Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Bank Exam 2015 (Junior Clerk)


  1. “Pattan Valley” is located in which district?
a)      Kinnaur
b)      Sirmaur
c)      Lahaul Spiti
d)     Kullu

  1.  The Famous Firing Episode of province Dhami took place in
a)      1947
b)      1942
c)      1939
d)     1945

  1. Which was the state of H.P. to be merged in India after Independence?
a)      Mahasu
b)      Bilaspur
c)      Busheher
d)     Kullu

  1. Where is the Tihri Dam?
a)      Andhra Pradesh
b)      Karnataka
c)      Himachal Pradesh
d)     Uttrakhand

  1. Who is the present captain of the Indian Test cricket team?
a)      M.S . Dhoni
b)      Virat Kohli
c)      Suresh Raina
d)     Ashish Nehra

  1. Who is the governor of Reserve Bank of India?
a)      C. Rangarajan
b)      Raghuram Rajan
c)      T. Rangarajan
d)     Ramachandran Rajan

  1. The Indian Defence minister is?
a)      Manohar Parikar
b)      Khurshid Ahmed
c)      Sunil Kumar
d)     P.Chidambram

  1. Saina Nehwal is associated with which of the game ?
a)      Lawn Tennis
b)      Cricket
c)      Badminton
d)     Long jump

  1. The ratio of width of our National flag to its length is
a)      2:4
b)      3:5
c)      2:3
d)     3:4

  1. Who is the Railway Minister in India?
a)      Suresh Kalmadi
b)      Suresh Prabhu
c)      Ramesh Kalmadi
d)     Naresh Prabhu

  1. Buddha preached his first sermon at
a)      Lumbini
b)      Sarnath
c)      Sanchi
d)     Gaya

  1. Which gas in  the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet rays
a)      Methane
b)      Nitrogen
c)      Ozone
d)     Helium

  1. 20TH August is celebrated as ?
a)      No tobacco day
b)      Sadbhavna divas
c)      Earth day
d)     None of the above

  1. The largest gold producing country in the world
a)      China
b)      Canada
c)      South Africa
d)     USA

  1. Which metal is in the form of liquid at room temperature
a)      Tin
b)      Mercury
c)      Zinc
d)     Lead

  1. The Law of motion were discovered by?
a)      Thomas Edison
b)      Newton
c)      Einstein
d)     Galileo

  1. The hardest metal substance available on earth
a)      Gold
b)      Diamond
c)      Tin
d)     Iron

  1. Wankhede stadium is situated in
a)      Bengaluru
b)      Mumbai
c)      Hyderabad
d)     New Delhi

  1. Who is the first women President of India
a)      Sarojini Naidu
b)      Pratibha Patil
c)      Medha Patkar
d)     None of the above

  1. The Indian origin astronaut who stayed in space for 6 months
a)      Kalpana Chawala
b)      Sunita Williams
c)      Kiran Bedi
d)     None of the above

  1. The first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi “Khel Ratan” award
a)      Leander Peas
b)      Limba Ram
c)      Kapil Dev
d)     Vishwanathan Anand

  1. In the Month of November 2015 a Russian Fighter plane was shot down by which country?
a)      Syria
b)      Turkey
c)      Iraq
d)     Lebanon

  1. The Arjun Award were instituted in the year
a)      1961
b)      1965
c)      1963
d)     1957

  1. We hear of two envoys being sent to the Roman kings , one in 27-28 A.D. to the court of Augustus and the other in 110-20 AD to the court  of
a)      Trajan
b)      Cartius
c)      Nero
d)     Brutus

  1. The national Anthem was first sung in the year
a)      1947
b)      1935
c)      1911
d)     1951

       26. “Madhubani” a style of folk paintings , is popular in which of the following states in India?
            a) U.P.
            b) Bihar
            c) Rajasthan
            d) Madhya Pradesh

        27. Which of the following items would not appear in a company’s balance sheet?
            a) Cash held at the bank
            b) Value of stocks of raw materials held
            c) Total issued capital
            d) Revenue from sales of the company’s products

        28. The minimum age to qualify for election to the Lok Sabha is
            a) 25 years
            b) 21 years
            c) 18 years
            d) 35 years

        29. The members of the Rajya Sabha are
            a) directly elected by the people on the basis of universal adult franchise
            b) elected by the members of the state legislative assemblies
            c) elected by the members of the state legislative councils
            d) elected by the members of the legislative councils and state legislative assemblies

         30. Who is the present Director General of D.R.D.O.?
            a) Avinash Chandra
            b) S. Christoper
            c) Raja Ramanna
            d) Dr. G. Ramachandran

          31. The Sikh military Sect , Khalsa , was induced by
            a) Guru Haridev
            b) Guru Govind Singh
            c) Guru Ramdas
            d) Guru Arjun Das

            32. Milkha Singh is also known as
            a) Punjab Kesri
            b) Flying Sikh
            c) Rustam-e-Hind
            d) none of the above

            33. Saraswati Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to
            a) education
            b) literature
            c) fine arts
            d) classical

            34. Who led the Aryans against Shambhar?
            a) Shiva Das
            b) Devo Das
            c) Hirambar
            d) Parshu Ram

            35. Lord Wevell Plan of the year 1945 was signed at
            a) Solan
            b) Shimla
            c) Kullu
            d) Mandi

            36. Hari Rai temple is situated at
            a) Shimla
            b) Mandi
            c) Kullu
            d) Chamba

            37. Who is the writer of “ Kangra Painting”?
            a) M.S.Gill
            b) V.R. Sharma
            c) Preter Hom
            d) M.S. Randhava

            38. Where is Andhara Hydro Project?
            a) Kinnaur
            b) Shimla
            c) Chamba
            d) Kullu

            39. Who brought the statue of Raghunath Ji from Ayodhaya to Kullu?
            a) Damodar Das
            b) Amarnath
            c) Ram Das
            d) Bhumi chand

            40. “Asikni” is the ancient name of which river?
            a) Beas
            b) Chanderabhaga
            c) Satluj
            d) Ravi

            41. Who took the oath that he would wear only black clothes till his country achieved freedom?
            a) Baba Kanshi Ram
            b) Mohammad Mauni
            c) Pt. Gainda Mal
            d) Comrade Ram Chand

            42. The Varieties , Kufri Jyoti , Kufri Chandermukhi and Kufri Alankar are of
            a) Ginger
            b) Potato
            c) Tomato
            d) Apple

            43. Who among the following become the first Chief Secretary of H.P.?
             a) N.C. Mehta
             b) K.L. Mehta
             c) B.R. Mehta
             d) Ashok Mehta

             44. Who built the fort of Nagarkot?
             a) Susharma Chand
             b) Arjun
             c) Bidhi Chand
             d) Bhim Chand

             45. In which District of Himachal Pradesh “Dulchi Pass”
             a) Kullu
             b) Shimla
             c) Chamba
             d) Kinnaur

             46. Famous “Jhanjar” dance is related to which of the following districts of the H.P.?
             a) Kangra
             b) Mandi
             c) Shimla
             d) Chamba

             47. Which is the state bird of H.P?
             a) Peacock
             b) Western Tragopan
             c) Parrot
             d) Nightingale

             48. What is the “lady of Keylong”?
             a) Glacier
             b) City
             c) Road
             d) Women

             49. Who among the following is a winner of Arjun Award from H.P. in shooting?
             a) Mohinder Pal
             b) Surinder
             c) Perminder
             d) none of the above

             50. Which of the following lake is not situated in Chamba?
             a) Lama Lake
             b) Mahakali Lake
             c) Servalser Lake
             d) Manimahesh Lake   

             Read: Part-4 (Quantitative Aptitude), Part-III (General Hindi)

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