust the curriculum as per the needs of the individual

   37.  Which amongst Making notes, extra reading, using help books and self study is not good for quality learning? – Using help books

   38.  Reena a student of class VIII is very interested in sports and wants to pursue her career in sports. What will you suggest to her? – She should put in hard work to achieve her ambition
   39. Twelve years old Shalu has begun to imitate the style of talking of her teachers. This form of behavior is known as – Transference

    40.  Which is the most essential for learning? – Desire to learn

    41.  Aditya, a student of your class is visually challenged. You have a school function coming up. What will you do? – Give him a part of narrator
   42.  Child development is marked by interrelated process. Which amongst Differentiation, Integration, Motivation and Learning is not one of them? – Motivation
   43.  Which is not the tool for formative assessment in scholastic domain? – Multiple choice questions

   44.  To make students successful, the teacher should – Understand the individual differences of the students ,Motivate students, Reinforce then whenever it is necessary

   45. Which are the major dimensions related to ensuring quality in education system? – Appropriate Curriculum , Motivated and suitably rewarded teacher, Appropriate pupil-teacher ratio
   46.  A student with high intelligence is not doing well at studies. What is the best course of action for the teacher? – Find out reasons for his under achievement.

  47.  Education helps a child to develop his/her – Emotional intelligence , Social intelligence and Career skills

   48.  To correct the stammering problem of  class VIII student, a teacher should – Seek professional help

   49.  Children from the underprivileged section of the society can benefit more if they are – Provided with richer learning environment in schools

   50.  Anil, a student of your class is being teased by his classmates for his dark complexion. What do you need to do as a teacher? – Talk to the class about individual differences

   51.  Sheela is very good in music but is not able to well in Mathematics .As a teacher how will you handle her? – Tell her that she can do well in Maths too and explain the concepts to her

  52.  Role of teacher is necessary for the development of – Educational development of children, Intellectual development of Children and Emotional development of children

  53.  In which stage of cognitive development is a child when he\she is able to workout problems logically and do multiple classifications? – Formal operational stage

   54.  What may damage a low achieving student psychologically? – Discussing the marks of individual student in the class

  55.  To address the diversity in academic achievement , an effective teaching method can be  - Cooperative\ multigrade teaching

   56.  If you come to know that a student of your class is facing problems related to parent’s separation at home, what would you do? – Treat him\her sympathetically

   57.  Whether a bill is money bill or not, will be decided by the – Speaker of the Lok Sabha

   58.  Human Rights Day is observed all over the World every year on – 10th December

   59.  “A man is born free but everywhere he is in Chains”, whose words are these,? – Rousseau

   60.  The legislature having two houses is known as – Bi-Cameral

   61.  “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people”, whose statement is it? – Abraham Lincoln

   62.  The idea of Fundamental Rights was taken from – America

   63.  Which subject has been borrowed from Ireland by the farmers of Indian Constitution? – Directive Principles of State Policy

   64.  The slogan “You give me blood ,I will give you Freedom” was given by – Subhash Chandra Bose

   65.  Who accords recognition to a political party as a national party? – Election Commission of India

   66.  Where is the headquarter of WHO? – Geneva

   67.  Whose role is dominant in a Patriarchal Society? – Of Father

   68.  Which helps most in the development of child? – Family

   69.  In which continent is the ‘Dead Sea’ situated? – Asia

   70.  Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration is situated in – Mussoorie

   71.  Which came first into existence? – A Family

   72.  Where is the Oil and Natural Gas Commission located? – Dehradun

   73.  ‘Kaziranga’ the famous sanctuary of Assam is famous for – Rhinos

   74.  The leaves of the plants of desert forests are – Small sizes and thorny

   75.  The only state in India that shows an excess of females over males is – Kerala

   76.    The highest number of cotton mills in India is in – Ahmadabad

   77.  The solar eclipse occurs when – The Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun
   78.    The largest desert in the world is – Sahara

   79.  Which plant is used for making Kaththa? – Acacia catechu

   80.  We generally measure the depth of the sea in – Fathoms

   81.  Hanging Valleys are formed due to the action of – Glacier
   82.  The phases of the Moon are caused by – Rotation of the Moon

   83.  Which amongst Income Tax, Property tax, Sales tax and House tax is not a Direct tax? – Sales Tax

   84.  Which policy of economics system has been adopted by India for its economic development? – Mixed economy

   85.  When was VAT implemented in most of the States? – 1st April,2005

   86.  In which market, a firm cannot determine price? – Perfect Competition

   87.  Demand Curve of a firm under perfect competition is – Perfectly elastic

   88.  The object of every producing firm is – To maximize profit

   89.  In perfect competition ,the demand for a commodity is - -Perfectly elastic

  90.  Reasons for the privatization ,Globalization and liberalization of public sector after 1991 are – Corruption, lack of ineffective management

   91.  The largest source of National Income in India is – Service Sector

   92.  Changes in the prices of goods in India are measured by which Index Numbers? – Wholesale Price Index (WPI) & Consumer Price Index (CPI)

   93.  When was Consumer Protection Act enacted? – 1986

   94.  The grand temples of Khajuraho were built by the rulers of – Chandelas of Bundelkhand

   95.  The remains of Indus Valley civilization in Rajasthan have been found from – Kalibanga

   96.  The first newspaper published in India was – Bengal Gazette

   97.  The literary figure of Gupta period who is compared with Shakespeare is – Kalidas

   98.  “Do or Die” slogan was given by Gandhiji during – Quit India Movement
   99.  In whose reign Hiuen-Tsang visited India? – Harsh Vardhan
   100.  “Mansabdari” system was introduced by – Akbar

   101.  Prithvi Raj Chauhan was defeated by – Mohammad Ghori

   102. Who discovered sea route to India – Portuguese

   103.  On August 6, 1945 the first atom bomb was dropped at – Hiroshima

   104. “Ain-e-Akbari” was written by – Abul Fazal

   105. The president of U.S.A. who abolish slavery was – Abraham Lincoln

   106. The king who is said to have fiddled when Rome was burning was – Nero

   107. The country which used veto power in U.N.O. on Kashmir issue in favor of India was – U.S.S.R.

   108. The slogan “Go back to the Vedas” was raised by – Dayanand Saraswati

   109. The construction of “Qutub-Minar” was completed by – Iltutmish

   110."Panini” was a famous scholar of – Language and Grammar

   111.  Mahamud Ghaznavi invaded Somnath in – 1025 A.D.

  112. The country  where the process of Industrial revolution started first of all in the Europe was – England

   113.  Bengal was divided during the Governor-Generalship of – Lord Curzon

   114. The first president of U.S.A. was – George Washington

  115. The founder of Bahamani Kingdom was – Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah (Hassan Gangu; 1347-58 A.D.)

   116. In 1556 A.D. the second Battle of Panipat was fount between – Akbar and Hemu

Directions Q 117-121: In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Give the correct answer to fill in the blank spaces.

   117. The army regime has announced firm steps on ______democracy and fighting. _______ - Restoring, terrorism

      118.  People were ___of the two brothers because their behavior seemed _____ - Suspicious, unusual

     119. The well known judge who was earlier ____ to head the delegation has now given his _______ - Reluctant, consent

   120. The captain of our team was ___because of the _________ performance of our opponent. – Elated, bad

     121. __________ the death of one of the contestants, the elections to the seat has been ____. – Owing to, countermanded

    122. A poem of morning is called – Elegy

    123. A speech made without preparation is called – Extempore
    124. A man who eats too much is called – Glutton
    125.  A story that ends with deaths and murders is called – Tragedy

    126. “King lear” is the famous tragedy written by – Shakespeare
    127. The verb which is not  governed by the subject or lacks tense is – Non-finite verb

    128CALLIGRAPHY  -The art of hand writing

    129.  KLEPTOMANIA An urge to steal

    130. AMNESIALoss of memory
    131.  JOVIALMerry

    132.  ODYSSEY -   long journey

Directions Q 133-137: In each of the following questions give the correct answer for the Idiom/phrases given underlined.

    133. When the police came, the thieves took to their heels. – Took to flight

    134. They sold their house because it was a real white elephant. – an expensive one

    135. I just paid him ‘ a left handed compliment’ - An insincere

    136. The soldiers laid down their arms. – Surrendered

    137.  Discipline is on the wane in schools and colleges these days. – Declining

    138. A book containing information on all subjects. – Encyclopedia
    139.  One who loves making – Philanthropist

    140. A person who wastes money on luxury – Extravagant

Directions Q 141-143: Give the word which is opposite in meaning to the word underlined.

    141. BARRENFertile
    142.  ASSEMBLEDisband
    143.  FASCINATEAbhor

    144.  JUDGED Assessed

    145.  STRUGGLEFlight

    146. ANNIHILATEDestroy

    147.  Rohtang pass is located in _____ - Kullu district

    148.  Which state of India was earlier called NEFA? – Arunachal Pradesh

  149. Cauvery water dispute involves  which states of southern india – Tamilnadu – Karnataka- Kerala

    150.  “Gir” forest is associated with – Lions.

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