Sub-Inspector HP Police (Solved Paper) 2010 (Part-3)

Sub-Inspector HP Police

101) Annapurna Mountain Peak (8091 m) is located in: - Nepal

102) A rift valley is formed mainly due to:-  Formation of fold mountains

103) "Bottle Neck Inflation" means:- Rise in Prices without increases in aggregate demand

104) The number of members of the "European Union" is: - 27 (Presently 28)

105) How many players are taken in a Basketball team? - 5

106) What is the name of the currency of Belgium? - Euro

107) Majuli-the largest island in the world is located on the river- Brahmaputra (in Assam)

108) Silent Valley National Park is located in: - Kerala

109) Ayodhya is situated on the bank of river:- Saryu

110) Major source of power in India is: - Thermal Power

111) Which sector was given highest priority in Annual Plan (2010-11) of HP? - Social Sector

112) The vital constituent of blood that helps in clotting is:- Platelets 

113) Mwai Kibaki is the new President of:- Kenya

114) Who gave the "Theory of Natural Selection"?- Charles Darwin (in 1959)

115) Plaster of Paris is made from:- Gypsum

116) Chemical Name of Research Development Explosive (RDX) is:- Cyclonite

117) Who invented the video tape? - Charles Ginsberg

118) In the context of Indian wildlife, the flying fox is a: - Bat

119) Fahien, the Chinese traveler, visited India (412 AD) during the rule of which Gupta King? - Chandra Gupta-II

120) Which are the Financial Committees of Parliament in India?- Public Accounts Committee, Estimates Committee & Public Undertakings Committee

121) Match the following cities with their Airports:

Chhatrapti Shivaji-Mumbai


122) Which is the longest river of South India? - Godavari

123) The cause of forming Tsunami is: - Earthquake

124) Who wrote the book "The God of Small Things"? - Arundhati Roy

125) Admiral Gorashchov Aircraft Carrier Rafit Project is an agreement between India and:- Russia

126) Which State of India has the highest sex-ratio (Females 1058/1000)? - Kerala

127) In which year Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded? - 1967

128) Agha Khan Cup is related to:- Hockey

129)  The full form of ECS, which is used in Banking is: - Electronic Clearing Service

130) Which crop occupies the most area of cultivation in Himachal Pradesh? - Wheat

131) The old name of Nurpur is:- Dhamerei

132) Which is the birthplace of Dr. Y.S. Parmar? - Bagthan, Sirmaur

133) Shanan Electricity Project, situated at Jogdinder is managed by:- Punjab State Electricity Board

134) When did the cases of Dhami Shootout occur? - July 16, 1939

135) When did Himachal Pradesh becomes the Union Territory under Lt. Governor? - November 1, 1956

136) On January 25, 1971 Himachal Pradesh becomes the ........State of India.- 18th

137) Under new delimitation, number of legislative constituencies in Kangra, Mandi, Kullu and Hamirpur districts are respectively: - 15,10,4,5

138) The amount for annual Plan 2010-11 of Himachal Pradesh is: - Rs. 3000 Crore

139) Till now Himachal Pradesh harnessed how much Hydel Power capacity? - 6913 MW

140) "Chatrari Yatra" is related with the district: - Chamba

141) Which Pass connects Lahaul Valley with Spiti Valley? - Kunzum La (4551 m)

142) The Mountaineering Institute in Himachal Pradesh is situated at:- Manali

143) Out of Sirmaur, Solan, Bilaspur, Kangra the boundary of which district do not touch with the State of Punjab? - Sirmaur

144) Match the following:

Prashar Lake-Mandi District

Dal Lake-Kangra District
Tanu Jubbal Lake-Shimla District
Renuka Lake- Sirmaur District

145) The State Bird of Himachal Pradesh is: - Jujurana (Western Tragopan)

146) What is the share of Himachal Pradesh in Nathpa Jhakri Project? - 25%

147) As per Census, 2001 the most backward district of Himachal Pradesh in literacy rate is: - Chamba

148) In which year the High Court of Himachal Pradesh is established? - 1971

149) Which metal is used for Galvanization? - Zinc

150) What is the objective of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act? - To Provide 100 days employment in rural areas.


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