Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test Arts 2013 (Part 2)

1.      Animals eat a lot before hibernating because – They don’t want to hungry

2.       Animals start preparing for hibernation when – HIT substance becomes active

Directions Q3-4: Give the correct sentence so as to get rid of the Adverb ‘too’

3.      It is never too late to mend – Better to mend than never

4.      He is too honest to accept a bribe – Extremely honest to accept a bribe

Directions Q5-10: Give the word that is the correct substitute for the given group of words.

5.      A complete list of items (usually in book form), especially of things one can buy or look at – Catalogue

6.      A holy book/sacred writings of a religion – Scripture

7.       One who takes part in a sport or other activity for pleasure? – Amateur

8.       The flowers and vegetation of a certain region – Flora

9.      A person with bad habits or faults which cannot be changed or corrected – Incorrigible

10.  ‘Blue Whale is the biggest mammal’. Biggest is a………..Degree of comparison. – Superlative

Directions Q 11-15: Give the alternatives which correctly fit into the blanks:

11.  I was playing football when my father……..-Arrived

12.  87. The patient …….before the doctor came.- Had died

13.  Many people….before the help………- Had died, reached

14.  I……so tired that I….hardly stand on my feet. – was, could

15.  This matter……..in the meeting tomorrow….- will be discussed.

16.  Todar Mal was associated with – Land Revenue Reform

17.  Two of the Great Mughals whowrote their own memories? – Babur and Jahangir

18.  Title given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which was surrendered – Kaiser-e-Hind

19.  ‘Upanishad’ is – Source of Hindu Philosophy

20.  The Indus Valley Civilization city of ‘Lothal’ is located in –Gujarat

21.  Which of the Tapti, Mahanadi, Godavari Rivers does not meet Bay of Bengal? – Tapti

22.  Largest Mangrove forest in India and the world is – Sunderban

23.  Sal trees are concentrated in – Madhya Pradesh

24.  In India, the concept of Single Citizenship is adopted from – England

25.  What was the period of Second World War? – 1939-45

26.  When was the U.N.O. established? – 1945

27.  Where is the Headquarter of the U.N.O.? – New York

28.  Shah Jahan built  in which building was Takhte Taus? – Diwan-e-Aam

29.  Which of the following is correct concerning the Rajya Sabha?
1.      It cannot be dissolved.
2.      Its tenure is six years.
3.      1/3rd members retire at the end of every two years.
4.      Minimum age to be the member of Rajya Sabha is 30 years. – All of these

30.  Who presides over the rich heritage of our composite culture is one of the – Fundamental duty in India

31.  To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture is one of the – Fundamental duty in India

32.  Which one is not included in the fundamental rights prior to Indian Constitution? – Right to Information

33.  The President of India addresses both houses of Parliament – at the beginning of the First Session of both houses

34.  At the selection of India’s Prime Minister the person – Not necessarily member of one of the two houses of Parliament, but essentially within the 6 months must be a member of Lok Sabha

35.  The president of India is administered oath of office by – Chief Justice of India

36.  The meaning of Secularism in the Indian Constitutions – The State recognizes all religions, but it has not its own religion

37.  Name the Union Territory where French is one of the spoken languages – Pudduchery

38.  Those that follow Zoroastrianism are  - Parsis

39.  Snowline is – The altitude above which snow lies permanently at any place and it does not melt throughout the year

40.  The Eskimos are nomadic hunters of – Eurasia

41.  What are  Homo sapiens? – Human beings

42.  Which areas in India is the first to get summer monsoon? – Western Ghats

43.  The Rajasthan Canal(Indira Gandhi Canal) draws its water from the river – Satluj and Beas

44.  Gulf of mannar is located in the – East of Tamil Nadu

45.  Among Bajra & Rice, Jowar & Maize, Jowar & Rice, Mustard & Barley which are not grown in the Kharif season? – Barley and Mustard

46.  In the interior of the earth – The temperature rises with increasing depth

47.  Among Castor, Diamond, Clove, which one is a mineral? – Diamond

48.  The boundary line between India and China is called- McMohan Line

49.  The ‘Ghadar Party’ was organized in U.S.A. by – Lala Hardayal

50.  When did Partition of Bengal takes place? – 1905

51.  Emergency powers of President are derived from which Constitution? – German Western Constitution

52.  Which Article of Indian constitution describes about the Right to Constitutional remedies? – Article 32

53.  Which Article of Indian Constitution gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir? – 370

54.  Chinese Pilgrim who visited India during Harsha Vardhan’s period was – Hiuen Tsang

55.  Which Mughal ruler reimposed ‘Jaziya’? – Aurangzeb

56.  Who initiated the Doctrine of Lapse? – Dalhousie

57.  Who was known as Bismark of India? – Sardar Patel

58.  Ranjit Singh belonged to Sikh Misl of – Kanhaiya

59.  The production of Onion is the highest in India in – Maharsahtra

60.  Aravali ranges are an example of – Folded Mountains

61.  Among Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra which state of India has longest Coast line? – Andhra Pradesh

62.  Among Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar which state of India does not have a Sea opening? – Bihar

63.  India has the longest land frontier with – Bangladesh

64.  Zojila Pass is between – Kashmir Valley and Ladakh

65.  Indian Economy is – Mixed Economy

66.  Largest revenue in India is obtained from – Excise Duties

67.  National Institute of Rural Development is situated at – Hyderabad

68.  Dalal Street is situated at – Mumbai

69.  Fundamental Duties are in which part of the Constitution of India? – IVA

70.  Among Protection and improvement of environment and safeguarding of forests and wild life, Equal justice and free legal aid, Organization of village Panchayats, minimum wages to laborers. Which is not a Directive Principle? – Minimum wages of workers

71.  President of India can be removed from office by – Parliament

72.  Lower House of Parliament is also called – Lok Sabha

73.  Shimla was declared the Summer Capital of  British India in – 1864

74.  Monument constructed by Sher Shah – Kila-I-Kulna Mosque, Delhi

75.  ‘Tripitaka’ are sacred books of – Buddhist

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