This paper is designed to test candidate’s knowledge/aptitude in the following:—
1. Comprehension of English Language
2. Correct grammatical expression
3. Clarity and precision in expression
Areas of Testing:
Candidates will be tested in the following areas:
1. English Grammar - (20 Marks)
2. Usage and vocabulary - (20 Marks)
3. English Composition Letter / Application / Report / Note writing - (20 Marks)
4. Comprehension of unseen passages - (20 Marks)
5. Precis Writing - (20 Marks)
Evaluation / Marking:
Credit will be given for the following:-
1. Writing of precis, comprehension, composition and usage according to requirements of format.
2. Coherence and sequence in expression.
3. Correctness of grammatical structures.
4. Originality of thought and expression.
Suggested Readings: Descriptive English
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