Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Prelims Quiz-6 (History of District Sirmaur)

Q.1 The Thakur of Kotaha who is mentioned in the Captain R.C's book ‘Panjab Notes and Queries’ was forced to marry of his daughter to Raja Rattan Prakash of Sirmaur  in return the Jagir received by him from the Raja of Sirmour but the Thakur of Kotaha sought help from Emperor Jahangir and married of his daughter to him and the Thakur himself turned Mohammedan under the title of ‘Raja Mohan Rurad’. Who was the Thakur?

a) Man Chand

b) Gyan Chand

c) Dharm Chand 

d) Kot Chand

Q.2 Which army chief was sent by Emperor Shahjahan to restore the forts of Shergarh, Kalsi and Bairat to Mandhata Prakash who was a favourite of Shahjahan?

a) Kwas Khan

b) Nijabat Khan 

c) Mir Ulma

d) Murid Khan

Q.3 Consider the following about Raja Karam Prakash:

1) He led the foundation of the city and fort of Nahan.

2) Raja Karam Prakash was a disciple of Baba Banwari Das whose descendants still hold the temple of Jagganath at Nahan.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

a) Only 1

b) Only 2

c) Both 1 & 2

d) None

Q.4 Which of the following Rajas of Sirmour conquered Shrinagar and received the territories of Kotaha, and Kotagarh from Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb?

a) Raja Karam Parkash

b) Raja Sobhag Parkash

c) Medni Parkash

d) Kol Parkash

Q.5 The ‘Pinjour Garden’ was established by:

a) Nawab Fida Khan

b) Aurangzeb

c) Kwas khan

d) Shahjanha

Q.6 Who was given the title of ‘Mahi Parkash’ by Emperor Aurangzeb?

a) Sobhay Parkash

b) Budh Parkash

c) Medni Parkash

d) None

Q.7 Who was the Raja of Sirmaur when the 10th Guru, Guru Govind Singh came to Sirmaur state?

a) Medni Parkash

b) Karan Parkash

c) Budh Parkash

d) Kol Parkash

Q.8 Bhangani, the place where the battle between Guru Govind Singh and Bhim Chand of Bilaspur took place, is near to which of the following towns?

a) Bilaspur

b) Ponta Sahib

c) Nahan

d) Nalagarh

Q.9 Which Raja of Sirmaur was able to capture Narayangarh, Ramgarh and Jagatgarh from the Sikhs?

a) Kirat Parkash

b) Biji Parkash 

c) Kol Parkash

d) Bhim Parkash

Q.10 In commemoration of his victory over Ghulam Qadir who built the temple of Devi at Katasan near Nahan.

a) Jagat Parkash

b) Medni Parkash

c) Fateh Parkash

d) Shubhansh Parkash

Q.11 Identify the Raja of Sirmaur who died during the invasion of Sansar Chand-2 of Kangra at Kehloor state?

a) Raja Jagat Parkash

b) Medni Parkash

c) Dharm Parkash

d) Mahan Chand

Q.12 The period of which Raja of Sirmaur is notorious for conspiracies and mal-administration?

a) Karam Singh

b) Medni Parkash

c) Kol Parkash

d) None

Q.13 Who sent invitation to the Gurkhas after Dharma Chand died in the battle against Sansar Chand-2, to take expedition against Sansar Chand-2 and bring stability in administration?

a) Karam Parkash

b) Jagat Parkash

c) Mahan Chand

d) Kot Parkash

Q.14 Who took the command of the army for capturing the ‘Fort of Jaitak’ after Rani Guleri of Sirmaur sought help from colonel Ochterlony?

a) Col. Ochterlony

b) William Fraser

c) Gen. Martindale

d) Nota

Q.15 In which year the "Treaty of Saugali" was signed between the Gurkhas and the British, according to the treaty, Gurkhas agreed to go back to Nepal?

a) 1813 A.D

b) 1814 A.D

c) 1815 A.D

d) 1816 A.D

Answers: 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-b, 5-a, 6-c, 7-a, 8-b, 9-a, 10-a, 11-c, 12-a, 13-a, 14-c, 15-c.

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This quiz is prepared by Brilliant HAS Academy, Shimla.
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