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How to write an exceptional Essay in Civil Services Exam?

Essay writing is an art. One may have thorough knowledge of topic or a subject, but to put one’s knowledge in a logical and coherent way requires logical skills, regular practice and fine technique.

Let me tell you, what is an Essay?

The word “Essay” literally means an ‘attempt’. It is an attempt to pen down the ideas, facts, and figures about the topic. In other words essay must be well organized and well planned and nicely presented in a way that the reader should himself develop interest in reading. It must look tidy and should consist of uncomplicated and easily explicable language. It must have attractive way of presentation. Above all, it must be based on logical ideas, facts and figures relevant to the topic.

An essay can have various purposes, but the basic structure is the same irrespective of the topic. You may be writing an essay to explain the steps necessary for the wellbeing of the society or to argue a particular point of view. Either way, your essay will have the similar basic layout. If you follow a few simple steps, you will find that the essay is almost written. You are required to apply your ideas, facts and figures, which are required to write an essay.

The following steps will guide you while writing an exceptional essay

   1)   Select the topic
   2)   Build an outline of your ideas
   3)   Write the introduction
   4)   Write the body
   5)   Write the main points
   6)   Write the sub points

Remember these points:

If your essay is poorly written, you’ll be losing marks. Losing marks results in failure, you all might know this. It is very important to write in crisp, clear style with proper punctuation and good sentence correction. Needless to say, spelling mistakes also fails to impress your views.

I hope this article will help you in writing a good essay.     

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