Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Prelims Quiz-3 (History of District Chamba)

Q.1 The ancient monuments of the district Chamba were better preserved than the monuments of other parts of Punjab Himalayas, the reasons for the same were?

1. It escaped the successive wars of Mohammedans.
2. The Rajas of the state took great care of the monuments.
3. All the Rajas of the state had better relations with Muslim rulers.

Choose the right option:  

a) 1 & 3
b) 2 & 3
c) 1 & 2
d) All of the above

Q.2 Who issued the last copperplate engraving of Chamba in which Ranas were  mentioned?

a) Raja Asata Varman 
b) Raja Vairasi Varman
c) Aditya Varman
d) Jasta Varman

Q.3 The rulers of Chamba were considered the descendants of: 

a) Rama
b) Krishna
c) Shiva
d) Brahma

Q.4 Which of the following Ranas of Chamba is said to have defeated the Raja of Kullu and whose praise is sung in local dialect?

a) Hamir Bardhain
b) Ahlu
c) Eol

Q. 5 The suffix "Varman" was first used by which of the following Rajas of Chamba?

a) Meru Verman
b) Aditya Varman
c) Bala Varman
d) Varman Diwakar

Q.6 Who founded the town of 'Bharmaur'?

a) Maru 
b) Meru Varman
c) Sahil Varman
d) Mushan Varman

Q.7 The temples of Mani-Mahesh, Lakshna Devi, Ganesh and Narsingha were built by:

a) Meru Varman
b) Bala Varman
c) Sahil Varman

Q.8 Consider the following:

1. Born in cave.
2. Grown up in Suket.
3. Prohibited the killing of mice.

The above statements are associated with:

a) Meru Varman
b) Mushan Varman
c) Sahil Varman
d) Lakshini Varman

Q.9 Who transferred the seat of capital from Brahmpura (Bharmour) to the city of Chamba?

a) Sahil Varman
b) Yugankar Varman
c) Lalit Varman
d) Maru Varman

Q. 10 Raja Jasta Varman of Chamba is mentioned in Kalhan's Rajtarangini, the stone inscription of his reign has been found at:

a) Loh Tikri
b) Garoh
c) Bharmaur
d) Pangi

Q.11 The 'Chaurasi' temple at Bharmaur is called Chaurasi (84) because:

1. The temples were built in the memory of 84 Yogis with their head Charpat Nath.
2. These are group of 84 small temples.
3. These were built by master craftsman Gugga.

Which of the above statements are true?

a) 1 & 3
b) 1 & 2
c) 2 & 3
d) All of the above

Q.12 Which of the following Rajas of Chamba invaded Ladakh and  Kashmir and extended the boundaries of his state?

a) Ajita Varman
b) Vijay Varman
c) Vairsi Varman
d) Vir Varman

Q.13 Who built the fort of 'Ganeshgarh'?

a) Anand Varman
b) Balthadra
c) Pratap Singh Varman
d) Ganesh Varman

Q.14 Chamba became subject and tributary to the Mughals for the first time during the reign of Pratap Singh Varman, he was the contemporary of which of the following Mughal emperors?  

a) Akbar 
b) Jahangir
c) Shahjahan
d) Aurangjeb

Q.15 Which Raja of Chamba was known as 'Bali-Karan' for his generosity?

a) Vir Varman 
b) Balbhadra Varman
c) Sahil Varman
d) Uday Varman

Q.16 The first Raja of Chamba to use the suffix 'Singh' was:

a) Prithvi Singh
b) Chattar Singh
c) Uday Singh
d) Ugar Singh

Q.17 Which Raja of Chamba visited Delhi nine times during the reign of Shahjahan?

a) Prithvi Singh
b) Uday Singh
c) Chattar Singh
d) Ugar Singh

Q.18 The order for the demolition of all Hindu temples of Chamba was issued during the reign of Chattar Singh by:

a) Mahmud of Ghazani
b) Maharaja Ranjit Singh
c) Aurangjeb 
d) Mahammad Tuglak

Q.19 Which Raja of Chamba fell in love with a barber's daughter and appointed the barber to the office of the Wazir?

a) Dalel Singh
b) Ugar Singh
c) Udai Singh 
d) Raj Singh

Q.20 Who was appointed Raja of Chamba by Raja Dhruv Dev of Jammu?

a) Dalel Singh
b) Ugar Singh
c) Udai Singh 
d) Raj Singh

Answers: 1-c,2-a,3-a,4-a,5-b,6-b,7-a,8-b,9-a,10-a,11-b,12-b,13-d,14-a,15-b,16-a,17-a,18-c,19-c,20-b.

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This quiz is prepared by Brilliant HAS Academy, Shimla.
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  1. In question number 6, as per district website "Bharmour" known as "Brahamputra" was founded by Maru. Sahilla Varman shifted his capital from Brahamputra to the more centrally located plateau in the lower Ravi valley. He named the town after his beloved daughter Champa. Please check.

    1. firstly the name of Bharmaur was " Brahmapura". secondly it was founded by Meru Varman 3rd and youngest son of Maru. so the answer given is correct( as per Encyclopedia of HimachalPradesh)

  2. In question no 16, Prithvi Singh was the first to use suffix Singh.Answer should be A.


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