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In our previous posts, we talk about the History of District Kullu

In this post, we talk about the historical events of District Shimla.

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History of District Shimla:

The present district Shimla includes the many princely states such as Bushahr (Kamru), Balsan, Bhajji, Koti, Darkoti, Tharoch, Dhadi, Kumarsain, Khaneti, Delath, Dhami, Jubbal, Rawaingarh, Ratesh, Sangari, Keonthal, Ghund, Madhan, Theog, Kotkhai and Sairie.

  • Balsan was founded by ‘Alak Singh’ before 12th century AD.
  • At present it is a part of Theog Tehsil of Shimla District.
  • The last Raja of Balsan was Tikka Vidya Bhushan Singh.
  • Bhajji state was founded by Udaipal (Cheru).
  • The village of ‘Sunni’ of Bhajji princely state was founded by ‘Sohan Pal’ the 29th in succession from Udaipal.
  • After Kashmir it is one of the oldest of the hill states of western Himalayas.
  • According to a legend, Bushahr dynasty was believed to be founded by ‘Pradhumana’ the son of Lord Krishna.
  • According to C.F.Kennedy, Bushahr state was founded by Danbar Singh, an immigrant of Rajput from Deccan in 1412 A.D.
  • Raja Kheri Singh of Bushahr was also known as Ajanabahu (highest skilled warrior) and Chhatarpati.
  • Raja Kheri Singh of Bushahr was the contemporary of Grajayadoke, the ruler of Tibet.

Darkoti state was founded by Durga Singh.

The founder of Tharoch state was a Sisodia Rajput ‘Kishan Singh’ sometime around 15th century.

Kumarsain state was founded by Kirat Singh sometime around in the 11th century.

Khaneti state was founded by Sabir Chand son of Kirat Singh.

Delath sate was founded by Prithi Chand.

Dhami state was founded by Govind Pal descendants of Prithivi Raj Chauhan.

Jubbal state was founded by Karan Chand. Deorha, Sonepur and Purana Jubbal were the capitals of Jubbal from time to time.

Rawaingarh (Rawain) state was founded by Duni Chand.

Ratesh state was founded by Rai Singh.

Keonthal state was founded by Giri Sen in 1211 A.D.

Theog state was founded by Jayas Chand.

Kotkahi state was founded by Ahimal Singh.

Sairie state was founded by Mool Chand in 12th century.

Karangla state was founded by Sansar Chand.

Shimla – the Capital of Himachal Pradesh and District as well:

  • Headquarter:  Shimla
  • Altitude: 2206 meters
  • Languages Spoken: Keonthali, Mahasui, Kochi, Brari, Hindi, Punjabi etc.
  • The Shimla District lies between longitude 77°0’ and 78°19’ East and Latitude 30°45’ and 31°44’ North.
  • Famous Peaks in Shimla are Jhakhu, Siah, Choordhar, Chansal, Hatto and Shali.
  • Average rainfall of District Shimla is 1028 mm.
  • The first Pucca House was erected by Lt. Charles Patt Kennedy in 1822 A.D.
  • The first fun fair was held in Annadale ground in September 1833 A.D.
  • Auckland house in Shimla was the residence of Governor General of India.
  • The credit to introduce potato cultivation goes to Major Kennedy.
  • ‘Shimla Past and Present’ book was written by E.J. Buck’s.
  • Shimla museum was founded by Col. Robert Tyttler.
  • In 1871 A.D., Shimla was given the status of a first class Municipality under the Act of 1867. Shimla’s first secretary to Municipal Committee was Harace Bioleau Good.
  • Town hall’s construction had been completed in 1888 A.D. It was designed by Henry Irwin situated on Ridge.
  • Alliance Bank of Shimla was set in 1874 A.D. with a capital of Rs. 50,000.
  • Mahatma Gandhi visited Shimla in 1921 A.D.  He stayed in Shanti Kutir, Summer Hill.
  • Gaiety Theater was opened in 1887 A.D. The first play was comedy show ‘Time Will Tell’.
  • The book ‘Satyakam’ was written by Samuel Stokes an American Missionary.
  • On 1st June 1939, ‘Himalaya Riyasti Praja Mandal’ was launched at Shimla with ‘Pandit Padam Dev’ as President.
  • Shimla was headquartering the exiled Burma government from July 1942 to 1945.
  • Petterhoff served as Viceroy Residence, Punjab High Court and the venue where the trail of Gandhiji’s killers (Nathu Ram Godse etc.) were conducted.
  • The first Viceroy to live in Petterhoff (the then official government residence) was Lord Elgin in 1863. Petterhoff is presently a Luxury hotel.
  • Lord Auckland visited Shimla in 1838 A.D.
  • Barnes Court served as a residence of Commander-in-Chief. It is the residence of Governor of Himachal Pradesh now a days.
  • Roothney Castle was one time residence of founder of Indian National Congress Mr. A.O. Hume. It is a luxury hotel now a days.

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