Himachal GK MCQs (Lifestyle, Food habits and Traditions) - 1

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1. What does the “Sara-dena” (सरादेणा) tradition practiced by the Brahmin community of Kangra signifies?
A. Starting the education of child
B. Marriage of Halwaha daughter in the Nagarkotia family
C. Meeting of the Panchayat of Nagarkotia Brahmin community
D. Grand feast organized on the occasion of the festival of Holi

2. Who are known by the “Bhojaki” (भोजकी ) dress?
A. Family priests of the Katoch dynasty
B. Priests of Jawalaji and Naina Devi temples
C. Lamas of the Tabo monastery of Spiti
D. Brahmins of Chandrabhaga valley

3. The traditions of “Chundawad” (चुंडावड) and “Pagwand” (पगवंड) are related to?
A. Division of the ancestral property
B. Dowry given at the time of daughter marriage
C. Religious ceremonies done for a bumper crop
D. Offerings presented to the village deity

4. The main traditional dish of Lahaul valley “Thupka” is cooked especially during which season?
A. Winter
B. Spring
C. Summer
D. On the occasion of a marriage

5. Why do the people of Gaddi community tie “Narwar(A Handkerchief of red color) around their neck and waist?
A. As a symbol of their alertness
B. To ward off evil spirits
C. As a mark of their devotion to the Kelang devta
D. Red color is the color of bravery

6. In which of the following region only one bullock is required to plough the fields because of the blessings of Minghal Devi?
A. Chamba Valley
B. Kullu Valley
C. Pangi Valley
D. Lahaul Valley

7. Why the deities of “Ghepan” and “Langura” are worshipped regularly in Lahaul and Kinnaur?
A. For a large amount of crops
B. For the protection of livestock
C. For the solution of worldly problems
D. For prosperity and good health

8. In which area of Himachal Pradesh people fire guns and throw stones during an eclipse?
A. Rampur Bushahar
B. Malana
C. Lahaul and Spiti
D. Kinnaur

9. The tradition of “Rali Pujan” in Kangra is related to which of the following?
A. Birth
B. Death
C. Marriage
D. Purification ceremony

10. According to an interesting tradition prevalent in Himachal Pradesh the path of the bridegroom is blocked with stones while he is going to the bride’s house for marriage and then the female friends of the bride asks questions from the bridegroom in the form of songs. This tradition is prevalent in which community?
A. Khampa
B. Swangla
C. Kinners
D. Pangwals

Answers: 1-b, 2-b, 3-a, 4-a, 5-c, 6-c, 7-c, 8-c, 9-c, 10-a.

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