Sub-Inspector HP Police Solved Paper 2008 (Part-1)

1) Which is the most important and oldest source of India  Philosophy? - Vedas

2) In which state are the Gir Forests (well known for Asiatic lions) located? - Gujarat

3) Which is the most urbanized state in India? - Tamilnadu (43.9% Urban Population)

4) Who was the President of Indian National Congress at the time of India's Independance? - JB Kriplani

5) In which Year Swasdeshi movement lauched in India? - 1905

6) Who was the first Finance Minister of Independent India? - RK Shanmukham Chetty

7) Who was the founder of Khalsa? - Guru Govind Singh

8) 42 Km Pong Lake over Beas River in district Kangra is also known as: - Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir

9) Kamaksha Devi Temple is located at: - Karsog (District Mandi)

10) Vyas Guffa is located at:- Bilaspur

11) Which is the largest Airport in Himachal Pradesh?- Gaggal (Kangra)

12) Which is the only broad gauge railway line in Himachal Pradesh? - Una-Nangal (14 Km)

13) When did Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University Palampur established? - 1978

14) Which districts were founded in 1972? - Solan, Una, Hamirpur

15) Nuclear bomb (named Little Boy) dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on:- August 6, 1945

16) Dronacharya Award is given to:- Sports Coaches

17) Who was the first Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court? - Mr. Justice MH Begh

18) Dada Sahib Phalke Award is given in the field of:- Cinema

19) Ranji Trophy is related to which game? - Cricket

20) Kosi Project is situated in which state? - Bihar

21) Which country won the first Twenty-20 Cricket World 2008 held in South Africa? - India (by defeating Pakistan)

22) Tons is the tributary of river:- Yamuna

23) Name the first Indian Governor-General of India after Independence? - C.Rajagopalachari

24) Sunlight provides: Vitamin D (Calciferol)

25) National Commission for Women was established in the year:- 1992

26) When India launched its first moon mission Chadrayan-I?- Oct. 22, 2008

27) Mrikula Devi Temple is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh? - Lahaul-Spiti

28) Who is known as Pahari Gandhi from Dehra Gopipur (Kangra)? - Baba Kanshi Ram

29) When Himachal Day is celebrated? - 15th April

30) Which district in Himachal Pradesh has the highest population density? - Hamirpur (369 persons per Square Km)

31) Tea is grown in which valley of Himachal Pradesh? - Kangra Valley

32) Agriculture University Palampur is named after which personality? - Chaudhary Sarwan Singh

33) Which district in Himachal Pradesh has the highest number of small scale industries? - District Kangra

34) At what place of Himachal Pradesh the first radio station established? - Shimla

35) Which districts of Himachal Pradesh marks boundary with Haryana? - Sirmour & Solan

36) Riwalsar lake is situated in which distrcit? - Mandi

37) Which place in Himachal Pradesh is called Mini Switzerland? - Khajjiar

38) Which is the longest Dam in the world? - Hirakund Dam (4.8 Km) over the River Mahanadi in Orissa

39) Haridwar a famous religions place of India is situated in which state? - Uttarakhand

40) Which was the first state to implement Panchayati Raj System in India? - Rajsthan (at Nagaur on October 2, 1959)

41) Who is the Supreme Commander of Defense forces in India? - President of India

42) How many national Highways are there in Himachal Pradesh? - Eight 

43) Who gave the name of Pahari Gandhi to Baba Kanshi Ram? - Jawahar Lal Nehru

44) State flower of Himachal Pradesh is:- Pink Rodhodendron

45) In which year the construction of Pathankot-Jogdinder narrow gauge railway line was started? - 1926 AD

46) Which place of India is called Varanasi of South? - Rameshwaram

47) When is wildlife week observed in India? - October 1-7

48) What is Border Security Force established on December 1, 1965? - A Paramilitary force in India

49) Electronic city of India is: - Bangalore

50) Headquarter of ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) is at: Dehradun...Click here to continue reading

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