Himachal Pradesh Trained Graduate Teachers Exam (Medical) 2014

1.     Which reagent will convert glycerol to acrolein? – KHOSO4

2.    A compound which gives positive idoform test is – 2-Pentanone

3.    The correct formula of crotonaldehde is – CH3-CH=CH-CHO

4.    Hexamethylene tetra mine is used as – Urinary antiseptic

5.   A solution of impure KmnO4 is prepared by dissolving 2g of it in one liter of the solution. 20ml of this solution required 24.2ml of N/20 sodium oxalate. The percentage purity of purity of KmnO4 solution is – 95.5%

6.  Correct formula of the complex formed in brown ring test for NO3 ion is – Fe(NO)SO4

7.   Bismuth is the end product of the radioactive disintegration series known as – 4n+1

8.    Commonly  used antiseptic “Dettol” is a mixture of – Chloroxyleno+terpenol

9.    Match the following:

        Chloramhenicol - Broad Spectrum Antibiotic
        Phenecetin – Antipyretic
        Promethazine- Antihistmine
        Bithionol – Anthelmintic

10.   Proteins on complete hydrolysis give – α-Amino acids

11.   The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called – Smelting

12.   The metal that is used as a catalyst in the hydrogenation of oils is – Ni

13.   The mass of one Avogadro number of Helium atom is – 4.00 gram

14.   The graphite rods in the nuclear reactor – Convert fast moving neutrons 
into thermal neutrons

15.   The half life period of an isotope is 2 hours. After 6 hours, what fraction of the initial quantity of the isotope will be left behind? – 1/8

16.   The hottest part of the gas flame is known as – Non-Luminous zone

17.   The gas used in the manufacture of Vanaspati from Vegetable oils is – Hydrogen

18.   Amongst the CH4, NH3, H2O, CO2 which molecule has lowest value of Bond angle? – NH3

19.   The ratio  of mass of Proton and Electron is – 1.8x103

20.   A pressure cooker reduces cooking time because – Boiling point of water inside the cooker is elevated

21.   Amongst NaCl, CaF2, Glass which one is a pseudo solid? – Glass

22.   Evaporation depends upon – Nature of liquid, Temperaure and Surface area

23.   Madelung constant is determined by – Geometry of crystal

24.   The phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered by – Henry Becquerel

25.   Fog is a colloidal solution of – Liquid in gas

26.   The substances which do not act as catalyst but increase the activity of the catalyst are called. – Promoters

27.   A metal which does not liberate H2 gas from acids is – Cu

28. Among Nascent hydrogen, Atomic hydrogen and Dihydrogen which is the poorest reducing agent? – Dihydrogen

29.   Which alkali metals are uses in photoelectric cells? – Cs

30.   Chile salt petre is – NaHO3

31.   Orthoboric acid is – H3BO3 & B(OH)3

32.   Galena is an ore of – Lead

33.   The molecular formula of Sulphur is – S8

34.   Which inter halogen compound is T shaped? – CIF3

35.   Kessler’s reagent is an alkaline solution of – K2Hgl4

36.   The Lanthanide contraction relates to – Atomic as well as M3+ ionic radii

37.   The first organic compound prepared is – Urea

38.   Hyper conjugation is also known as – Baker-Nathan effect, No-bond 
resonance and Sigma-pi conjugation

39.   The final product of oxidation of a Hydrocarbon is – CO2+H2O

40.   An alkyl halide can be converted into an alkenes by – Elimination

41.   Who was the secretary of Kothari Commission? – D.S. Kothari

42.   When did Wilhelm Wundt at the University of Leipzig in Germany establish the first Psychological laboratory? – 1879

43.   Which philosophy stressed “Values are inherent in the individual”? – Idealism

44.   Which branch of philosophy examines issues pertaining to the nature of reality? – Metaphysics

45.   Who was the 19th century founder of Existentialism? – Siren Kierkegaard

46.   Which behavior studies Psychology as a science? – Human & Animal

47.   Gestalt psychology played a prominent role in the development of – Cognitive psychology

48.   Charvaka arguments against interference include – Rejection of comparison

49.   The nature of the Lucia words can be described as – False

50.   The fundamental basis of Samara’s theory of self is – Non-dualism

51.  Parents involvement in meeting educational needs of the disabled child is essential because – They provide support to educational efforts at school

52.   Froebel’s most important contribution to education was his development of the – Kindergarten

53.   What was the age of ‘Samavartana Sanskara’? – 24 years

54.   Medium of Instruction in Buddhist period was …….- Pali

55.   What is important while writing on Blackboard? – Good Handwriting

56.   A teacher should be ………..- Dutiful

57.   The term ‘Kindergarten’ means ……… - Children’s playground

58.   Teacher’s behavior ought to be ………- Idealistic

59.   The technique to study the subject’s brain wave, heart rate and blood pressure is called. – Biofeedback

60.   Navodaya schools were established to …………Provide quality education in rural areas

61.   Who propounded socialism in education? – Stalin

62.   Value has been closely linked with interest according to………… - J.B. Perry

63.   National Literacy Mission was established in …………. – 1988

64.   Skill of Reinforcement aims at achieving………- Positive motivation

65. If a student does not pay respect to you, then you will………..- Ignore him/her

66.   ‘The honoring of women is an act of pleasing Gods yielding good results’ was the opinion of ……..-Parishes

67.   Oldest model of social change is ………..- Cyclic

68.   The agency which plays the most significant role in the transition of the 
individual to a person is …….... – Family

69.  Whose theory describes, “much of man’s behavior id determined by innate instincts that are largely unconscious? – Freud’s

70.   The father of Education Sociology is ……….. – E.G. Payne

71.   National Youth Day (January 12) is celebrated on the birthday of – Swami Vivekanand

72.  Population wise, which country is the third largest country in the world? – U.S.A

73.   Sāmbhar lake is in – Rajasthan

74.   Which was earlier known as ‘Sandwich Islands’? - ? –Hawaiian Islands

75.   As per census-2011, …………has the minimum density of population in India. – Arunachal Pradesh

76.   In which year “Pahoa” movement took place in Samara? – 1942

77.   Earning of stock paid to the share holders is called – Dividend

78.   Among Rourkela, Bhili, Bokhara, Cheri which place is not associated with steel production? – Cheri

79.   Among Monitor, Speaker, Printer, Mouse which one is not an Output Unit? – Mouse

80.   ‘Fescues bengalensis’ is commonly known as – Banyan tree

81.   First Battle of Pan pat (1526) was fought between – Babur and Ibrahim Lodi

82.   There is a mountaineering institute at – Manila

83.   ‘Boston Tea Party’ is associated with – American War of Independence

84.   ‘Mudraraskshasa’ was written by – Vishakhadatta

85.   ‘Dandy March’ is also known as – Salt Satyagraha

86.   There are …………. Languages of India recognized by the constitution. – 22

87.  Under which Article, the President of India has the power to grant pardons, reprieves, respites or remission of punishment or to suspend, remit or commute the sentence of any person convicted with death sentence? – Article 72

88.  The provision of ‘Suspension of fundamental Rights during  the Emergency’ in Indian Constitution has been taken/borrowed from – Germany

89.   The classical dance ‘Raff’ is associated with – Kashmir

90.   Among Rabindranath Tagore, C.V. Raman, Hargobind Khorana, Home Jahangir Habra which personality has never received ‘Novel Prize’? – Home Jahangir Habra

91.   Who was the first women Chief Minister of a State in free India? – Sachet Kriplani

92.   The capital of ‘Kyrgyzstan’ is – Bishkek

93.   ‘Duma’ is the Parliament of ………..- Russia

94.   According to Ramayana, who gave the name ‘Indrjit to ‘Meghnada’? – Brahma

95.   Microphone transforms – Sound energy into electrical

96.   ‘Presbyopia’ is associated with – Eyes

97.   ‘Pedology’ is the study of – Soils

98.   ‘Irani Trophy’ is associated with – Cricket

99.   Yuki Bhambhri is associated with – Lawn Tennis

100.  ‘Chak Shehzad’ farmhouse is a place associated with – General Musharraf

101.    The correct change of number of the given word “Crisis” – Crises

102.   ‘Shyam has lived here……….. ten years. – for

103.    He jumped …………….. the well.- into

104.  The correct word similar in meaning to the underlined word given in the following sentence. “The fugitive was denied political asylum” – Refuge

105. Correct word for “One who settles a disputes between two parties” – Arbitrator

106.    The antonym of the word “Adversity” – Prosperity

107.    The correct word for  “To Surpass” – Exceed

108.   He………… go school on foot when the was young. – used to

109.   An area of land used for burying the dead. – Cemetery

110.   The meaning of idiom. “A close save” is – Narrow escape from accident or disaster

111.    Which organisms are known as jokers of the plant kingdom? – Mycoplasma

112.   Bacteria living at high temperature are known as – Thermophiles

113. The principal structural component of the bacterial cell wall is – Peptidoglycan

114.  A jelly like mass of bacterial cells produced by some bacterial species is known as – Zoogloea

115.   Citrus canker is caused by – Xanthomonas citric

116.   The reserve food material in Chlorophyceae is – Starch

117.   Which shows a heterotrichous habit? – Polysiphonia

118.   The Red Sea has abundance of algae belonging to the class – Cyanophyceae

119.   Chlorophyll a and d are together present in – Rhodophyceae

120.   Chloroplast in Oedogonium is – Reticulate

121.    Auxospore formation is a characteristics feature of – Diatoms

122. Chantransia stage is the characteristic stage in the life cycle of – Batrachospermum

123.     Fungi which grows on dung is called – Coprophillic

124.     Poisonous fungi are known as – Toad stools

125.     Crozier formation is present in – Ascomycetes

126.   Among Coacervate, Viroids, Mycoplasma, PPLO Bacteria which one evolved first? – Coacervate

127.     Protovirus can described as – A free-living gene

128.    Earth originated about – 5 billion years ago

129.    Theory of spontaneous generation was criticized by – Redi

130.    Isolation prevents – Breeding

131.     Virus-free tissue is called – Apical meristem

132.    Agaricus is also known as – Gill Fungi

133.    Nacelles tissue is – Diploid

134.    Dormant phase of potato blight is – Oospore

135.    Ergot affects – Flower

136.    Vernalisation helps the ………..plants to grow. – Long dry

137.    Water transporting soil is – Alluvial

138.   Water melon belongs to – Cucurbitaceous

139.   Canker is …………disease. – Necrotic

140.   Gibberellins produces – Tall plants

141.    Pigments acts as a reaction centre during photosynthesis. – P 700

142.   Casparian strip occurs in – Endodermis

143.   Organelle related with genetic engineering is – Plasmid

144.   Haploid plants can be obtained from culturing. – Pollen grain

145.   Rafflesia is found in – Malaysia

146.   Fossils are found in – Sedimentary Rocks

147.   Girdling leaf traces are the characteristic feature of the stem of – Cycas

148.  When chlorophyll is burnt, which element is obtained? – Mg

149.  Genes are made by – Polynucleotide’s

150.  Movement of cell against concentration gradient is called – Active transport

151.   Evergreen trees remain throughout the year on account of – Leaves falling in small number intervals

152. Pollination is best defined as – Transfer of pollen from Anther to Stigma

153. Our Skin when exposed to excess sunlight becomes dar. This is because of our skin pigments called – Melanin

154.  Excessive bleeding from an injury is due to deficiency of – Vitamin K

155.   Which disease is spread by house fly – Typhoid

156.   The covering of lungs is called – Pleural membrane

157.   The word ‘Species’ was coined by – John Ray

158.   Which secretion associated with digestion does not have enzymes? – Bile

159.   The character which was not in the direction of evolution human species is – 
Shortening of jaws

160.   Pebrine disease in silkworm is caused by – Nosema

161.   ……….. is a symbiotic – Trichonympha

162.   Free swimming larva of the comb jelly – Ephyra

163.   Primary host liver fluke is – Cyclops

164.   Related species which are reproductively isolated but morphologically 
similar are called – Sibling

165.  Golden age of Reptiles is – Mesozoic

166.  Foramen of Panizzae is found in the heart of – Crocodile

167.   Polycythemia refers to an abnormal increase in the number of – 

168.   ‘Preen Gland’ occurs in – Aves

169.   Antiserum contains – Antibodies

170.   In meiosis, crossing over occurs during – Prophase-I

171.   Insect’s eggs are – Centrolecithal

172.   Sleeping sickness disease is transmitted by – Tsetse fly

173. Which one is not a component of male genital system in cockroach? – Collateral gland

174.   Which one is absent in the stomach of camel? -  Osmium

175.    Glofhidium larva belongs to – Unio

176.    Poison glands of snakes are homogenous to – Salivary glands of 

177.    Monograms are unique mammals because they – Lay eggs

178.    Most intelligent mammals are – Dolphins

179.   Most fish do not sink in water because of the presence of – Air sacks and Air bladder

180.  Which amino acid has single cordon? – Tryptophan

181.  Cancer causing genes are called – Ontogenesis

182.  The upper heart chambers are called – Atria

183.   Terrestrial insects produce – Uric acid

184.   Which vitamin is destroyed by cooking? – Vitamin C

185.   The Variola Major and Variola Minor are the two viruses responsible for which dreaded infectious disease? – Small pox

186.   The ‘Earthworm’ and ‘Leeches’ respire through – Skin

187.   Who discovered ‘Hybridoma Technology’? – Kohler and Milstein

188.   ‘Retinol’ is commonly known as – Vitamin A

189.   ‘Contractile vacuole’ is the excretory organ of – Amoeba

190.   ‘Olfactory region’ of brain (Forebrain) is associated with – Smell
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