Clerk Paper Subordinate Courts HP - 2016 (Part-1)

Himachal Pradesh High Court (Image Source) 

1. The Iron Lady of Manipur has ended her 16-year-long hunger strike at the age of 44 for repealing of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act ( AFSPA) OF 1958 From Manipur.

A. Subrata Banerjee

B. Aung San Suu Kyi’s

C. Irom Sharmila

D. Deepti Sharma

2. On 7th August, 2016 the Odisha government launched a unique and special assistance scheme for elderly weavers, to mark the National Handlooms Day.

A. Baristha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana

B. Sahayata Yojana

C. Baristha Bunakar Yojana

D. Bunakar Sahayata Yojana

3. American swimmer set a new world record to fetch gold in the women’s 400 meters freestyle at the Rio Olympics.

A. Jenny Thompsan

B. Dara Torres

C. Katie ledecky

D. Natalie Coughlin

4. The Union Government has set the ambitious target to roll out of the Goods and Services Tax,(GST), from:-

A. 1st January 2017

B. 1st March 2017 

C. 31st December 2016

D. 1st April 2016

5. On 4th August which high court quashed the state government’s notification granting 10 percent reservation for the economically backward classes (EBCs).

A. Madras

B. Gujarat

C. Madhya Pradesh

D. Delhi

6. Who became the first Indian woman IOC member?

A) Nita Ambani

B) Mrs Sari Essayah

C) Saina Nehwal

D) None of the above

7. Who is selected for Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award

A. Nita Ambani

B. Shubha Mudgal

C. Bobby Aloysius

D. Anjali Bhagwat

8. Who is named as President of Microsoft India

A. Sundar Pichai

B. Sanjay Kumar Jha

C. Anant Maheshwar

D. Shantanu Narayen

9. Who two countries joint expedition discovers natural gas in Indian Ocean

A. India-US

B. India-Iran

C. India-Turkey

D. None of the above

10. India’s which Government Institutions has been ranked World’s 12th Best Government Institute





11. On 26th July 2016 Flipkart Ltd acquired online fashion portal

A. Amazon

B. Jabong

C. Snapdeal

D. Myntra

12. Which Prime Minister resigns ahead of a no-confidence vote-

A. France PM

B. Nepal PM

C. Turkey PM

D. England PM

13. Which player becomes 1st Indian to set world record in Jr Athletics Championship

A. PT Usha

B. Milkha Singh

C. Neeraj Chopra

D. Anju George

14. Which player becomes first Indian captain to score double century outside India –

A. Sunil Gavaskar

B. Virat Kohli

C. Ajit Wadekar

D. M A K Pautodi

15. On 21st July 2016, The Union Government announced………… the Chief Executive Officer of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

A. Mrs Sari Essayah

B. Ajay Bhushan Pandey

C. K.L. Mehta

D. J.N. Banerjee

16. Which Indian hockey player recently passes away

A. Mohammed Shahid

B. Balbir Singh

C. Balvinder Singh

D. Michal Kindo

17. Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

A. Dr. Raghuveer Chaudhari

B. Dr. Ranjarajan

C. Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi

D. None

18. Which operation is launched to evacuate Indian citizens from South Sudan 

A. Hanuman Mochan

B. Sankat Mochan

C. Rakshak

D. Evacuation Plan

19. On 11th July 2016, President Pranab Mukherjee conferred the 51st Jnanpith Award, the India’s highest literary honour for the year 2015 on.

A. Dr. Raghuveer Chaudhari

B. Dr. Ranjarajan

C. Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi

D. None

20. Nepal’s first woman Chief Justice –

A. Sushila Thapa

B. Sushila Gurung

C. Sushila Karki

D. None of these

21. Football cup Euro 2016 won by 

A. Germany

B. Italy

C. France

D. Portugal

22. Wimbledon cup 2016 won by

A. Andy Murray

B. Roger Fedrar

C. Leander Paes

D. Dojovick

23. Which two countries signed MoUs on drug trafficking, pulse trading & sports

A. India, Nepal

B. India, Iran

C. India, Mozambique

D. India, USA

24. Which tech gaint acquired Paris-based startup Moodstocks

A. Samsung

B. Wipro

C. Nokia

D. Google

25. Who was named as World Class Gymnast by International Gymnastics Federation –

A. Indian Gymnast

B. Russian Gymnast

C. American Gymnast

D. German Gymnast

26. Who was the first person to win the Nobel Prize for Peace?

A. Mahatma Gandhi

B. Mother Teresa

C. Nelson Mandela

D. Jin F. Dunant( Switzerland) and Frederic Peiry ( France)

27. Who was first European Invader of Indian Soil?

A. Mohd. Gazani

B. Alexander

C. Mohd. Gouri

D. Babber

28. Who was First man to reach North Pole?

A. Columbus

B. Frederic Peiry

C. Jin F. Dunant

D. Robert Peary

29. Name of the first Country to print books?

A. Egypt

B. India

C. China

D. England

30. Rivers Tigris and Euphrates are associated with?

A. Mesopotamian Civilization

B. Egyptian Civilization

C. Harappan Civilization

D. Chinese Civilization

31. Which is considered as oldest civilization of the world?

A. Chinese Civilization

B. Mesopotamian Civilization

C. Harappan Civilization

D. Egyptian Civilization 

32. The first news paper in the world was started by?

A. Japan


C. China

D. India

33. First World War started in which year?

A. 1914

B. 1916

C. 1918

D. 1920

Read the each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘D’. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).

34. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. I wonder

B. How am i

C. To do it

D. No error

35. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. He is not to blame

B. For what has happened

C. For he is in no way connected with it

D. No error

36. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. Had you not

B. Reached in time

C. He would have lost all our belongings

D. No error

37. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. The man told to her

B. That he has not brought his dog

C. Out for a walk as he was afraid that would rain

D. No error.

38. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. If I am you

B. I would have seen to it

C. That I won the prize

D. No error

39. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. It is unfortunate that

B. Many youngsters get

C. Addicted to gamble

D. No error

40. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. Kamalas’s fountain-pen

B. Is as expensive

C. As Shyama

D. No error 

41. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. When we consider all the factors, which are many

B. The number of school dropouts

C. Are quite disturbing

D. No error

42. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. She has never

B. Approve of him

C. Working as a clerk

D. No error

43. (solve as per the direction given above)

A. At the station,

B. I’ll hire a coolie

C. To carry my baggages

D. No error 

Directions to Solve

Which of phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark ‘D’ as the answer.

44. He dislikes the word dislike, isn’t he

A. Didn’t he

B. Doesn’t he

C. Hasn’t he

D. No correction required

45. We must take it granted that Madhu will not come for today’s function.

A. Take it for granted

B. Taking it granted

C. Took it as granted

D. No correction required

46. The research study is an eye-opener and attempts to acquaint us with the problems of poor nations.

A. Attempted to acquaint

B. Attempts at acquainting

C. Attempting to acquaint

D. No correction required

47. It was unanimously resolved that the parties should unitedly undertook launching of popular programmes.

A. Should be united undertook

B. Should be unitedly undertake

C. Should unitedly undertake

D. No correction required

48. They continued to work in the field despite of the heavy rains.

A. Even though there is heavy rain

B. Inspite the heavy rains

C. Even though it rained heavily

D. No correction required

Directions to Solve

In each series, look for the degree and direction of change between the numbers. In other words, do the numbers increase or decrease, and by how much

49. Look at this series: 80, 10, 70, 15, 60,…………What number should come next?

A. 20

B. 25

C. 30

D. 50

50. Look at this series: 2, 6, 18, 54,…… What number should come next?

A. 108

B. 148

C. 162

D. 216

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