HP Subordinate Allied Services Solved Paper 2012 (Part-2)

51) Which unit of valuation is known as "Paper Gold"? - Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

52) "Disguised unemployment" refers to: More persons employed for a job which a few can accomplish

53) Panchayati Raj institutions are intended to strengthen: Multi-level Planning

54) Complete the series: 17,51,85,119 = 153

55) In a certain code, BAD is written as XZW, SAID is written as HZRW, LOVE will be written as: OLEV

56) Prison is to humans as cage is to: Birds

57)Victory: Defeat :: Success: Failure 

58) Cork is to bottle as Lid is to box.

59) If tree is called green, green is called rain, rain is called water, water is called air, air is called blue, and where do the fish swim? - Air

60) Rashmi is Virender's mother's daughter's daughter. What is her relationship with Virender? - Niece

61) If the day tomorrow is Sunday, What was it yesterday? - Friday

62) A clock show the time as 12:20. What is the angle the hour hand makes with the minutes hand? - 120

63) Who was the Chief Guest on the occasion of Republic Day Parade on 26th January 2012? - Prime Minister of Thailand 

64) Cooking oil can be converted into vegetables ghee by the process of: Hydro generation

65) The gas inside the electric bulb is: Nitrogen

66) Natural rubber is a polymer of: Isoprene

67) The element not present in fertilizers is: Chlorine

68) Chemically, cane sugar is: Sucrose

69) Milk is an example of: Emulsion

70) It is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because trees release: Carbon dioxide

71) The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is: Ethylene

72) The purity of primary gold is: 24 Carat

73) Washing Soda is: Hydrated Sodium Carbonate

74) Dialysis is used for patients having: Kidney trouble

75) Enzymes are made up of: Amino acids

76) Absolute alcohol is: 100% of proof

77) Ozone is important to mankind because: It Creates a protective coverage against ultraviolet rays

78) For instant energy, athletes take: Glucose

79) Insulin is a pancreatic: Hormone

80) Megasthenes was the ambassador of: Seleucus

81) In which language was the Shirmad Bhagavad Gita originally written? - Sanskrit

82) Name the ruler of the Kushana Dynasty: Kadphises-1

83) The word Buddha means: An enlightened one

84) Buddha's preaching were mainly related to: Purity of thought and conduct

85) The title "Vikramaditya" was assumed by: Chandragupta-II

86) The famous Chinese pilgrim Fa-hien visited India during the reign of: Chandragupta-II

87) The remains of the Vijayanagar Empire can be found in: Hampi

88) Whose work is Bijak? - Kabir

89) Ramanuja preached: Bhakti

90) Firoz Shah founded many cities. Which amongst Jaunpur, Fatehpur Sikri, Hissar and Fatehabad was not built by him? -Fatehpur Sikri  

91) The "Bhakti" Movement of the 16th century had, as one of its leaders: Guru Nanak

92) Mughal culture greatly influenced Indian: Painting

93) Amir Khusro was a Poet, Courtier and Historian in the Court of: Allaudin Khilji (1296-1316 A.D.)

94) Raja Rammohan Roy was connected with: English Education

95) The partition of Bengal was intended to: Create a wedge between Hindus and Muslims

96) Rajtarangini written by Kalhan is: A History of Kashmir

97) In 1923, Swaraj Party gained absolute majority in: Legislative Assembly

98) The Rowlatt Act passed in the year: 1919

99) Who wrote the play "Andheri Nagri Chaupat Raja"?- Bhartendu Harish Chandra

100) Who was the Congress President when India became fee? - J.B. Kriplani Click here to continue reading

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