Sub-Inspector HP Police Solved Paper 2008 (Part-2)

51) Which Sikh Guru started the institution of Langer to ward off castesism? - Guru Amar Dass (3rd Sikh Guru)

52) Which place in India receives the lowest rainfall? - Leh

53) Who won FIFA Football Cup 2006? - Italy by defeating France

54) Coconut is the National Tree of :- Maldives

55) Which fruit is grown in maximum area of Himachal Pradesh? - Apple

56) Who was the first woman ruler of India? - Razia Sultan

57) Which place in the world has the highest annual temperature? - Al Aziziyah, Libya in Africa

58) Headquarter of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO, established on August 15, 1969) is: - Bangalore (Karnataka)

59) Who started Van Mahotsava? - KM Munshi, Union Minister for Agriculture & Food in 1950

60) When was Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) started? - December 25, 2000

61) Who was the first Muslim ruler of Delhi? - Qutub-ud-din-Aibak (in 1206 AD)

62) When Burma (now called Myanmar) was separated from India? - April 1, 1937

63) Who remarked "Nehru is a patriot while Jinnah is a Politician"?- Mohammad Iqbal

64) Which country has the longest written constitution in the world? - India

65) Richter Scale is used to register the intensity of: - Earthquake

66) Highest Airport in India is:- Leh (Koshak Bakola) Airport

67) On April 19, 1975 first satellite launched by India was named as:- Aryabhatta

68) At which place Sun temple is located in Himachal Pradesh? - Nirath (District Shimla)

69) Which Hydel Project in Himachal Pradesh is situated totally underground? - Sanjay Vidyut Priyojna (Kinnaur)

70) State bird of Himachal Pradesh is: Western Tragopan

71) In which year Punjab Hill Areas were merged with Himachal Pradesh? - On November 1, 1966

72) Which district of Himachal Pradesh has least population density? - Lahaul-Spiti (2 person per Square Km)

73) Who was the first speaker of Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly? - Pandit Jaiwant Ram

74) Lavi Fair of Rampur (District Shimla) is a:- Trade Fair 

75) Which district of Himachal Pradesh makes boundary with Tibet? - Lahaul-Spiti

76) Which is the longest river in Himachal Pradesh? - Satluj (320 Km)

77) On which river Bhakra Nangal Dam constructed? - Satluj

78) Which is the folk dance of Rajsthan? - Ghoomar

79) Who gave the slogan "Jai Hind"? - Netaji S.C. Bose

80) Sania Mirza is a: Lawn Tennis Player

81) Which country has largest geographical area in the world? - Russia

82) Which state is the second largest producer of ginger after Kerala? - Himachal Pradesh

83) Blue Revolution is associated with:- Fish Production

84) Who invented Revolver? - Samuel Colt

85) Sarojini Naidu was a : - Poetess

86) Who's birthday is celebrated as Teacher's day? - Dr. S. Radhakrishna (First Vice President of India)

87) Mani Mahesh Lake is situated in which district of Himachal Pradesh? - Chamba

88) Which gas is present in highest proportion in the atmosphere? - Nitrogen (78.08%)

89) Which is the most industrialized district of Himachal Pradesh? - Solan

90) Which crop requires water logging for its cultivation? - Rice

91) Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of Horticulture  University Nauni, Solan? - Dr. M.R. Thakur

92) The National Highway from Amritsar to Delhi is numbered? - NH-1

93) Who signature appears on ten rupee currency note? - Governor, Reserve Bank of India

94) Himachal Pradesh is also called the:- Apple State of India

95) Who gifted the Statue of Liberty standing off the New York Port to the USA on its first centenary celebration? - France

96) Name of the building at Shimla where the trail of Mahatma Gandhi murder case was conducted? - Peterhoff

97) To which direction of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh is located? - North

98) Bahadurgarh fort was the summer palace of the Raja of Bilaspur named:- Bijai Chand

99) The famous Jakh Dhar is located in district:- Hamirpur

100) Strait of Dover connects the United Kingdom with: France

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