Communalism & Religious Fundamentalism (200 words answer)

Communalism and Religious Fundamentalism have acquired a very dangerous form and alarming proportion in the country. 

The word 'Communalism' in broad sense implies allegiance to one's own communal group- religious, linguistic or ethnic rather than to the nation as a whole whereas religious fundamentalism stick to the principle of practicing hatred and dislike towards other religion to establish supremacy of own's religion. 

A plethora of communal riots have plagued the nation since independence. The Kashmir conflict and upsurge of the groups like Student Islamic movement of India and Jamat-e-Islami Bangladesh is a glaring representation of a similar fundamentalist religious empowerment.

In the present day globalized world, there are emerging threat like misuse of modern technology (communication and internet), integrated banking system makes funding easier and faster and porous border of India can be used to communalise the country by fringe elements.

According to 2nd Administrative commission- 5th Report Public order, the problems faced by the government during the communal riots were systemic complications, administrative shortcoming and post-riot management deficiency.

The solution of this problem lies in the path of secular humanism, based on the principle of logic and reason. Government must take proactive steps to ensure that the neighboring countries will not fuel the seeds of alienation among the people of India on religious grounds.

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