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In our previous post, we talked about the Forts of Himachal Pradesh and Hot Water Springs of Himachal Pradesh. Today we talk about the Protected Monuments of Himachal Pradesh. 

Archaeological Survey of India has time and again conducted surveys and research in Himachal Pradesh and notified as many as 39 (or maybe more, as the research work is being done consistently) sites of Historical Importance in Himachal Pradesh.

Protected Monument of Mrikula Mata in Udaipur (Lahaul) | Image: Loop Whole

A major part of this protected monument list comprises of the ancient temples of Himachal. Hidimba Temple of Manali, Trilokinath and Panchvaktar Temples of Mandi, and Tabo Buddhist Monastery of the Spiti Valley are some of the prominent names that feature in the ASI list.

ASI has proposed to include some other names to this list but that is still under consideration. This list be updated as and when more names are added to the list by the ASI Team.

Kindly point out the mistakes, if any in the comment section.

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