Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test 2012 (Non-Medical)

1. “Braille” system is the most popular resource for – Visually Challenged persons

2.  The unit of time in MKS system is – Second

3.  Great bear, Orion, Leo-Major are the names of – Constellations

4.  Which lens would you prefer to use while reading small letters found in dictionary? – A convex lens of focal length 5 cm

5.  The change in focal length of an eye lens is caused by the action of – Cilliary muscles

6.  A current of 0.5A is drawn by a filament of an electric bulb for 10 minutes. The amount of electric charge that flows through the circuit is – 300C

7.   The work done to move a charge 2C across two points having a potential difference 2V is – 4J

8.  Which is an alloy of copper and nickel? – Constantan 

9.  The coil of an electric toaster is made up of – Alloys

10.      100 J heats are produced each second in a 4 ohm resistance. The potential difference across the resistor is – 20V

11.      An electric bulb is connected to a 220V generator. The current is 0.50A. The power of bulb is – 110 W

12.      The device used  for  producing electric current is called – Generator

13.      If a trolley starts from rest with an acceleration of 2m/s2, the velocity of trolley after 4s would be – 8m/s

14.      The force acting on mass of 1 g due to the gravitational pull on the earth is called 1gwt. One gwt. Equals – 980 dyne

15.      The weight  of a body would not be zero – on a frictionless surface

16.      Frictional force can be measured in – Dyne, Kgwt, Newton

17.      If the density  of a block is 981kg/m3 in water it shall – Float

18.      The momentum of a body of mass 100g having  a K.E. of 20J is – 2kgm/s

19.      Among Iron, Water, Copper and Mercury which substances has greatest specific heat? – Water

20.      The frequency of sound waves can be expressed in – hz, cycles/sec, 1/s

21.      An echo will be heard if minimum distance between the source of sound and the obstacle is – 17m

22.      Shaving mirrors are – Concave

23.      If the speed of a car becomes 3times, then the kinetic energy becomes – 9 times

24.      Cellulose is a polymer of – Glucose

25.      The non stick articles  are coated with – Teflon

26.      Plaster of Paris is – CaSo4.1/2H2O  

27.      King of Chemicals is – H2SO4

28.      Among Phosphoric acid, Carbonic acid, Hydrochloric acid and Nitric acid which one is not a strong acid? – Carbonic acid

29.      Baking Soda is – NaHCO3

30.      Antacids contain – Mild bases

31.      Metals are said to be sonorous because they are – Produce ringing tones

32.      The metal which is liquid at room temperature is – Hg

33.      Acids turn – Blue litmus red

34.      Sodium metal is stored in – Kerosene oil

35.      The products of neutralization reactions are – Salt and water

36.      CNG is – Compressed Natural Gas

37.      A lustrous non- metal is – Iodine

38.      Petroleum product used for repelling months and insects is – Naphthalene

39.      The central metal atom present in chlorophyll is – Mg

40.      Among Carbon Dioxide, Chlorofluoro-carbons, Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen which one is not a green house gas? – Nitrogen

41.      The chemical formula of bleaching powder is – CaOCl2

42.      When bitten by an ant the sting caused irritation due to the presence of – Formic acid

43.      The atomic number of an element is determined by – The number of protons in an atom

44.      Isotopes differ in – Number of neutrons

45.      The elements with highest electron affinity in Periodic Table is – Chlorine

46.      The elements of group sixteen are also called – Chalcogens

47.      Among NH3, HCI, CCl4, H2O which one is a non-polar molecule? – CCI4

48.      An ionic bond is formed when – a metallic atom reacts with non-metallic elements

49.      Which amongst C2H2 C2H6 C2H4 and C3H8 contain double bond? – C2H4

50.      The valence of phosphate ion is - -3

51.      The main constituent of LPG is – Butane

52.      An amalgam of metal has which other element? – Hg

53.      The process of protecting iron by coating with Zinc is called – Galvanization

54.      _______ are responsible for the development of the traits in the individuals. – Genes

55.      Rainbow is a natural phenomenon showing – dispersion

56.      The distinctive color of eye is due to – Iris

57.      Among Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Taiwan which is not the member of UNO? – Taiwan

58.      The earliest paper money was the invention of – Chinese

59.      Bantus, Finns and Lapps are the names of – Tribes

60.      Real name of “Santa Caluse” is – St. Nicholas

61.      Which constitutional  amendment provides the constitutional status to Panchayati Raj Institutions in India – 73rd

62.      The constitution  of India was adopted by – People of India

63.      The number of members in Lok Sabha should not exceed – 552

64.      A joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament is called by – The President

65.      President rule is imposed in a State under – Article 356

66.      The right to property is – Legal Right

67.      The Election Commission is an – Appointed Independent body

68.      The Bhartiya Janta Party came into being on – April 6, 1980

69.      Where is the headquarters of WTO? – Geneva

70.      When did terrorists attack the Indian Parliament? – Dec. 13, 2001

71.      The Security Council of the UNO has – 15 Members

72.      The smallest district of Himachal Pradesh in terms of area is – Hamirpur

73.      Which one is known as the “Mushroom city” of Himachal Pradesh? – Solan

74.      Himachal Pradesh was made Part-C State on – September 1951

75.      First Himachali to lead Olympic Hockey team is – Charanjeet Singh

76.      The author of Himachal Past, Present and Future is – Dev Raj Sharma

77.      “Sugar beet” and “Saffron” are produced in the district of – Kinnaur

78.      Surajtal & Chandertal are – Natural lakes

79.      Kufrijeevan & Kufrijyoti are the varieties of – Potatoes

80.      Deotsidth temple is in the district of – Hamirpur

81.      Minjar fair is held in the district – Chamba

82.      Study of population trends is called – Demography

83.      Chipko – Andolan was started in – 1973

84.      “Bara Shigri” is – Glacier

85.      “Sissu” fair is celebrated by – Buddhists

86.      “Ujagjama” is a traditional folk dance of – Kullu district

87.      Which number is neither a prime number nor a composite number? - 1

88.      The prime numbers between 1 to 100 are – 25

89.      Between two given rational number ¼, ¾ there exists – Infinite rational numbers

90.      By selling an article for Rs. 425 Rahul lost 15%. The cost price of article is – 500

91.      The maximum  number of common tangents drawn to two intersecting circles is – 2

92.      Simple interest on a sum of money at the end of 5 years is 4/5 of the sum itself. The rate per annum is – 16%

93.      The HCF of 21 x3y7 and 35 x5y5 is – 7x3y5

94.      The radius of a sphere is 14 cm. It is melted and drawn into a cylindrical wire of 7 cm in radius. Find the length of the wire. – 56 cm

95.      Among 18, 10, 6; 6, 10, 8; 8, 10, 15; & 8, 12, 20 which one can be the possible lengths in cm. of a triangle? – 8, 10, 15

96.      ABC is isosceles right triangles, right angled at C. Then for it – AB2=AC2+BC2

97.      The centroid of triangle divides each median in the ratio – 2:1

98.      Two poles of heights 6m and 11m stand on a plane ground. If the distance between their feet is 12m, then the distance between their tops is – 13m

99.      The altitudes drawn on equal sides of an equilateral triangle are in the ratio – 1:1:1

100. The sum of two numbers is 100 and their difference is 50. Then the ratio of two numbers is – 3:1

101. A man goes 5m in east and then 12m in north direction. The magnitude of distance covered from starting point is – 13m

102. 1Km2 is – 100hectares

103. The altitude of rhombus whose are is 320 m2 and side is 5 m – 64m

104. The area of square field is 5184m2. A rectangular field whose length is twice its breadth, its perimeter equal to the perimeter of a square field. The area of rectangular field is – 4608m2

105. Among 4096, - 27000 & 108 which is not perfect cube? – 108

106. The volume of a cube whose surface area is 54m2 is – 27 m3      

107. A train moving at speed of 75km/hr covers a certain distance in 4.8 hrs. To cover the same distance in 3hrs, the train should have speed – 120 km/hr

108. A flower pot has three red flowers and six yellow flowers. What is the probability of picking a red flower by closing your eyes? – 1/3

109. Area of a trapezium is – ½(Sum of parallel sides)(distance between them)

110. If x+y+z=0 then x3+y3+z3 is equal to ………….-3xyz      

111. The difference between maximum and minimum observation in data is – Range

112. The mean of ten items is 17 and if each item is increased by 5 then the new mean will be – 22

113. If a(a-1)=8, then(a-8/a) is – 1

114. The value of x on simplification x-2[x]= -3 is - -1 or 3

115. Which of 4/3, 3/2, 5/3 and 7/11 is not an improper fraction? – 7/11

116. If ax =b, by=c, cz=a, then value of xyz is - 1          

117. Porter carrying a heavy load places around piece of cloth on his head just to – Reduce pressure on head

118. The correct decreasing order of forces due to rolling, static and sliding friction is – Static-Sliding-Rolling

119. The noise become physically painful when loudness expressed in unit of decibel (db) is – above 80 db

120. The ultrasound equipment work at frequency - >20000hz

121. A child can think logically about abstract prepositions and test hypothesis systematically. This is the characteristic given by Piaget for ________ Stage. – Formal Operational

122. Intelligence and creativity are – Positively related

123. Who propounded the theory of multiple intelligence? – Howard Gardener

124. Child development is marked by interrelated processes. Which amongst Differentiation, Integration, Motivation and learning is not one of them? – Motivation

125. Which of the following statements about teaching is true?
Teaching is a pre-requisite of learning, Teaching facilitate learning, Teaching restricts initiative of learners, Teaching is necessary for good learning – Teaching facilitate learning

126. Children from the underprivileged sections of the society can benefit more if they are – Provided with richer learning environment in school

127. To address the diversity in academic achievement an effective teaching method can be – Cooperative teaching

128. Which of the following statements about the role of a teacher is correct?
Teacher should be a critic only; Teacher should favor good students; Teacher should have a friendly attitude towards students; Teacher should maintain a distance from students. – Teacher should have a friendly attitude towards students

129. Which age is called the adolescent age of a child – from 13 to 19 years

130. What is meant by sequential development? – Development that follows succession

131. Why do children differ in physique, character, habits, attitudes and family traits? – Due to heredity and environment

132. What is meant by social environment? – Parents and members of the society; Relative, friends and neighborhood; and Teachers and society

133. What social behavior is not observed in child during childhood? – Attraction towards opposite sex

134. What is meat by Piaget’s idea of assimilation? – The process by which a person takes material into his mind from the environment

135. Who propounded the theory of trial – Thorndike

136. A student wants to share his personal problem and asks for permission to cal on you at your residence. What should be your response? – Gives an appointment readily

137. If you know that the father of a student has been tested HIV positive, - Let him continue with the studies like others

138. What can be the reason of stammering? – Physiological or psychological

139. What are the two types of assessments which have been referred under CCE? – Formative and summative

140. What is periodicity of formative assessment? – Four times in a year

141. Summative assessment totals to _____ weight age. – 60%

142. Formative assessment is carried out – during a course of instruction

143. Multiple choice questions, short answer type questions, long answer type questions are the tools used for ______ assessment. – Summative

144. What may damage a low achieving student psychologically? – Discussing the marks of individual student in the class

145. How many types of intelligence were suggested by Howard Gardner? – Eight

146. What is the main feature of Montessori Method? – Some apparatus is designed for children to play with

147. What is sensory-motor stage of cognitive development according to Piaget? – Birth to 2 years

148. While giving expression to one’s thoughts, what does come first in mind? – Thought

149. What are the fields covered in the co-scholastic evaluation? – Human values; Social and physical development; and Health and cleanliness

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