Himachal GK MCQs (Art & Architecture) - 2

Pahari Miniature Painting- Pic: blog.artoflegendindia.com

1. The famous painters “Fatu” and “Padma” (Purakh) of Pahari miniature painting style belonged to which of the following royal court?
A. Chamba
B. Kangra
C. Arki
D. Bilaspur

2. The painter “Nihal Singh” belongs to which state?
A. Rajasthan
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Jammu and Kashmir
D. Punjab

3. The famous painter “Nainsukh” belonged to which school of painting?
A. Pahari
B. Mughal
C. British
D. All of the above

4. Whose painting is “Shail Sutayen” (शैल सुतायें)?
A. Sardar Sobha Singh
B. Nicholas Roerich
C. Amrita Sher-Gil
D. Vijay Sharma

5. The sketch of “Paniharin” is painted in which style?
A. Kangra Style
B. Chamba Style
C. Guler Style
D. Basholi Style

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6. In Chamba Paintings which colours were extensively used?
A. Multani Mitti
B. Geru
C. Hirmichi
D. All of the above

7. A famous painter of India and Himachal who died at a very young age?
A. Sardar Sobha Singh
B. Amrita Sher-Gil
C. Nicholas Roerich
D. None of the above

8. In a famous painting of Kangra School, Lord Krishna is shown lifting which of the following mountain?
A. Sumeru
B. Kailash
C. Goverdhan
D. Nanda Devi

Answers: 1-b, 2-b, 3-a, 4-c, 5-b, 6-d, 7-b, 8-c.

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