Himachal Pradesh Forest Services Exam 2010

Q.1 Answer the following questions in your answer book in the order given below:-

1. In which year were the Punjab Hill Areas added to Himachal Pradesh? – 1966

2. Which political party came to power in Himachal Pradesh in 1977? – Janta Party

3. Which British Officer discovered the spot where Shimla was later built as a hill station? – Major Kennedy

4. Which Governor General stays at Shimla for the first time? – Lord Amherst

5. At which place in Himachal Pradesh is the world’s highest in cricket ground located? – Chail, Distt. Solan

6. Which special recreational activity attracts most tourists to Rohru in Shimla district? – Angling(fishing)

7. Which mountain range separates Kinnaur and Spiti from Tibet? – Zanskar

8. Which major river does the tributary Banganga join in Himachal Pradesh? – Beas

9. Which general of Alexander’s army had dissuaded him from marching future into India for move conquests? – Koinos

10. What did Alexander do to commemorate the farthest point of his advance into India at the banks of Beas River? – He erected 12 huge altars

11. Which Katoch ruler surrendered the fortress of Nagarkot to Firozshah Tughlaq, which he had besieged in 1351 A.D.? – Rai Rup Chand

12. Which valiant son of Nurpur state declared its independence from British rule in 1848 and got banished to Singapore as a result? – Wazir Ram Singh Pathania

13. Which Princely State of Himachal Pradesh did not side either with the British rulers or with the Indian Freedom fighters during the war of independence in 1857? – Rampur Bushahr

14. Which Princely State of Himachal Pradesh initially refused to join the Indian union the declaration of independence in 1947? – Bilaspur

15. At which place in Himachal Pradesh is a seven day fair held on the occasion if Shivratri in which devotees carry idols of Gods and Goddesses in palanquins on their shoulders. – Mandi 

16. Approximately what percentage of the geographical area of Himachal Pradesh is cultivable? – 11%

17. Approximately what percentage of the geographical area of Himachal Pradesh is covered with forests? – 66.5%

18. In which district if Himachal Pradesh is gypsum mostly found? – Sirmour

19. In which district if Himachal Pradesh is the Bhuntar airport located? – Kullu

20. Which lake in Himachal Pradesh has a floating island? – Prashar lake

Q. 2 Answer the following question serially in your answer book? 

1. In which continent is Somalia located? – Africa

2. Who is the President if of South Africa at present? – Jacob Zuma

3. In which country is Dutch mainly spoken as a language? – The Netherlands

4. Which is the second most widely spoken language, after Hindi, in India according to the Census of 2001? – Bengali

5. Who wrote the famous words: “East is east, West is west and never the twain shall meet?” – Dong Kreiger

6. What will be the total number of amendments to the Indian constitution after the woman’s Reservation Bill Passed? – 108

7. The name of the coast of Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh is – Coromandel

8. With which game is Gary Casparov associated? – Chess

9. How many miles did Mahatma Gandhi walk before reading the Sea Shore during the Dandi March? – 240 miles

10. The natives of which country are also known by the name of a bird, of a kiwi, found in that country? – New Zealand

11. If the gravity of the earth is assumed to be 100, how much will the gravity of the moon come to, approximately? – 16.6

12. Of which country is the scientist Venkat Raman Ramakrishnan, the Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry for 2009, a citizen? – USA

13. In which country is Lou Vrie, the moff visited museum in the world, located? – France

14. In which year was slavery abolished thought out the British Empire? – 1809 A.D.

15. POSCO, a Korean multinational company, intends to invest Rs 52,000 crore in – Orissa

16. Who is the captain of the Rajasthan Royals 2010 IPL Cricket team? – Shane Warne

17. In which country is the Potomac River located? – USA

18. Who is the President of Russia at present? – Dmitry Mendevedev

19. What is the term used for distance travelled by light in one year in vacuum? – Light year

20. Who was the first President of the USA? – George Washington

Q. 3 Write brief notes on any four of the following topics:

1. The threat of global warming to Humanity.

2. How to tackle the Naxalite curse? 

3. The fate of woman’s Reservation Bill

4. Police – political Nexus

5. Yoga as a method of treatment

Q. 4 Answer the following question in about 150 words each:

1. The role of forest in maintains Ecological Balance.

2. The Horticulture Revolution in Himachal Pradesh

Q. 5 Answer the following question in about 150 words each:

1. Gandhian view of Religion

2. The Charkha as a symbol of Gandhian thought

Q. 6 Who or what are the following to deserve mention in the media? 

1. Timothy Geithner 

2. Sant Singh Chhatwal

3. Muntazer al Zaidi

4. Cairo Slim Helu

5. Avatar

6. Sandra Bullock

7. Yusuf Patel

8. Dantewada

9. Lula da Silva

10. Gary Ackerman

Q. 7 (a) Choose any five of the following abbreviations and write what are their main function 

(1) CRPF

(2) PUCL


(4) ONGC

(5) RAW

(6) BCCI


(8) SAIL

(9) BHEL

(10) H.M.T.

(b) Define any five of the following terms:

(1) Poverty line

(2) Social forestry

(3) Carnivores

(4) Live-in Relationship

(5) Video Piracy

(6) Hermaphrodite Plants

(7) Ozone layer

(8) B.T. Brinjal

(9) Soil conversation

(10) Drip irrigation

Q. 8 Express your views on any four of the following in about 100 words each:

(1) How to restore the purity of our rivers? 

(2) The hazard of Noise Pollution

(3) Right to Education Bill

(4) The Naxalite Challenge

(5) Criminalization of Polities

(6) Is Cricket being commercialized? 
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