Irrigation Projects in Himachal Pradesh

Almost 18% of the total geographical area of Himachal Pradesh comes under irrigation and rest 82% is still dependent on rainfall. There are as many as six ongoing irrigation projects being carried out by the government of Himachal Pradesh. They are as follows:

1. Shah Nehar Irrigation Project: This is the biggest irrigation project of Himachal Pradesh. It comes mainly in Kangra. It irrigates 15,227 hectare of land in Kangra district alone.

2. Babhor/Vabhor Sahib Irrigation Project: Water from the Nangal Dam will be taken for this project. It will irrigate 3563 hectare of land. 

3. Baldwara Irrigation Project: This project primarily comes in district Mandi. It will irrigate 3400 hectare of land. The project is estimated to cost around 3 crores. 

4. Balh Valley Irrigation Project: This project irrigates 2410 hectare of land in Balh Valley/Nerchowk (Mandi). 

5. Changar Irrigation Project: This project is mainly in district Bilaspur. It will irrigate around 2350 hectare of land. 

6. Giri Irrigation Project: 5263 hectare of land will be irrigated through this irrigation project in the district of Sirmaur. 

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