Himachal GK Questions asked in Project Manager DIC Exam 2017

1. Who is the author of Budhist Monasteries in Himachal Pradesh ? - O.C. Handa

2. Which lake is the source of Parbati river ? - Mantilai

3. Which river's tributaries are Bhadal and Tant Gari streams ? - Ravi

4. Which mountain pass joins Kangra and Bharmaur ? - Indrahar

5. What is the most common, legal and widely practised marriage system among the Kinnauras? - Janekang/ Janetang

6. With which district of HP is Gasota fair associated ? - Hamirpur

7. Near which town of HP is Khokhan Sanctuary ? - Bhuntar

8. In which district of HP is Bijli Mahadev temple ? - Kullu

9. Which of the following is known for trout fishing in HP ? - Rohru, Banjar and Larji

10. On which stream is Dhamwari Sunda hydel project ? - Pabbar

11. Which of the following temples is in Pagoda architectural style ? - Hidimba Devi (Manali)

12. By which treaty of 1846 the Sikhs ceded to the British all their territories lying south of the Satluj ? - Treaty of Lahore

13. Which raja of Mandi princely state got new road constructed from Mandi to Kullu via Dulchi pass around 1879-80 ? - Bijai Sen

14. In which princely state did the Praja Mandal leader launch the Bhai do na pai do movement around 1939 A.D. ? - Sirmaur

15. Who was the speaker of first HP Vidhan Sabha (1952-1956) ? - Jaiwant Ram

16. Who was the first non-Congress Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh? - Shanta Kumar

17. Which raja of Bushahr princely state helped Tibet in the Tibetan-Ladakh-Mughal war around 1681 A.d. ? - Kehri Singh

18. When were Hamirpur and Una Districts carved out of Kangra District ? - September 1972

19. In which year was Mountaineering Institute set up near Manali ? - 1961

20. Adolescent girls of which age group are covered under the Kishori Shakti Yojna in HP ? - 11 to 18 years

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