Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Prelims Quiz-4 (History of District Chamba)

Q.1 Consider the following about Umed Singh.

1. He led the foundation of Rang Mahal of Chamba.
2. He was kept in confinement in Lahore by Dalel Singh.
3. He left the orders that no Rani will become Sati at his funeral.

Choose the right option:

a) 1 & 2
b) 2 & 3
c) All of the above

Q.2 During the reign of Raja Raj Singh, Ranjet Dev of Jammu interfered in the political affairs of Chamba and appointed one of his officials to the post of wazir, who was the official?

a) Aklu
b) Amrit Pal
c) Raghunath Singh

Q.3 The painting of Nikka (the greatest painter in the history of Chamba) had been found in the court of:

a) Raj Singh
b) Umed Singh
c) Bhuri Singh
d) Udai Singh

Q.4 The battle between Raj Singh of Chamba and Sansar Chand of Kangra in which Raj Singh died took place at:

a) Shahpur
b) Dhalog
c) Churah
d) Chari

Q.5 General Cunningham and European traveler Mr. Vigne visited Chamba during the reign of: 

a) Raj Singh 
b) Umed Singh
c) Charhat Singh
d) Bhuri Singh

Q.6 The last incident of Sati pratice in Chamba took place after the death of:

a) Charhat Singh
b) Chattar Singh
c) Umed Singh
d) Udai Singh

Q.7 What are Chakli and Lakar Shahi?

a) Vedic rituals and customs practiced in Chamba
b) Stone inscriptions 
c) Chamba coins

Q.8 Who negotiated the instrumentation between the states of Kashmir and Chamba by which the latter became an independent power?

a) Colonel Lawerence
b) George Russel
c) David Ochterlony
d) Captain G. Brich

Q.9 Who was appointed the Superintendent of Chamba after the British occupied the territory?

a) Colonel Lawerence
b) Major Blair
c) General Cunningham
d) F. Kennedy

Q.10  Which of the following Rajas of Chamba helped  the British in the Revolt of 1857?

a) Shri Singh
b) Sham Singh
c) Bhuri Singh
d) Gopal Singh

Q.11 In which year were the first primary school and post office opened in Chamba?

a) 1859
b) 1863
c) 1867
d) 1871

Q.12 Which one of the following Rajas of Chamba died in London?

a) Gopal Singh
b) Mian Suchet Singh
c) Sham Singh
d) Bhuri Singh

Q.13 In which year did Lord Mayo visit Chamba?

a) 1871
b) 1881
c) 1891
d) 1901

Q.14 Which Raja of Chamba attended the Delhi Darbar in 1877?

a) Sham Singh
b) Bhuri Singh
c) Raj Singh
d) Sahil Varman

Q.15 Who built the Radha-Krishana Temple in Chamba?

a) Rani Maheshi Devi 
b) Rani Sarda
c) Sahil Varman
d) Yugankar Varman

Q.16 In which year did Viceroy Lord Curzon and Lady Curzon visit Chamba?

a) 1885
b) 1895
c) 1900
d) 1905

Q.17 A dispensary, court house, kotwali, jail and hospital in Chamba were built by:

a) Sham Singh
b) Bhuri Singh
c) Ram Singh 
d) Rani Sarda

Q.18 Consider the following statements: 

1. Received the distinction of knighthood in 1906.
2. Opened a museum in Chamba in 1908.
3. Built a power house on river Sal in 1910.
4. Attended Delhi Darbar in 1911.

The above statements are associated with:

a) Ram Singh
b) Bhuri Singh
c) Lakshman Singh
d) Sham Singh

Q.19 Which Raja of Chamba issued a notice to the girls of Pangi not to marry outside of Pangi?

a) Ram Singh
b) Bhuri Singh
c) Lakshman Singh
d) Gopal Singh

Q.20 The last Raja of Chamba was:

a) Bhuri Singh
b) Ram Singh
c) Lakshman Singh

Answers: 1-c, 2-a, 3-a, 4-a, 5-c, 6-a, 7-c, 8-a, 9-a, 10-a, 11-b, 12-b, 13-a, 14-a, 15-b, 16-c, 17-a, 18-b, 19-a, 20-c.

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This quiz is prepared by Brilliant HAS Academy, Shimla.
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