Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (Arts) 2013 (Part 1)

1.      What is the normal range of I.Q.? – 90-110

2.       If a 16 years old child gets 75 marks in I.Q. Test, his  mental age is – 12

3.      NCERT was established in – 1961

4.      Which organization of UNO is related with the Education? -  UNESCO

5.       Principal carrier of heredity is – Genes

6.       How many pairs of chromosomes are present in human fertilized egg? – 23 pairs

7.       According to Piaget Egocentric is – Child is the centre of world and everything revolves around him.

8.       To acquire pre-primary education the appropriate age limit is – 2-6 years

9.       Cognitive development means – Development of intelligence

10.   Which of the following statements cannot be considered as a feature of the process of learning?
(a)                Learning is a process that mediates behavior
(b)                Learning is something that occurs as a result of certain experiences
(c)                Study of behavior is learning
(d)                Unlearning is also a part of learning

11.   Which Section of RTE deals with duties of teachers? – Section 24

12.   Mind mapping refers to – Researching the functioning of the mind.

13.   Mohan learns every lesson very quickly, but Sohan takes longer time to learn them. It denotes the developmental principle of – Individual differences

14.   Which of the following is predominantly a heredity related factor?
(a)                Participation in social activities
(b)                Attitude towards peer group
(c)                 Thinking pattern
(d)                Colour of the eyes

15.  ‘Adolescence’ is derived from a Greek word ‘adolescere’, the most appropriate meaning is – to grow to maturity

16.  The first of the six development stages of Ethical behavior, according to Kohlberg is – Obedience and punishment orientation

17.  The most effective method to teach the ‘Parts of a Plant’ is – To give demonstration of a real plant in the class and make students observe its parts.

18.   Three broad categories of intelligence suggested by Thorndike are – abstract, mechanical and social.

19.   Four basic elements of Basic Model of Teaching developed by Robert Glaser in correct sequence are – Instructional objectives, Entering behavior, Instructional procedure, Performance assessment.

20.  Ravi cannot distinguished between ‘saw’ and ‘was’, ‘nuclear’ and ‘unclear’. He is suffering from – Dyslexia

21.   Two types of assessments referred under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) are – Scholastic and co-scholastic

22.  According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, the sensori-motor stage is associated with – Imitation, memory and mental representation 

23.   According to Vygotsky which is the most important factor in the development of any child – Society

24.  Smallest unit of meaning in a language is – Phoneme

25.   What are main characteristics of Mental retardation? – lower-than-average intelligent quotient (IQ), difficulty with practical daily life skills, learning difficulties or disabilities, developmental delays, memory problems and lower attention spans, Poor interpersonal relation

26.   The feeling of Shame and Pride develops in this stage – Childhood

27.  Vocabulary of an infant at the end of the 2nd year becomes – 150 words

28.   ………. is not considered a sign of ‘Seing gifted’. – Fighting with others

29.  ‘Children actively construct their understanding of the world’ is a statement attributed to – Piaget

30.  Which Section of RTE deals with prohibition of physical punishment and harassment to child? – Section 17

31.   The deficiency of Vitamin ‘A’ causes – Night blindness

32.   Ants are social animal, because – They live in colonies

33.   What is the general direction of cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal? – East to West

34.   Name the continents that form a mirror image of each other – North America and South

35.  Which animal has closest resemblance with man? – Chimpanzee

36.   Black soil is productive, because of abundant – Humus and clay

37.   The blood group which is universal recipient? – AB

38.  ‘IC’ Chips of Computers are usually made of –Silicon

39.   Who wrote ‘Origin of Species’? – Charles Darwin

40.  Which animal can look two ways at the same time? – Chameleon

41.  Excretory product of earthworm is – Urea

42.   Cryogenic Engine is used in – Rocket Launching

43.  Cooking gas supplied in cylinders by gas agencies is – Liquid

44.   The study of population trends is called – Demography

45.   For the production of Biogas, the Biogas plant requires – Cattle dung

46.  Name the person, who received the first Victoria Cross in Himachal Pradesh? – Jamadar Lala Ram

47.  Who is awarded with ‘Jhansi Ki Rani Lakshmi Bai Stri Shakti Puraskar’ in Himachal Pradesh? – Kinkri Devi

48.   Name the woman from village Paragpur who donated her 300 years old house to the Heritage village of Paragpur of Himachal Pradesh? – Durga Devi

49.   The Bala Sundri temple of Sirmour is situated at – Trilokpur

50.   The world famous painting Monalisa was painted by – Leonardo-da-Vinci

51.  When is the “World Earth Day” celebrated? – April 22

52.   When was the ‘Gaiety Theatre’ of Shimla dedicated to general public? – 1887

53.   The famous Firing episode of province Dhami took place in – 1939

54.  ‘Budapest’ is the capital of – Hungary

55.  Name the Viceroy, in whose time Indian Penal Code, Civil Procedure Code and Criminal Procedure Codes etc. were passed – Lord Canning

56.  The full form of EMI is – Equated Monthly Installment

57.   Indira Point is situated in – Andaman Nicobar

58.  Who was the Prime Minister of England, when India got freedom? – Clement Attle

59.  Food chain refers to – Transfer of energy from producers to consumers

60.   What protects the earth from harmful effects of Sun’s ultraviolet radiations? – Ozone layer

Directions Q61–63:Give the correct change of number.
61.  ‘Radius’ – Radii
62.  ‘Child’ – Children
63.  ‘Curriculum’ – Curricula

Directions Q64-66: Give the correct change of voice
64.  Quinine tastes bitter – Quinine  is better when tasted
65.  His behavior shocked me – I was shocked at his behavior
66.   Manners reveal character – Character is revealed by manners

Directions Q 67-69:  Give the correct phrase to be filled in the blanks.

67.  Bombay Film Studios……….hundreds of films each year. – Turn out
68.  The doctor advised the obese person to………on fats in his meals. – Cut down
69.  She……… peacefully in her sleep. – Passed away

70.  ‘Pride and Prejudice’. ‘Emma’, ‘Mansfield Park’ etc. are the creations of – Jane Austen

71.  In whose novels would you find the imaginary town of ‘ Malgudi’? – R.K. Narayan

72.  ‘Macbeth’‘KingLear’, ‘Measure for Measure’, are some of the play by – William Shakespeare

Directions Q 73-77: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

 Hibernation is one of the main adaptations that allow certain northern animals to survive long, old winters. Hibernation is like a very deep sleep that allows animals to save their energy when there is little or no food available. The body functions of ‘True hibernators’ go through several changes while they are hibernating. Body temperature drops by more than 30 degrees Celsius, and its heart rate slows from 80 to 4 beats per minute! Other true hibernators include the jumping mouse, little brown bat, eastern Chipmunk, and several ground squirrels. Other animals, such as the skunk and raccoon, are not considered true hibernators, as they wake up in the winter to feed, and their body functions do not change as much. Since they only sleep for a little bit at a time, the term dormancy of light sleeping is used to describe their behavior. The largest animals to hibernate are bears. Their heart rate may slow down from a usual 40-50 beats per minute to 8-12 beats per minute, but body temperature changes very little, so they are able to wake up quickly. Hibernating animals have a special substance in the blood, called hibernation inducement trigger, or HIT. This substance becomes active, the animals start preparing for winter. Some animals store food so that they can eat when they wake up, and some animals eat a lot in late summer and fall to add excess fat to their bodies. This fat keeps them warmer and acts as a source of energy while they are sleeping. Some animals also make changes to the places where they will sleep (dens). They add leaves and grasses to keep them warm.

73.  Animals hibernate to – Store food

74.   The Skunk and Raccoon are not true hibernators as – they get hungry during their sleep, their body functions don’t change and they are light sleepers.

75.   Bears are able to wake up quickly because – The body temperature undergoes a change

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