Himachal Pradesh Supervisor's Exam -2008 - Himachal Pradesh General Studies

1.       India shares longest land border with – Bangladesh

2.      The Great Khali is associated with - Wrestling

3.      Who won 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature.- Doris Lessing

4.      ELISA test is used to detect - AIDS

5.      The study of bee keeping is known as – Apiculture

6.       The headquarter of Interpol (Estd. 1923 ) is located at- Lyons (France)

7.      Air force Flying College is located at - Jodhpur

8.      In 1979 who were the Joint Deputy Prime Ministers of India? – Babu Jagjivan Ram of Chaudhary Charan Singh

9.      Who was the first person from H.P. to become Chief Justice of India? – Mehar Chand Mahajan (Distt. Kangra)

10.  What is the retirement age for a High Court Judge? – 62 years

11.  Who is the architecture of Chandigarh City? – Lee Carbusier (France)

12.  Who is the architecture of Parliament House? – Sir Herbert Baker

13.  The real name of the Great Khali is – Dalip Singh Rana

14.  Kangra-Shimla National Highway is marked as – NH-88

15.  H.P. Administrative Tribunal is established in - 1986

16.  Who wrote the whole Indian History in the walls of Cellular jail in Andaman Nicobar? – V.D. Savarkar

17.  Headquarter of Hollywood is located at – Los Angeles (USA)

18.  Geographically largest Distt. In H.P. – Lahaul Spiti

19.  Number of High Courts in India is - 21 (Increased from 21 to 24 in 2013)

20.  Who wrote “My Experiments with Truth” – Mahatma Gandhi

21.  What does the word “Lahaul” mean – Southern Country

22.  Richest source of proteins are – Pulses

23.  What is the incubation period of AIDS – 10 years

24.  Alexander Fleming discovered the first antibiotic from –  Penicillium notatum( A fungus)

25.  Who wrote “You Can Win”? – Shiv Khera

26.  Which is the deepest Ocean in the World? – Pacific Ocean

27.  Which is the volume wise largest river in the World? – Amazon (In South America)

28.  Largest Hydel Power Project  in H.P. is – Parbati Project (2051 MW)

29.  Highest Mountian Peak in H.P. – Shilla (7026 mtrs.)

30.  Who is the youngest Padamshree Award winner? – Sania Mirza ( on Jan.26, 2006)

31.  Digital system makes use of – Numbers

32.  Which Hydel Project situated in the territory of Himachal Pradesh is still under the control of another state(Punjab Govt.) – Shanan Hydel Project

33.  Which is the smallest planet at present? – Mercury

34.  Which planet is called Red Planet? – Mars

35.  Which is the only natural satellite of earth? – Moon

36.  In which planet a day is longer than a year on the earth? – Venus

37.  To which party does the P.M. of Britain Gordon Brown belong? – Labour Party

38.  Where is located the Musk Deer Breeding Centre in H.P.? – Kufri (Shimla)

39.  International Woman Day is celebrated on – 8th March

40.  Which Sikh ruler ruled over Kangra in 1809 A.D.? – Dessa Singh Majithia

41.  Which historical battle laid the foundation of Mughal Empire in India? – First battle of Panipat in 1526 (Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi)

42.  Who was the First Woman ruler of Delhi Sultanate? – Razia Sultana

43.  Which mountain range shares border of H.P. with Tibet? – Zanskar (Greater Himalayas)

44.  Who won the Hockey World Cup in 2006? – Germany

45.  Who is the present Pope at the Vatican City? – Pope Benedict XVI

46.  Which country will host the Football World Cup 2010? – South Africa

47.  Which countries will host the Cricket World Cup 2011? – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh

48.  What does CNG stands for? – Compressed Natural Gas

49.  Sodium is a – Metal

50.  Under the state Reorganization Act, 1966 what percentage of total power generation is promised by Punjab Govt. to H.P.? – 12%

51.  Which constitutional amendment provided 33% reservation for woman in the local self government? – 73rd (in 1992)

52.  In computers extensively used element is – Silicon

53.  The tribal people of Himachal Pradesh were known as – Dasyu

54.  Which is the largest administrative Division in H.P.? – Mandi ( 5 )

55.  Punchh-Rawalkot bus service has been inaugurated by – Smt. Sonia Gandhi

56.  In which Distt of H.P. is located the Central Research Institute (CRI) founded in 1905 A.D? – Distt. Solan (at Kasauli)

57.  How many amendments have been made in the constitution of India up to March1, 2007? – 94

58.  Sutlej (Longest River in H.P.) drains into which major river system of Indian sub-continent? – Indus

59.  Who was the first Grandmaster in India? – Vishwanathan Anand

60.  Who is the youngest Grandmaster in India? – Harsal Sahai

61.  Which sound do snakes produce? – Hiss

62.  Which Princely state of H.P. was ruled by  Raja Sansar Chand-II? – Kangra

63.  Barog, a tourist place in H.P. is located at an altitude of – 1560 mtrs. (5118 feet)

64.  The central theme of Kangra School of Paintain was – Lord Krishna & his beloved Radha

65.  Late. Chandu Lal Raina was an – Painting Artist ( of Kangra School)

66.  Sports term “Butterfly” is associated with – Swimming

67.  Most populated region in the world is – South East Asia

68.  Who propounded the Yoga Philosophy? – Patanjali

69.  During which period Yoga Philosophy was propounded – 200-100 B.C.

70.  Who was the P.M. of India when the recommendations of Mandal Commission were implemented in 1990? – V.P. Singh

71.  Who said, “Man is born free but he is everywhere in chains”. – Rousseau

72.  Who was the mother of the Lord Parshuram? – Renuka

73.  Who is the father of Scientific Socialism? – Karl Marx

74.  Who wrote “India Wins Freedom”? – Abdul Kalam Azad

75.  Where is located the Herbal Garden in Distt. Hamirpur? – Neri

76.  Jhanjer is the famous folk dance of – Chamba

77.  Deficit financing is an instrument of – Fiscal Policy

78.  Manaku and Nainsukh were associated with – Art of Painting

79.  Lakshmi Narayan temple of Chamba is the group of – Six temples

80.  In which Distt. Is located the 16.95 MW. Andhra Hydel Project? – Shimla

81.  Which Indian state does single party rule for the last three decades? – West Bengal

82.  Who was the founder of “Servants of India Society” in 1905 A.D.? – Gopal Krishan Gokhle

83.  The oldest style of Indian Classical dance is – Bharatnatyam

84.  Which constitutional amendment added the words Socialist, Secular and Integrity to the constitution of India? – 42nd ( in 1976)

85.  Who said, “To ignore a person is a sin”? – Swami Vivekananda

86.  Budhi Diwali is celebrated in – Nirmand (Distt. Kullu)

87.  Who is the Chairman of 18th Law Commission? – A.R.Lakshmannan

88.  Pilotless aircraft built by D.R.D.O. is named as – Lakshya

89.  Where is located the Nine-hole golf course in Himachal? – Naldehra (Shimla)

90.  When did first Popular Government come to power in H.P.? – March 24, 1952

91.  What is the literacy rate in H.P.? – 77.13%

92.  Which ruler of Chamba was ordered by Aurangjeb to demolish all the Hindu temples of the state? -  Chattar Singh

93.  Who is the creator of the Murals on the walls of The Mall, Shimla that depict the apple plucking skill of Himachali people? – Prof. M.C. Sexana

94.  Which is the first city in India to generate power from the municipal waste? – Delhi

95.  The newly constructed Vidhan Sabha premises in Distt. Kangra is located at – Tapovan(Sidhbarri)

96.  Who wrote “Urvashi” – Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar

97.  National Insurance Corporation (NIC) established in 1906 is the subsidiary of – General Insurance Corporation (GIC)

98.  United Nations Organizations (UNO) comprises mainly of – Six Organs

99.  Deficiency of Vitamin A causes – Night blindness

100.                      Dal lake is located at – Dharamshala (Kangra)

101.                      Fish breathe through the – Gills

102.                      XXIXth Olympic Games held in – Beijing

103.                      Galvanized Iron is the iron coated with – Zinc

104.                      Who wrote “Lajjo”? – Shanta Kumar

105.                      In the month of May Sipi fair is held in – Mashobra (Shimla)

106.                      The script of Pahari Language is – Tankri

107.                      When did Bathu Bridge in Distt. Kangra build? – 1920 A.D.

108.                      State fair Chhatrari Yatra is celebrated in – Distt. Chamba

109.                      Who was the first Indian to reach the final event of Olympics? – Milkha Singh (Sprinter)

110.                      How many local dialects are spoken in Himachal Pradesh? – 36

111.                       In which year Academy of Arts, Culture & Languages, & H.P. was established? -  1968

113.                      The first living thing are known as – Bacteria

114.                      The book “Autobiography of as Yogi” is written by- Paramhansa Yogananda

115.                      Green Colour of our National Tricolour represents – Faith and Fertility

116.                      In Himachal Pradesh the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (launched in 2001) is operative in – All the districts

117.                      A band of how many constellations constitute the zodiac? – 12

118.                      Iron oxide is – Rust

119.                      Who wrote “Dum Maro Dum”? – Anand Bakshi

120.                      Which is the most ancient musical Instrument of India? – Flute

121.                      Which country is called the sugar bowl in the world? – Cuba

122.                      The language spoken by the largest number of people in the world is – Chinese

123.                      Who is the author of the book “Business at the Speed of Thought”? – Bill Gates

124.                      “Sledge” is – A vehicle made for sliding on snow

125.                      Plastic bags don’t decompose easily in nature because they are – Non-biodegradable

126.                      Oral Rehydration Salts(ORS) is used for – Diarrhoea

127.                      How many steps does an average person take in his life? – One billion

128.                      “CHHAU” is folk dance of which state? – West Bengal

129.                      The Indian who became a World Champion in women Billiards is – Chitra Mahimsraj

130.                      In the field of chess, how many International Grand Masters are there in India? – 8

131.                      The term “Butterfuly” is related with – Swimming

132.                      “Pahari Gandhi”, Baba Kanshi Ram hailing from – Dehra Gopipur (Kangra)

133.                      The part of Kangra district which has submerged in Ramsar Pong lake was known as – Haldoon Valley

134.                      The book “Himalayan Art” is written by – M.S. Randhawa

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