Solved Paper Excise & Taxation Inspector 2013 (Part-2) - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1)      In which of the following fields, Nobel Prize is not given?
A.      Music
B.      Peace
C.      Literature
D.      Chemistry
2)      The Headquarter of International Labour Organization is situated in
A.      Paris
B.      Vienna
C.      Geneva
D.      Rome
3)      The main purpose of the WHO is
A.      To improve conditions and living standard of workers
B.      To attain highest possible level of health by all people
C.      To improve living conditions of rural people
D.      To promote international cooperation in human environment

4)      Which of the following car manufacturing companies has recently launched its new model (MPV) named ‘Enjoy’?
A.      Hyundai
B.      Honda
C.      Ford
D.      Chevrolet
5)      Which of the following organizations (international) has recently observed its 150th anniversary?
A.      Red cross
B.      CRY
C.      UNO
D.      ILO
6)      Who has recently become the youngest ever topper (18 years only) of California University?
A.      Shubhankar Dass
B.      V. Gopalan
C.      Ritankar Dass
D.      Byomkesh Mukherji
7)      Which of the following parties has recently won the general elections in Pakistan?
A.      PML-N
B.      PTI
C.      PPP
D.      MQM
8)      National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was launched on
A.      8th April, 2006
B.      2nd April, 2005
C.      12th April, 2004
D.      14th April, 2007
9)      Planning Commission was established in the year
A.      1948
B.      1949
C.      1950
D.      1951
10)   National Solar Mission’s target is to achieve………………MW Solar Power generating capacity by year 2022.
A.      16000
B.      17000
C.      20000
D.      18000
11)   Which of the following is not included in 16 Navratnas?
A.      BEL
B.      BHEL
C.      GAIL
D.      SAIL
12)   Which of the following started Mutual funds?
A.      LIC
B.      SBI
C.      UTI
D.      GIC
13)   ‘Wealth of Nations’  is written by
A.      David Racardo
B.      J.M. Keynes
C.      Adam Smith
D.      Karl Marx
14)   Which of the following banks has been merged with ICICI?
A.      Bank of Hindustan
B.      Bank of Allahabad
C.      Bank of Baroda
D.      Bank of Rajasthan
15)   The return received by OPEC in exchange for oil is generally called
A.      Petro currency
B.      Petro dollars
C.      Petro pounds

D.      Dirham

16)   B.B. Mahajan Committee is related to
A.      Steel Industry
B.      Jute Industry
C.      Sugar Industry
D.      Coal Industry
17)   The term ‘Black Revolution’ is associated with
A.      Coal production
B.      Petroleum production
C.      Cocoa production
D.      NOTA
18)   Agriculture contributes……………percent to the GDP of nation (2010-11)
A.      12
B.      13
C.      14.2
D.      15.6
19)   ECG is used to detect the disorder in
A.      Brain
B.      Heart
C.      Kidney
D.      Liver
20)   Which one of the following is not a viral disease?
A.      Dengue
B.      AIDS
C.      Typhoid
D.      Influenza
21)   Which one of the following is not transmitted by mosquitoes?
A.      Brain fever
B.      Malaria
C.      Typhoid
D.      Dengue
22)   The steroid responsible for balance of water and electrolytes in our body is
A.      Insulin
B.      Melatonin
C.       Testosterone
D.      Aldosterone
23)   Which of the following is not a connective tissue?
A.      Bone
B.      Cartilage
C.      Blood
D.      Muscles
24)   Yellow color is found at which place in rainbow?
A.      Second
B.      Third
C.      Fourth
D.      Fifth
25)   What is the function of battery?
A.      To convert mass into energy
B.      To convert current into heat
C.      To convert energy into mass
D.      To convert chemical energy into electrical energy
26)   Temperature of stars can be calculated from their
A.      Composition
B.      Spectrum
C.      Colour
D.      Distance
27)   An adult person has ………..liters of blood.
A.      3-4
B.      5-6
C.      7-8
D.      8-9
28) The respiratory organs of ‘Frog’ and ‘Earthworm’ is
A.      Lungs
B.      Skin
C.      Gills
D.      NOTA
29)   ‘Hydrophobia’ is caused due to
A.      Rubella virus
B.      Variola virus
C.      Herpes zoster virus
D.      Rabies virus
30)   WIDAL test diagnoses
A.      AIDS
B.      TB
C.      Typhoid
D.      Plague
31) Fuel used in thermal power plants is
A.      Water
B.      Uranium
C.      Biomass
D.      Fossil fuel
32)   The device used to examine the internal parts of the body is
A.      Electroscope
B.      Endoscope
C.      Phonograph
D.      Thermometer
33)   Who discovered ‘Antibiotic’?
A.      Alexander Fleming
B.      Joseph Lister
C.      Robert Cock
D.      W. Roengton
34)   Where is the Lakshadweep Islands located?
A.      Arabian Sea
B.      Bay of Bengal
C.      Indian Ocean
D.      NOTA
35)   Lucknow city is situated at the bank of
A.      The River Ganga
B.      The River Gomati
C.      The River Yamuna
D.      The River Kosi
36)   Rhodesia is known as
A.      The city of Roads
B.      The City of Lakes
C.      The Country of Islands
D.      Zimbabwe
37)   Which of the following is known as ‘Garden of Spices of India’?
A.      Kerala
B.      Tamil Nadu
C.      Karnataka
D.      Andhra Pradesh
38)   The ‘Bhil’ tribe is found in
A.      Andhra Pradesh
B.      Tripura
C.      Bihar
D.      MP & Rajasthan mainly
39)   Ghana Bird Sanctuary is in
A.      Bihar
B.      Rajasthan
C.      Madhya Pradesh
D.      Uttar Pradesh
40)   Which state of India has the longest coast line?
A.      Andhra Pradesh
B.      Tamil Nadu
C.      Gujarat
D.      Kerala
41)   Kalka – Shimla Railways is
A.      Narrow Gauge line
B.      Broad line
C.      Meter Gauge line
D.      NOTA
42)   White coal is
A.      Uranium
B.      Hydro-electricity
C.      Ice
D.      Diamond
43)   Koyna Hydro-electricity Project is situated at
A.      UP
B.      MP
C.      Maharashtra
D.      Kerala
44)   The River Cauvery falls into
A.      Gulf of Khambat
B.      Bay of Bengal
C.      Arabian Sea
D.      Indus River
45)   Least Populas State of India  is
A.      Himachal Pradesh
B.      Sikkim
C.      Mizoram
D.      Goa
46)   38th Parallel Line is a boundary line between
A.      Indian & Pakistan
B.      USA & Canada
C.      North & South Korea
D.      France & Germany
47)   Kharif crops are shown in
A.      September-October
B.      October-December
C.      June-July
D.      August-September
48)   Which of the following is not the cause of Tsunami?
A.      Earthquake
B.      Under water land slide
C.      Volcanic eruption
D.      Gravitational force of heavenly bodies
49)   The Olympic Emblem of five intertwined rings is symbolic of
A.      Brotherhood
B.      Five Continents
C.      Five Oceans
D.      Five Countries
50)   Hockey World Cup-2014 will be held in
A.      Poland
B.      Netherland
C.      Scotland
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