Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Prelims Quiz-8 (History of District Shimla)

1. There was an image of goddess Shyamakali, the incarnation of goddess Kali near Jhakhu Hill from where the name Shimla was derived , the image was removed from Jhakhu Hill by the British and kept in:

a) Hatkoti temple 
b) Kalibari temple
c) Tara Devi temple 

2. The Ghurkha leader Bhagti Thapa died in a war with the British in the Malaon fort, after that the British raised the first Gurkha Rifles in the fort and named it Malaon Rifles which exists till today, where is the fort presently located?

a) Shimla 
b) Solan 
c) Sirmaur 
d) Bilaspur 

3. Consider the following statements about the arrival of British in Shimla:

I. Lt. Ross was the first Britisher to arrive in Shimla.

II. Lt. Charles Patt Kennedy was the first Britisher to build a Pucca House at Shimla 

Which of the statements given above is/are true?

a) I only 
b) II only
c) Both 
d) None 

4. “The Emperor of China and I govern half of the human race and yet we find time for breakfast”, who said these words on his first arrival at Shimla?

a) Lord Amherst 
b) Lord Combermere
c) Lord Ellenborough
d) Lord Lawrence 

5. Who was the first Governor –General of India to visit Shimla?

a) Lord Amherst 
b) Lord Combermere
c) Lord Ellenborough
d) Lord Lawrence 

6. In which year the treaty among the British, Ranjit Singh and Shah Shuja was planned at Shimla after which Shah Shuja was appointed as the Amir of Afghanistan?

a) 1836
b) 1838
c) 1840
d) 1842

7. Sir Mortimer Durand started the Annual Durand football tournament in Shimla in 1888 at which of the following places? 

a) Annadale 
b) Naldehra 
c) The Ridge
d) Kasauli 

8. The Decision to invade Afghanistan was taken in which of the following buildings of Shimla ? 

a) Auckland House 
b) Kennedy House 
c) Rotheney castle 
d) Barnes Court 

9. Who introduced Potato cultivation in Shimla Hill?

a) Major Kennedy 
b) Stayanand Stokes 
c) Charles Kurrier 
d) Major Blair 

10. The Hotel Glenam was one of the earliest buildings constructed at Shimla by the British, today you can identify it as :

a) The Oberoi Cecil 
b) Radisson Hotel 
c) Clarks Hotel
d) Marina Hotel 

Answers: 1-b, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a, 5-a, 6-b, 7-a, 8-a, 9-a, 10-d.

This quiz is prepared by Brilliant HAS Academy, Shimla.
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  1. very nice compilation young man

  2. Sir please verify the Durand Cup date..because it was started in 1888 and further
    Sir Henry Mortimer Durand, GCMG KCSI KCIE was born on (14 February 1850 – 8 June 1924) was a British diplomat and civil servant of colonial British India.

  3. Any body knows tgt nm cut marks for general category.


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