Solved Paper Excise & Taxation Inspector - 2013 (Part-4) - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

Choose the correct sentence, out of the four alternatives in Question Nos. 1 to 5.

1)   A. How I wish I was a fairy!
B. How I wish I were a fairy!
C. How I wish I had been a fairy!
D. How I wish I will be a fairy!

2)   A. You would be punctual.
B. You should to be punctual.
C. You must be to punctual.
D. You ought to be punctual.

3)   A. I am angry by your rude behavior.
B. I am angry with your rude behavior.
C. I am angry of your rude behavior.
D. I am angry for your rude behavior.

4)   A. She gave me a ten rupees note.
B. She gave me a ten rupee note.
C. She gave me a ten rupees notes.
D. She gave me a note of ten rupees.

5)   A. Have I not studying for three hours?
B. Have I not been studying for three hours?
C. Was I not working for three hours?
D. Am I not been working for four hours?

In Question Nos. 6 to 10, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

6)   Lamentable
A.      Remorseful
B.      Contemptible
C.      Scornful
D.      Deplorable
7)   Docile
A.      Easily managed
B.      Easily fooled
C.      Easily irritated
D.      Easily disturbed
8)   Abash
A.      Amaze
B.      Embarrass
C.      Refuse
D.      Squash
9)   Divulge
A.      Reveal
B.      Explore
C.      Strip
D.      Conceal
10) Indigenous
A.      Normal
B.      Natural
C.      Native
D.      Internal
In Question Nos. 11 to 15, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word from the four given alternatives.
11)  Hawk
A.      Pacifist
B.      Dove
C.      Pigeon
D.      Conciliation
12)  Reserve
A.      Popular
B.      Companionable
C.      Likeable
D.      Talkative
13)   Mundane
A.      Heavenly
B.      Superb
C.      Excellent
D.      Extraordinary
14)   Pastel
A.      Bright
B.      Sweet
C.      Delicate
D.      Urban
15)   Debacle
A.      Rise
B.      Movement
C.      Progress
D.      Regain
Group of four words are given in Question Nos. 16 to 20. In each group, one word is wrongly spelt. Find the mis-spelt word.
16)   A. Instructor
B. Grammer
C. Organizer
D. Carrier

17)   A. Adiction
B. Address
C. Adhere
D. Advice

18)   A. Soldier
B. Clearify
C. Infinite
D. Beautiful

19)  A. Medium
B. Museum
C. Emporium
D. Curiculam

20)  A. Device
B. Advice
C. Demice
D. Revise
In Question Nos. 21 to 25, do as directed. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which expresses the sentence as directed.
21)  His pocket has been picked. (Change into active voice)
A.      Picked has been his pocket.
B.      Someone has picked his pocket.
C.      Picking has been done to his pocket.
D.      Someone had picked his pocket.
22)   Please help me. (Change into passive voice)
A.      You are being requested to help me.
B.      You have been requested to help me.
C.      You were requested to help me.
D.      You are requested to help me.
23)   Can you read this lesson? (Change into passive voice)
A.      You are ordered to read this lesson.
B.      This lesson can be read by you.
C.      Can this lesson be read by you?
D.      Could this lesson be read by you?
24)   He said to her,” Don’t read so fast.”
A.      He told her don’t read so fast.
B.      He told her not to read so fast.
C.      He advised her don’t read so fast.
D.      He requested her not to read so fast.
25)   My friend said to me,” Has your father returned from Calcutta?”
A.      My friend told me that his father had returned from Calcutta.
B.      My friend asked me if my father had returned from Calcutta.
C.      My friend asked me that has my father returned from Calcutta.
D.      My friend enquired of me if his father has returned from Calcutta.
26)   How many sixes Chris Gayle hit to break a record in T-20 format of IPL-2013?
A.      14
B.      15
C.      16
D.      17
27)   The film actor who has been chosen for Dada Saheb Falke Award this year is
A.      Dev Anand
B.      Yash Chopra
C.      Pran
D.      Irfan
28)   ‘LIIVA ETIOS’ is a new model (car) of
A.      Honda
B.      Toyata
C.      Hyundai
D.      Tata
29)   The 14th Finance Commission has been constituted under the Chairmanship of……….
A.      Montek Singh Ahluwalia
B.      P. Chidambaram
C.      Y.V. Reddy
D.      Usha Thorat
30)   Name the European city that was united in 1989
A.      Berlin
B.      Bosnia
C.      Scotland
D.      Spain
31)   Which of the following city is associated with Indus Valley Civilization?
A.      Jhansi
B.      Kalibangan
C.      Jhanjhar
D.      Kalighat
32)   Which of the following is known as the ‘New World’?
A.      Africa
B.      America
C.      Russia
D.      Australia
33)   USA has a military base at
A.      Iran
B.      Sir Lanka
C.      Diego-Garcia
D.      Medagaskar
34)   Which of the following was the first to become Communist State in the Western Hemisphere?
A.      Cuba
B.      Brazil
C.      Italy
D.      Venezuela
35)   Which of the following countries has the Intelligence Agency named ‘MOSSAD’?
A.      Iran
B.      Israel
C.      Japan
D.      Egypt
36)   “White Flag” is the symbol of
A.      Peace
B.      Justice
C.      Mourning
D.      Truce
37)   Prior to 1971, Bangladesh was known as……….
A.      Eastern Pakistan
B.      Western Pakistan
C.      NWFP
D.      Eastern Myanmar
38)   Who discovered North Pole?
A.      Vasco de Gama
B.      Robert Peary
C.      Amundsen
D.      Marco Polo
39)   Japan is also known as
A.      Jeipan
B.      Osaka
C.      Nippon
D.      Kyoto
40)   The ‘First Sermon’ of Gautam Buddha is known as
A.      Nirvana
B.      Gyana
C.      Mahaparinirvana
D.      Dharamachakra Parivartana
41)   The ‘Pashupatinath’ temple is located at
A.      Nepal
B.      Bhutan
C.      Assam
D.      Kinnaur
42)   First Muslim to invade India was
A.      Mohammad Bin Qasim
B.      Mahmud of Ghazni
C.      Mohammad Ghori
D.      Mohammad Shah Abdali
43)   ‘Ghumar’ is a folk dance of
A.      Haryana
B.      UP
C.      Rajasthan
D.      Himachal Pradesh
44)   What is known as ‘Union Jack’?
A.      Spare part
B.      The British Flag
C.      A country
D.      Labour Union
45)   Jerusalem is sacred to…………religions.
A.      1
B.      2
C.      3
D.      4
46)   Whose name is associated with ‘Alfred Park’ of Allahabad?
A.      Chandra Sekhar Azad
B.      Bhagat Singh
C.      Ram Prasad Bismil
D.      Rajguru
47)   The Mughal Gardens of Rashtrapati Bhavan is modeled on
A.      Vrindaan Gardens
B.      Shalimar Gardens
C.      Rock Garden
D.      NOTA
48)   The first general election for Lok Sabha was held in the year
A.      1948-49
B.      1949-50
C.      1951-52
D.      1953-54
49)   Who wrote Anandmath?
A.      Raja Ram Mohan Roy
B.      Sharat Chandra
C.      Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
D.      Mulkraj Anand
50)   ‘Fundamental Duties’ of the Constitution have been taken from
A.      England
B.      Ireland
C.      Scotland
D.      Erstwhile USSR
51)   Which of the following States has been given Special Status under Article 370?
A.      Jammu & Kashmir
B.      Himachal Pradesh
C.      Meghalaya
D.      Mizoram
52)   ………….is an introduction to the Constitution.
A.      Preamble
B.      Act
C.      Bill
D.      The Parliament

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