Himachal Pradesh Patwari Exam 2015

                 Q. No. 1 to 3: Choose the correct article from the option given below.

1.       I heard_______ noise.
A.      The
B.      A
C.      An
D.      None of these

2.       He is _______ heir to the throne.
A.      A
B.      The
C.      An
D.      None of these

3.       This is just _______ thing I wanted/
A.      The
B.      A
C.      An
D.      None of these

Q. No. 4 to 8: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
            4.  We eat that we__________live.
                 A.      Might
                 B.      Could
                 C.      Would
                 D.      May

5.  There is _______ hope of his recovery.
A. little
B. a little
C. the little
D.  none of these

6.  Hari is the _________ boy in the class.
A. lazy
B. lazier
C. laziest
D. None of these

7. A policeman rescued the child_______danger.
A. from
B. to
C. into
D. on

8. He _________ to play cricket before his marriage.

A.      Used
B.      Is used
C.      Was used
D.      Had used

Q. No. 9 to 10 : Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition

9.   He is married ______ my cousin
A. with
B. to
C. from
D. in

10. We should rely _______ our own efforts.
A. on
B. at
C. with
D. in

Q . No. 11 to 12 : Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb from the options given below.

11. The earth ________ round the Sun.
A. move
B. was moving
C. moves
D. moved

12. We_________ English for five years.
A. study
B. are studying
C. was studying
D. have been studying

Q. No. 13 to 14: Complete the proverb by choosing the correct option.

13. All that glitters ________
A. is not iron
B. is not silver
C. is not gold
D. is not copper

14. It is never too late________
A. to defy
B. to mend
C. to deny
D. to disobey

Q.  No. 15 to 17: Choose the word which spelt correctly.

15.A. Dirrhoea
     B. Diarhoea
     C. Diarrhoea
     D. Diarheoa

16. A. Adiction
      B. Adicsion
      C. Addiktion
     D. Addiction

17. A. Confidencial
      B. Confedencial
      C. Confidential
       D. Confidental

Q. 18 to 19 : Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the word given below.

18.  Flexible
A. rigid
B. soft
C. mellow
D. raw

19. Exit
A. opening
B. withdrawal
C. entrance
D. inhaling

Q. No. 20 to 21 : Choose the word which is similar in meaning to the word given below.

20. Confess
A. Admit
B. Deny
C. Refuse
D. Impede

21. Sufficient
A. Deficient
B. Enough
C. Inadequate
D. Embarrassing

Q.No. 22 to 23: Join the sentence by adding the option given below.

22. She must weep. She will die.
A. and
B. but
C. or
D. so

23. I know the man. Stole the bicycle
A. which
B. who
C. whom
D. what

Q. No. 24 to 25: Choose the correct meaning of the following idioms from the option given below.

24. The ups and downs
A. The happy times
B. The sad times
C. The happy and sad times
D. The ecstatic moments

25. To move heaven and earth
A. to bring disaster
B. to cause calamity
C. to try everything possible
D. to cry and shout


In the following question what comes in the figure(?)

51. 4+4.44+44.4+4.04+444=?
A. 500.88
B. 572.22
C. 495.22
D. 472.88

52. The highest common factor (HCF) of 5/16,25/12 and 15/8 is
A. 5/48
B. 1/48
C. 75/8
D. 75/16

53. The value of (13+23+43)-3/2 will be
A. 0.01
B. 0.001
C. 0.010
D. 0.10

54. If 93x+2 = 275x+1, then ‘x’ is equal to
A. 1/2
B. 2/9
C. 1/6
D. 1/9

55. (a-b)2 is equal to
A. a2-b2
B. A2-b2-2ab
C. a2=b2-2ab
D. a2-b2+2ab

57. If volume and surface area of a sphere is same, then its radius is
A. 2 units
B. 3 units
C. 4 units
D. none of these

58. if the ratio of the areas of two square is 9:1, the ratio of their perimeters is
A. 9:1
B. 3:1
C. 3:4
D. 1:3

59. The sum of three consecutive integers is 1350. The sum of the smallest and the bigger integer is
A. 900
B. 950
C. 975
D. 990

60. ¼ of any number is 17, then 45% of that number is
A. 51
B. 45.4
C. 37.4
D. 30.6

61. A car covered first 35kms in 45 minutes and covered  rest of 69 kms in 75 minutes. What is the average speed of car?
A. 42 km/hour
B. 50 km/hour
C. 52 km/hour
D. 60 km/hour

62. The ages of Nishi and Vinee are in the ratio of 8:15 years respectively. After 9 years the ratio of their ages will be 11:18. The difference in their ages will be
A. 24 years
B. 20 years
C. 33 years
D. 21 years

64. Third proportion of 10 and 20 is
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
             D. 40

65. In an examination 94% of the candidates passed and 114 failed. How many candidates appeared in the examination?
A. 1160
B. 1600
C. 1900
D. 2400

66. How much simple interest will Rs.2,000 earn in 18 months at 6% per annum?
A. Rs. 120
B. Rs. 180
C. Rs. 216
D. Rs. 240

67. Ishan purchased bike for Rs. 35,645 and spent Rs. 24,355 for purchasing television of the remaining amount he had 20% in cash. What was total amount he had?
A. Rs. 60,000
B. Rs. 72,000
C. Rs.75,000
D. Rs. 80,000

68. The area of circle is 24.64m2. The circumference of the circle is
A. 14.64m
B. 16.36 m
C. 17.60m
D. 18.40m

69. 10 sheep and 5 goats were brought for Rs. 6000. If the average price of a sheep is Rs. 450, find out the average price of goat
A. Rs. 370
B. Rs. 355
C. Rs. 325
D. Rs. 300

70. Ramesh started business by investing Rs. 38,000. After 5 months Shyam joined Ramesh by investing Rs. 55,000. At the end of year their profit is Rs. 22,000. What is the differnce of profit between two?
A. Rs. 1,192
B. Rs. 1,507
C. Rs. 1,856
D. Rs. 1,928

71. A sum of Rs. 800 amounts to Rs. 920 in 3 years at simple interest. If the interest rate is increased by 3% , how much could it amount to?
A. Rs. 1,000
B. Rs. 992
C. Rs. 942
D. Rs. 900

72. ‘A’ does a work in 10 days and ‘B’ does the same work in 15 days. In how many days they together will do the same work?
A. 5 days
B. 6 days
C. 8 days
D. 10 days

73. An athlete runs 200 race in 24 seconds. His speed is
A. 20 km/hr
B. 24 km/hr
C. 28.5 Km/hr
D. 30 km/hr

74. The ratio of the cost price and the selling price is 4:5, then what is the profit percentage?
A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 30%
D. 25%

75. The length of a room is 15 m and width is 12 m. What is the cost of laying floor at the rate Rs. 125 per sq. metre.
A. Rs. 22,500
B. Rs. 20,500
C. Rs. 22, 050
D. Rs. 20, 050

76. Himachal Pradesh was constituted as a Chief Commissioners province on
A. 26th January 1948
B. 18th March 1948
C. 15th April 1948
D. 1st November 1966

77. Before merger with Himachal Pradesh on July 1, 1954 Bilaspur was a
A. Separate Part ‘A’ State
B. Separate Part ‘B’ State
C. Separate Part ‘C’ State
D. Separate Part ‘D’ State

78. Which of the following group of rivers orginates from the Himachal Mountain?
A. Beas, Ravi and Chenab
B. Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum
C. Sutlej, Beas and Ravi
D. Sutlej, Ravi and Jhelum

79. Estimated potential of Hydro-electric power of Himachal Pradesh is
A. 10,000 MW
B. 12,700 MW
C. 16,000MW
D. 20,000MW

80.  Revenue Training Institute is located at
A. Dharamshala
B. Shimla
C. Joginder Nagar
D. Sunder Nagar

81. “Nawala” is a festival of the ____ tribe
A. Pangwalas
B. Gaddi
C. Gujjar
D. Lahaulas

82. Valleys are important feature of Himachal. “Pattan Valley” is found in
A. Kullu district
B. Shimla district
C. Lahaul and Spiti district
D. Chamba district

83. ‘Burah’ is a famous group dance of which district?
A. Shimla district
B. Kangra district
C. Sirmaur district
D. Kinnaur district

84. “Khir Ganga”- Hot water spring is located at
A. Kangra district
B. Kinnaur district
C. Chamba district
D. Kullu district

85. “Kufri Jeevan” and “ Kufri  Jyoti” are the two famous varieties of
A. Tomato
B. Grapes
C. Hops
D. Potatoes

86. During the Kargil operation in 1999 which Himachali soldier is recipient of “Param Veer Chakra”?
A. Naik Jadunath Singh
B. Rifleman Sanjay Kumar
C. Havaldar Abul Hamid
D. L/N Karam Singh

87. “Chandra” and “Bhaga” rivers meets at the place?
A. Kelang
B. Tandi
C. Pattan
D. Suhaga

88. ‘Kye Monastary’ is located in which state?
A. Sikkim
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Arunachal Pradesh
D. Jammu and Kashmir

89. Who was known as “Pahari Gandhi”?
A. Pt. Padam Dev
B. Abdul Ghaffar Khan
C. Baba Kanshi Ram
D. Devi Ram Kewla

90. Number of Administrative Divisions present in the Himachal Pradesh
A. 12
B. 3
C. 4
D. 7

91. “Money Bill” is introduced in
A. Lok Sabha
B. Rajya Sabha
C. Joint sitting of both the Houses
D. None of the above

92. The village woman who led the “Chipko movement” was
A. Bachhendri Pal
B. Sarla Devi
C. Gaura Devi
D. None of the above

93. “Davis Cup” is associated with the game of
A. Hockey
B. Cricket
C. Boxing
D. Lawn Tennis

94. “P.K.” and “PIKU” are
A. Pandas found in China
B. Feature films
C. Girls from Haryana who alleged misbehaved in bus
D. None of the above

95. “swayamsiddha” is a scheme launched by the Government of India to help
A. School children only
B. Health workers only
C. Women only
D. Senior citizens only

96. ‘Chip’ is a common nick name for a (n)
A. transistor
B. resistor
C. integrated circuit
D. semiconductor

97. Where was Indo-Pak Shimla agreement 1972 concluded?
A. Barnes court
B. The Retreat
C. Boileauganj
D. Peterhoff

98. Which comet appears every 76 years?
A. Holme’s
B. Halley’s
C. Donati’s
D. Alpha centauri

99. “Leukemia” is a disease related to
A. Eyes
B. Brain
C. Lungs
D. Blood

100. Full version of an abbreviation of A.T.M.
A. Auto Total Machine
B. Action Taken Machine
C. Automated Teller Machine
D. Advance Total Machine

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Note: This paper does not contain Hindi section.
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