Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (Aptitude Test Part 1) - 2014

1.       Which number should come in place of ? in the series?
71, 76, 69, 74, 67,?
A.      77
B.      65
C.      80
D.      76
2.       Find out the wrong term in the following series:
8, 14, 26, 48, 98, 194, 386.
A.      194
B.      98
C.      48
D.      14
3.       Which term of a letter series should come in place of ? in the following series?
A.      Nrw
B.      Msx
C.      Nsw
D.      Mrw
4.       ‘Curie’ is related to ‘radium’ in the same way as ‘vitamins’ is related to:
A.      Funk
B.      Pott
C.      Lisfranc
D.      Geissler
5.       ‘Lotus’ is related to ‘Cuticle’ in the same way as ‘Fish’ is related to:
A.      Gills
B.      Scales
C.      Tail
D.      Wings
6.       Which of the following is the same as Sitar, Guitar and Tanpura?
A.      Harmonium
B.      Trumpet
C.      Mridanga
D.      Violin
7.       Which of the following is the same as weevils, borer and beetle?
A.      Termites
B.      Lice
C.      Moth
D.      Ringworms
8.       If CASUAL is coded as GEWYEP, then how will PEOPLE be coded?
A.      SHRSOH
B.      TISTPI
C.      SIRTOI
D.      THSTOI
9.       If POPULAR is coded as QPQVMBS, then which of the following words will be coded as GBNPVT?
A.      FAMOUS
B.      FRIEND
C.      FOURTH
D.      FRESCO
10.   If ROPE is coded as 6821 and CHAIR is coded as 72456, then which of the following will be the code for CRAPE?
A.      73456
B.      74265
C.      76142
D.      76421
11.    If ‘sand’ is called ‘air’, ‘air’ is called ‘plateau’, ‘plateau’ is called ‘well’, ‘well’ is called ‘island’, ‘island’ is called ‘sky’, then fro where will a farmer draw water?
A.      Well
B.      Sky
C.      Island
D.      Air
12.   A party consists of grandmother, father, mother, four sons and their wives and one son and two daughters to each of the sons. How many females are there in all?
A.      14
B.      16
C.      18
D.      15
13.   Neelam, who is daughter of Deepak, says to Deepika, “Your mother Rekha is the younger sister of my father who is the third child of Ramlal.” How is Ramlal related to Deepika?
A.      Father
B.      Grandfather
C.      Uncle
D.      Father-in-law
Directions (Question Nos. 14 and 15): In each of the following questions four words have been given, out of which three are alike in some manner and the fourth is different. Choose out the odd one.
14.   A) Mandible       B) Rib    C) Sternum         D) Pinna
15.    A) Blaze               B) Glimmer         C) Simmer           D) Shimmer  

Direction (Question Nos. 16 to 20): Each of the question nos. 16 to 20 is based on the information given below. Read the following information carefully and answer the questions accordingly:
Seven students P, Q, R, S, T, U and V take a series of tests in which no two students get similar marks. V always scores more than P. P always scores more than Q. Each time either R scores the highest and T gets the lowest or alternately S scores the highest and U or Q scores the lowest marks.
16.   If S is ranked sixth and Q is ranked fifth, which one of the following can be true?
A.      V is ranked first or fourth
B.      U is ranked third or fourth
C.      R is ranked second or third
D.      P is ranked second or fifth
17.   If R gets most, V should be ranked not lower than:
A.      Fourth
B.      Second
C.      Fifth
D.      Third
18.   If R is ranked second and Q is ranked fifth, which of the following must be true?
A.      S  is ranked third
B.      P is ranked sixth
C.      T is ranked sixth
D.      V is ranked fourth
19.   If S is ranked second, which of the following can be true?
A.      V gets more than S
B.      P gets more than R
C.      T gets more than Q
D.      U gets more than V
20.   If V is ranked fifth, which of the following must be true?
A.      S scores the highest
B.      R is ranked second
C.      T is ranked third
D.      Q is ranked fourth
Directions (Questions Nos. 21 to 24): In each questions two statements followed by four conclusions are given. You gave to take the two given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows the two given statements disregarding commonly known facts:
21.   Statements:
Manas is a player.
All the players are tall.
A.      All tall men are players.
B.      Tall men are not players.
C.      Manas is tall.
D.      Manas is not tall.
22.   Statements:
All men are vertebrates.
Some mammals are vertebrates.
A.      All men are mammals.
B.      Some vertebrates are mammals.
C.      All mammals are men.
D.      All vertebrates are men.
23.   Statements:
All men are dishonest.
Some men are fraudulent.
A.      Either all fraudulent persons are dishonest or all dishonest are fraudulent.
B.      Generally fraudulent persons are dishonest.
C.      Fraud and dishonest go together.
D.      Some dishonest persons are dishonest.
24.   Statements:
Some teachers are not learned – is false.
Which of the following is false?
A.      All teachers are learned.
B.      Some learned beings are teachers.
C.      Some teachers are learned.
D.      All learned beings are teachers.
25.   In a cricket series India defeated Australia twice, West Indies defeated India twice, Australia defeated West Indies twice, and India defeated West Indies twice and New Zealand twice. Which country lost most number of matches?
A.      West Indies
B.      India
C.      Australia
D.      New Zealand
26.   In a group of six women there are three violinists, four dancers, four vocalists and one actress. Girija and Vanaja are among the violinists, while Jalaja and Shailja do not know how to play violin. Shailja and Tanuja are among the dancers. Jalaja, Vanaja, Shailja and Tanuja are all vocalists and two of them are also violinists. If Pooja is an actress, who among the following is both a dancer and a violinist?
A.      Jalaja
B.      Shailaja
C.      Tanuja
D.      Pooja
27.   Kadambari is older than Kalyani by 5 years and Kumud is younger than her by the same number of years. Kamayani is younger than Kalyani by 5 years. If Kadambari was born in 1915, in which year the youngest sister was born?
A.      1920
B.      1925
C.      1930
D.      1935
28.   If – means *, * means +, + means /, / means -, then what will be the value of 40*12+3-6/60=?
A.      44
B.      4
C.      16
D.      7.95
29.   If + means /, / means -, - means * and * means -, then 48+16/4-2*8=?  
A.      3
B.      6
C.      112
D.      -28
30.   If / means *, * means +, + means – and – means /, then 3*6-12*1-2/3=?
A.      7/24
B.      21/8
C.      ¾
D.      5
31.   Amit, Sumit and Vinit divide an amount of Rs. 2800 amongst themselves in the ration of 5:6:3 respectively. If the amount of Rs. 200 is added to each of their shares, what will be the new ratio of their shares?
A.      8:9:6
B.      6:7:4
C.      7:8:5
D.      NOTA
32.   Find the missing number in the given pattern:

            A.      19

B.      17
C.      16
D.      15
33.   Total numbers which are there between 100 and 1000 such that every digit is either 2 or 9 are:
A.      8
B.      14
C.      18
D.      NOTA
34.   Supriya’s monthly income is twice Deepa’s monthly income. The ratio of the monthly income of Deepa and Sandhya is 7:3 respectively and their average monthly income is Rs. 25,000. What is Supriya’s monthly income?
A.      Rs 35,000
B.      Rs 50,000
C.      75,000
D.      NOTA
35.   In a race of 600 m A car beats B by 50 m and in a race of 500 m, B car beats C by 60 m. In a race of 400 m, A car will beat C by:
A.      232/3 m
B.      77 m
C.      76 m
D.      77/3 m
36.   How many squares are there in the following figure
A.      11                                                   
B.      9
C.      10
D.      16

37.   X can copy 80 pages in 20 hours; X and Y together can copy 135 pages in 27 hours. In what time can Y copy 20 pages?
A.      12 hours
B.      24 hours
C.      20 hours
D.      3 hours
38.   5 kg of sugar costing Rs. 8 per kg and 3 kg of sugar costing Rs. 6 per kg are mixed. What will be the average cost of the mixture?
A.      Rs. 8
B.      Rs. 7.25
C.      Rs. 6.25
D.      Rs. 7
39.   One of the angles of a parallelogram is 26°. What is the difference between the adjacent angles of parallelogram?
A.      138°
B.      144°
C.      128°
D.      NOTA
40.   The ratio of the length and the breadth of a rectangular plot are 7:6. The perimeter of the plot is 208 meters. What is the area of the rectangular plot?
A.      2696 sq. m
B.      2688 sq. m
C.      2592 sq. m
D.      NOTA
41.   Out of all the integers from 1 t0 100, a number is selected at random. The probability that the selected number is not divisible by 7 is:
A.      7/100
B.      49/50
C.      7/50
D.      43/50
42.   When the sum and difference of two numbers are 12 and 6 respectively, the ratio of numbers is given by:
A.      ½
B.      1/3
C.      ¼
D.      1/5
43.   The mean of 100 observations is 200. If one of the observations is taken as 250 instead of correct observation 50, the correct mean is given by:
A.      200
B.      202
C.      198
D.      199
44.   The Pie-chart shows the spending of a country on a Golf during a particular year:

The percentage of the total spending is spent on Golf:
A.      12.5 %
B.      22.5 %
C.      25 %
D.      45 %

45.   The ages of two persons are in the ratio 5:7. After 14 years their ages will be in the ration 7:9. What are their present ages?
A.      35 and 49
B.      40 and 56
C.      25 and 35
D.      45 and 63

1.       A bag contains an equal number of one rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins. If the total value is Rs. 70, how many coins of each type are there?
A.      35
B.      28
C.      30
D.      40
2.       A person divides his property so that his son’s share to his wife’s share and the wife’s share to his daughter’s share are both in the ratio 3:1. If daughter gets Rs. 20,000 less than the son, find the total worth of the property.
A.      2,60,000
B.      32,500
C.      37,500
D.      16,250
3.       A software company wants to hire engineers in such a way that 32 of them can handle Jawa programming, 28 of them can perform C++ programming and 15 of them can work on both Java and C++ programming. Find the minimum number of engineering to be hired by the company to cope with the situation.
A.      60
B.      75
C.      45
D.      47
4.       If the sizes of thirteen shirts in cms are: 85, 90, 95, 90, 105, 95, 90, 95, 100, 90, 110, 115, what is the model size?
A.      95
B.      90
C.      100
D.      105
5.       If m and n are whole numbers such that mn =144, then (m-1)n+1 is equal to:
A.      1331
B.      1312
C.      1024

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