This paper is designed to test candidate’s (i) knowledge / awareness of a variety of subjects and (ii) their ability to compose a sustained piece of writing in the form of an essay.
A fair choice of topics covering (i) current affairs (ii) socio- political issues (iii) socioeconomic issues (iv) aspects of culture and history and (v) reflective topics will be given to test the candidates’ understanding of these issues and their flair for expressing themselves in the English or in Hindi language. The candidates are required to attempt 2 Essays, choosing one each from Section A and B in about 900 words each.
Areas of Testing:
This paper would test the following:
1. Ability to compose a well-argued piece of writing
2. Ability to express coherently and sequentially
3. Awareness of the subject chosen
Evaluation / Marking: 
Credit will be given for the following:
1. Observing established rules and format for essay writing
2. Grammatical correctness of expression
3. Originality of thought and expression
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