Himachal Pradesh Subordinate Allied Services Exam 2016 II Part-3 II

131. The minor daughter of Keshav Chandra Sen was married to a 16 year old Maharaja of which place?

A) Satara

B) Baroda

C) Cooch-Behar

D) Mysore

132. Which of the following is matched wrongly?

A) The Indian Universities Act – 1904

B) The Hunter Commission – 1882

C) The Wardha Scheme of Basic Education -1937

D) The Report of Sadler Commission – 1910

133. Of the following, who was not a member of the Gurukul Party of Arya Samaj?

A) Pt. Lekh Ram

B) Mahatma Hans Raj

C) Pt. Guru Datt Vidyarthi

D) Lala Munshi Ram

134. Who started the Ahmadiya Movement?

A) Mirza Ghulam Azad

B) Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan

C) Sayyid Ahmad Barelwi

D) Rashid Ahmad Gangohi

135. Which of the following is correct about the work, Neel Darpan?

A) A novel in Bengali

B) A novel in Hindi

C) A play in Hind

D) A play in Bengali

136. Of the following leaders of the Revolt of 1857, who is not matched correctly with his region?

A) Begum Hazrat Mahal- Lucknow

B) Khan Bahadur Khan – Mewat

C) Nana Sahib – Kanpur

D) Rani Lakshmi Bai – Jhansi

137. When was the Income Tax imposed by the Colonial Government in India?

A) 1858

B) 1865

C) 1862

C) 1860

138. Of the following, who was not a member of Hindu Mahasabha?

A) Motilal Nehru

B) B.S. Munje

C) Lala Lajpat Rai

D) Madan Mohan Malviya

139. Who moved the main resolution on Non-Cooperation Movement in the annual session of Indian National Congress at Nagpur in 1920?

A) Motilal Nehru

B) Vallabhbhai Patel

C) C.R. Das

D) Jawaharlal Nehru

140. When was the Second Civil Disobedience Movement launched by the Indian National Congress?

A) 1931

B) 1932

C) 1933

D) 1934

141. Which session of the Congress was presided over by Gandhi ji?

A) Bombay

B) Ahmadabad

C) Calcutta

D) Belgam

142. In which Satyagraha, Gandhi ji used the last weapon of hunger strike?

A) Ahmadabad Textile Mill Strike

B) Champaran Satyagraha

C) Kheda Satyagraha

D) The Khilafat Movement

143. Where was the first Indian Civil Services examination held in India?

D) Allahabad

144. Which name did Gandhi ji give to his scheme of education?

A) New Education Policy

B) Wardha Scheme

C) Nai Talim

D) Mother-Tongue

145. From where did Gandhi ji come across the three principles of his ideology?

A) Leo Tolstoy’s The kingdom of God is Within you

B) John Ruskin’s Unto This Last

C) Rousseaus’s Social Contract

D) Kathline Mayo’s Mother India

146. Gandhiji’s satyagrha is based on:

A) Truth and Non-violence

B) Ends and Means

C) Morality

D) All of the above

147. Of the following, who was not the member of the Congress Socialist Party?

A) Jaya Prakash Narayan

B) Kartar Singh Sarabha

C) Acharya Narendra Dev

D) Minoo Masani

148. Where did not come to power the parallel governments during the Quit India Movement?

A) Surat 

B) Ballia

C) Satara

D) Tamluk

149. Atlee, the British Prime Minister made a statement in British Parliament that the Transfer of Power to India would take place on:

A) August 15, 1947

B) August 15, 1948

C) June 30, 1947

D) June 30, 1948

150. Arrange the following Viceroys of India in chronological order:

i) Lord Linlithgo

ii) Lord Wavell

ii) Lord Wellington

iv) Lord Reading


A) ii) iii) i) iv)

B) ii) i) iv) iii)

C) iv) iii) i) ii)

D) iv) ii) iii) i)

151. Choose the right order from highest to lowest in terms of irrigation coverage:

A) Punjab, Haryana, U.P., Bihar

B) Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, U.P.

C) Haryana, Punjab, U.P., Bihar

D) Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, U.P.

152. As per RBI Annual Report 2012: which state has the least poverty?

A) Delhi

B) Tripura

C) Goa

D) Sikkim

153. As per budget proposal (2016-17); Department of Disinvestment is to be renamed as:





154. TRIPS and TRIMS are related to:





155. Efficient delivery of services through technology in India is well defined by:




D) None of the above

156. As per Census2011, highest urban and highest rural population in India is respectively in the states of:

A) Maharashtra and Bihar

B) Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh

C) Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh 

D) Tamil Nadu and Bihar

157. Who among the following did not estimate the incidence of poverty in India?

A) B.S. Minhas

B) Raj Krishna

C) P.K. Bardhan

D) Dandekar and Rath

158. Antyodaya Day is celebrated on:

A) 25th September

B) 25th December

C) 08th June

D) 25th April

159. Which one is not the component of Bharat Nirman out of the following:

A) Sanitation

B) Rural Telephones

C) Drinking Water

D) Irrigation

160. HRIDAY scheme is launched by:

A) Ministry of Cultural Affairs on 25th December, 2015

B) Ministry of Tourism on 26th January, 2015

C) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 21st January, 2015

D) Ministry of Urban Development on 21st January, 2015

161. Which one of the following statements is incorrect with regard to the Preamble of Indian Constitution?

A) It is the soul of the Constitution

B) It vests power in the People of India

C) It defines state as Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Sectarian, Democratic, Republic

D) It can be amended by the Parliament

162. Which one of the following is not stated in the Right to Freedom as enshrined in the Constitution of India?

A) Freedom of speech and expression

B) Freedom to assemble peacefully

C) Freedom to protest

D) Freedom to practice any profession

163. By which constitutional amendment the right to property was abolished from the Chapter of Fundamental Rights?

A) 1st Constitutional Amendment

B) 25th Constitutional Amendment

C) 42nd Constitutional Amendment

D) 44th Constitutional Amendment

164. Match the following and choose the correct answer from the given codes:

i) Finance Commission 1) Article 340

ii) Union public Service Commission 2) Article 324

iii) Election Commission 3) Article 315

iv) Commission for backward classes 4) Article 280


A) i)-3), ii)-1), iii)- 4), iv)-2)

B) i)-4), ii)-3), iii)- 2), iv)-1)

C) i)-4), ii)-2), iii)- 3), iv)-1)

D) i)-1), ii)-2), iii)- 3), iv)-4)

165. Who among the following are not the members of the Electoral College for the President of India?

A) Elected Members of the legislative Assemblies of States

B) Elected Members of the Lok Sabha

C) Elected Members of the Rajya Sabha

D) Elected Members of the legislative Councils of States

166. Which of the following is incorrect statement with regard to the Vice-President of India?

A) He acts as the President during the absence of the President

B) He is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

C) He is elected by the Electoral College comprising Members of the Parliament

D) He can be removed from his office by impeachment

167. The Rajya Sabha can delay the passage of the Money Bill for a maximum period of:

A) One week

B) Two weeks

C) One month

D) Indefinitely

168. Which of the following is the correct chronological order of the offices held by the Speakers of Lok Sabha?

A) Ganesh Vasudev Mavlankar, Sardar Hukam Singh, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, Sumitra Mahajan

B) Sardar Hukam Singh, Ganesh Vasudev Mavlankar, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, Sumitra Mahajan

C) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, Ganesh Vasudev Mavlankar, Sardar Hukam Singh, Sumitra Mahajan

D) Ganesh Vasudev Mavlankar, Sardar Hukam Singh, Sumitra Mahajan Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

169. Which one of the following is the biggest committee of the Lok Sabha?

A) Public Accounts Committee

B) Committee on Public Undertakings

C) Estimates Committee

D) Business Advisory Committee

170. Which one of the following is incorrect statement with regard to Right to Freedom of Religion?

A) Freedom of Religion is listed from Articles 25-28 of the Constitution

B) Freedom of Religion includes right to profess, practice and propagates religion 

C) Freedom of Religion gives freedom to establish religious institutions

D) Freedom of Religion includes freedom of conversion

171. The voting age in India was reduced from 21 years to 18 years by which constitutional amendment?

A) 61st Constitution Amendment

B) 65th Constitution Amendment

C) 71st Constitution Amendment

D) 73rd Constitution Amendment

172. Which one of the following is the recent addition in the Electronic voting Machine by the Election Commission of India?





173. Which one of the following is not the classified category of parties according to the Election Commission of India?

A) National Parties

B) Regional Parties

C) State Parties

D) Registered (Unrecognized Parties)

174. What is the full form of PIL?

A) Public Interest Litigation

B) Private Interest Litigation

C) People’s Interest Litigation

D) Priority in Litigation

175. Which one of the following is not the subject of the Concurrent List?

A) Marriage

B) Divorce

C) Price Control

D) Agriculture

176. Which one of the following states does not have a bicameral legislature?

A) Jammu & Kashmir

B) Bihar

C) Uttar Pradesh

D) Himachal Pradesh

177. Match the following and choose the correct answer from the given codes:

i) Right to Constitutional Remedies 1) Article 44

ii) Uniform Civil Code 2) Article 32

iii) Free Legal Aid 3) Article 370

iv) Special Provisions for Jammu & Kashmir 4) Article 39A


A) i)-2), ii)-1), iii)-4), iv)-3)

B) i)-1), ii)-2), iii)-3), iv)-4)

C) i)-2), ii)-1), iii)-4), iv)-4)

D) i)-1), ii)-3), iii)-4), iv)-2)

178. Right to Education is included under which Article of the Constitution?

A) Article19

B) Article 20

C) Article 21A

D) Article 25

179. What is the new name of the Planning Commission of India?

A) Pragati Ayog

B) NITI Ayog

C) Nyaya Ayog

D) National Planning Commission

180. Match Political Parties with their election symbols and choose the correct answer from the given codes:

i) BJP 1) Rail Engine

ii) MNS 2) Lantern

iii) AAP 3) Lotus

iv) RJD 4) Broom


A) i)-3), ii)-1), iii)-2), iv)-4)

B) i)-3), ii)-1), iii)-4), iv)-2)

C) i)-3), ii)-2), iii)-4), iv)-1)

D) i)-1), ii)-3), iii)-4), iv)-2)

181. Which one of the following is not the tributary of the river Godavari?

A) Manjira

B) Dudhganga

C) Indravati

D) Wainganga

182. Which one of the following states of India has no podzolic soils?

A) Orissa

B) U.P.

C) Himachal Pradesh

D) Jammu & Kashmir

183. Western Rajasthan is ideal place for the development of………..energy.

A) Biomass

B) Hydel

C) Tidal

D) Solar 

184. Which group of cities has not been included in the list of proposed 100 smart cities in India?

A) Vishakhapatnam, Tirupati, Kakinada

B) Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar Sharif

C) Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot

D) Howrah, Burdwan, Siliguri

185. As per 2001 Census, million cities in India is:

A) 12

B) 53

C) 23

D) 35

186. Which one of the following was famous for Jute Industry?

A) Damodar Valley

B) Hooghly Valley

C) Yamuna Valley

D) Brahmaputra Valley

187. Which one of the following is recent U.N. framework on disaster management?

A) Yokohama Framework

B) Hyogo Framework

C) Sendai Framework

D) Uttarkashi Framework

188. Which one of the following is not used as indicator of human development in India?

A) Increase in total fertility rate

B) Increase in crude death rate

C) Increase in female literacy rate

D) Increase in life expectancy rate

189. Which one of the following regions has the highest biodiversity in India?

A) North-East India

B) North-west India

C) Central India

D) Indian Desert Region

190. The percentage of total urban population in India according to Census 2011 is:

A) 31.16%

B) 30.26%

C) 32.16%

D) 29.26%

191. Varanasi city is an example of:

A) Industrial city

B) Administrative city

C) Port city

D) Cultural city

192.Drought prone area is broadly located between:

A) West Bengal to Arunachal Pradesh

B) Tamil Nadu to Andhra Pradesh

C) Kerala to Karnataka

D) Maharashtra to Punjab

193. Floods occurred due to erratic behavior of :

A) Glacier melt

B) Temperature increase

C) Monsoon

D) Population increase

194. Which one of the following states is found in Seismic Zone V?

A) Maharashtra

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Delhi

D) Bihar

195. Which of the following is passing through India?

A) Equator

B) Tropic of Cancer

C) Tropic of Capricorn

D) None of the above

196. Which of the following states has Shipki La Pass?

A) Jammu & Kashmir

B) Uttarakhand

C) Himachal Pradesh

D) Sikkim

197. Which species of tree is more vulnerable for forest fire due to presence of Turpentine oil in their leafs?

A) Pines/Chir

B) Cedar 

C) Silver firs

D) None of the above

198. Which statement is not correct about the earthquake waves?

A) Longitudinal and Secondary (Transverse) waves are more destructive waves than Rayleigh wave

B) Rayleigh waves are originated from epicenters not the focus

C) P-waves travel fastest and are the first wave recorded on the Seismogram

D) None of the above

199. Which one of the following is not the effect of climate change?

A) Glacier retreat

B) Coral bleaching

C) Cold wave and heat wave

D) Deforestation

200. Which costal states of India are more vulnerable to tropical cyclone?

A) Tamil Nadu- Andhra Pradesh-Orissa Coastal region

B) Maharashtra- Gujarat Coastal region

C) Karnataka-Goa Coastal region

D) All of the above
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