Himachal GK MCQs (Freedom Movement and Agitators) - 1

1. Why “Suket Satyagraha” of Feb, 1948 was started by Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar?
A. People of Suket were very restless due to the anti-people administration of the Princely State
B. Raja Laxman Sen didn’t sign the “Instrument of Accession” for joining the Indian Union
C. Suket Praja Mandal was agitating for various constitutional reforms
D. Ruler of Suket was inciting rulers of other Princely States against joining the Indian Union

2. “Bhai do, na Pai” movement was an extension of which bigger movement?
A. Swadeshi movement
B. Non-Cooperation movement
C. Quit India movement
D. Civil disobedience movement

3. In 1929 A.D. due to the active support and motivation of which organization did the people of Suket rose up in revolt against the State and refused to work under the ‘Begar System’?
A. Indian National Congress
B. All India State People conference
C. Revolutionaries of Gadar Party
D. All India Kisan Sabha

4. The “Mandi Conspiracy” of 1914-1915 A.D. was mainly influenced by?
A. Pajhota movement
B. Bhattiyat movement
C. “Bhai do na Pai do” movement
D. Gadar Party

5. In which place of Himachal Pradesh a great revolutionary (Sardar Ajit Singh) after facing the terrible pain of 40 years of expulsion from India, spent his last days and took his last breath just hours after the declaration of independence of India?
A. Dalhousie
B. Dharamshala
C. Chamba
D. Shimla

6. Who led the “Quit India Movement” from Shimla?
A. Somnath
B. Chaudhary Samsher Singh
C. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
D. Baba Kanshi Ram

7. Who was the first chairman of “Himalayan Hill States Regional Council”?
A. Swami Purnanand
B. Pandit Padam Dev
C. Shivanand Ramaul
D. Bhaskara Nand

8. The Wazir of Nurpur “Ram Singh” who gave a tough fight to British in the Second Anglo-Sikh war was deported to which place?
A. Andaman
B. Dehradun
C. Singapore
D. Aden

Answers: 1-b, 2-d, 3-c, 4-d, 5-a, 6-c, 7-a, 8-c.

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