Clerk Exam 2016 (Part-1) - Himachal Pradesh Subordinate Service Selection Board

1. Which one of the following districts is having highest road density?

A. Hamirpur

B. Shimla

C. Kangra

D. Bilaspur

2. In Himachal Pradesh total number of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seats are....

A. 8

B. 7

C. 4

D. 9

3. “Twarikh-e-Riyasat Sirmaur” book has written by

A. Akshar Singh

B. Anand Chand

C. Ranzor Singh

D. Bal Govind

4. Where Central Potato Research Institute is located in H.P.?

A. Kangra

B. Solan

C. Shimla

D. Keylong

5. Which of the following district leads in per capita savings?

A. Shimla

B. Kullu

C. Mandi

D. Hamirpur

6. Who is the founder of famous co-operative society “The Bhutti Weavers Co-operative Society” well-known in the handloom sector?

A. Padha Bansi Lal

B. M.R. Thakur

C. Bed Ram Thakur

D. Prithi Chand

7. Areawise, which one of the following districts is the largest?

A. Bilaspur

B. Solan

C. Sirmaur

D. Shimla

8. “Halda” festival is celebrated in which part of H.P.?

A. Lahaul

B. Upper Shimla Areas

C. Bharmaur

D. Outer Saraj of Kullu

9. “Drati” pass joins which of the following areas?

A. Lahaul-Bharmaur

B. Kinnaur-Gharwal

C. Lahaul-Spiti

D. Chamba-Pangi

10. Famous “Pattan” valley belongs to which district?

A. Kinnaur

B. Lahual-Spiti

C. Chamba

D. Solan

11. River Satluj in Sanskrit Literature is known by which name?

A. Marusthali

B. Yakshani

C. Seeshdhara

D. Shatadru

12. Which of the following is the highest peak located in H.P.?

A. Shilla

B. Leo-Pargil

C. Shipki

D. Mulkila

13. In which district the “Sechu Taun Nala” wildlife sanctuary is located?

A. Mandi

B. Kullu

C. Chamba

D. Kinnaur

14. Which of the following ruler shifted the capital of ancient Kullu state from Jagat Sukh to Naggar?

A. Suraj Pal

B. Visud Pal

C. Bhag Pal

D. Som Pal

15. Where Gondhla Castle or Fort is situated?

A. Nahan

B. Kangra

C. Rohru

D. Lahaul

16. From where Chenab river originates?

A. Baralacha Pass

B. Bara Banghal

C. Rohtang Pass

D. Bhrigu Peak

17. Where Kalpi Memorial is situated?

A. Kandaghat

B. Nalagarh

C. Paonta Sahib

D. Manali

18. The famous “Chhari Yatra” is related to

A. Bijli Mahadev

B. Manimahesh

C. Shri Naina Devi Ji

D. Shivratri Fair

19. Kathgarh village in India area is famous for

A. Old Palace

B. Mining Site

C. Fish Farming

D. Old Shiv Temple

20. Who is considered the founder of Katoch dynasty of ancient Kangra State?

A. Bhuma Chand

B. Sangara Chand

C. Megh Chand

D. Prithvi Chand

21. Generation capacity of Kol Dam Hydel Project is around

A. 1000 MW

B. 800 MW

C. 1200 MW

D. 1400 MW

22. Famous picnic spots Dharamkot and Triund are located in district

A. Sirmaur

B. Mandi

C. Chamba

D. Kangra

23. In which district Sangla Valley is located?

A. Sirmaur

B. Kinnaur

C. KAngra

D. Kullu

24. The famous Bhuri Singh Museum has been inaugurated in or around.

A.1908 AD

B. 1905 AD

C. 1912 AD

D. 1915 AD

25. Who has been credited with the discovery of Rock cut temple at Masrur for archaeologists and others around 1913?

A. William Hay

B. Charles Napier

C. H.L. Shuttleworth

D. William Bentick

26. The Siul-Baira and Holi Hydel Projects are located in which district?

A. Kangra

B. Chamba

C. Kullu

D. Shimla

27. Who was appointed Chief Commissioner of H.P. in the year 1948?

A. Bhagwan Sahai

B. E. Penderal Moon

C. Bajrang Bahadur Singh

D. N.C. Mehta

28. Who is credited with the composition of inspirational song of Azad Hind Fauj?

A. Mohan Singh

B. Lal Chand

C. Ram Singh Thakur

D. Chinmaya Das

29. “Western Tragopan” is the name of a/an

A. Fruit

B. Flower

C. Animal

D. Bird

30. “Buddha Charita” was written by

A. Nagarjuana 

B. Tulsidas

C. Ashwaghosha

D. Upagupta

31. ………..was not a God of Aryans during Rig-Vedic period.

A. Vishnu

B. Vayu

C. Indra

D. Varuan

32. Which of the following scriptures are also known as ‘Vedantas’?

A. Tripitakas

B. Upanishads

C. Smritis

D. Panchatantra (Tales)

33. Which one of the following is nor concerned with the teachings of Mahavira(Jainism)?

A. Triratna

B. Eight fold path( Ashtamarg)

C. Disbelief in God

D. Five Vows

34. Which of the following buildings was associated with trial of “Mahatma Gandhi Assassination Case”?

A. Rothney Castle

B. Wild Flower Hall

C. Peter Hoff

D. Vice Regal Lodge

35. “Black Pagoda” is located at

A. Khajuraho

B. Konark

C. Madurai

D. Mahabalipuram

36………………..was the founder of Delhi Sultanate.

A. Balban

B. Iltutmish

C. Muhammad bin Tughlaq

D. Qutubuddin Aibak

37. The year 712 AD is important because

A. Of the death of Shankracharya

B. Hieun Tsang visited India

C. Zero was discovered by Aryabhatta

D. Arabs invaded Sindh under Mohammad bin Qasim

38. Which Mughal Emperor is said to have “tumbled in life and tumbled out of it”?

A. Babur

B. Humayun

C. Akbar

D. Bahadur Shah Zaffar

39. The Gupta empire declined in the fifth century A.D. as a result of the invasion of

A. Greeks

B. Turks

C. Pallavas

D. Hunas

40. ……………….was famous for his market policy and fixation of prices.

A. Akbar

B. Muhammad bin Tughlaq

C. Alauddin Khilji

D. Aurangzeb

41. The reforms movement in India among the Muslims started by Sir Sayyed Ahmed Khan is known as

A. Aligarh Movement 

B. Wahabi Movement

C. Khilafat Movement

D. Ahmedia Movement

42. Who led the Anti-Simon Commission agitation at Lahore?

A. Bhagat Singh

B. Lala Lajpat Rai

C. Mahatma Gandhi

D. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

43. Who is referred to as the “Grand Old Man of India”?

A. Rabindranath Tagore

B. Sardar Patel

C. Dadabhai Naoroji

D. Mahatma Gandhi

44. “Jaziyah” was a/an

A. commercial tax

B. religious tax to be paid by all muslims and non-muslims

C. tax to be paid by non-muslims for protection in an Islamic State.

D. emergency tax paid by the Hindus during Mughal period.

45. In which of the following movments, Sardar Patel played a leading part?

A. Bijolia Movement

B. Dandi March

C. Champaran Satyagraha

D. Bardoli Movement

46. Who wrote the famous book-“India Wins Freedom”?

A. Jawahar Lal Nehru

B. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

C. Sarojini Naidu

D. Subhash Chandra Bose

47. The tomb of Akbar the great is located at

A. Delhi

B. Sikandra

C. Agra

D. Lahore

48. First rulers to issue gold coins in India were

A. Guptas

B. Mauryan

C. Cholas

D. Indo-Greeks

49. Who made air strikes on the “Pearl Harbour” on 7th December, 1941?

A. Germany


C. Italy

D. Japan

50. The split of the Congress into the moderates and the extremists took place during the session at

A. Ahmadabad

B. Lucknow

C. Surat

D. Madras (Chennai) here to continue reading
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