Brief History of Himachal Pradesh (Part - 4) - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1858 A.D. – 1) Queen Victoria’s proclamation of November 1, 1858, ended the rule of East India Company over India and it was brought under the direct Rule of British Crown.

1859 A.D. – Bishop Cotton School was opened in Shimla.

1871 A.D.Lord Mayo visited Shimla.

1875 A.D. – Raja Shamsher Prakash founded Nahan Foundary Ltd. 

1876 A.D. – Hindur (Nalagarh) people revolted against the atrocities of Wazir Gulam Quadir Khan.

1877 A.D.Bijai Sen built Victoria Bridge over River Beas in Mandi.

1883 A.D. – Jhugga Movement took place in Bilaspur.

1887 A.D. – Gaiety Theatre was opened in Shimla. The first play put on in theatre was Comedy Play called “Time Will Tell”.

1895 A.D. – Bhatiyat people’s movement took place against the atrocities of Chamba rulers.

1903 A.D. – On November 9, 1903, 96.54 km. long Kalka – Shimla Narrow-gauge Railway track was inaugurated by Lord Curzon .

1905 A.D. – On April 4, 1905, disastrous earthquake in Kangra .

1906 A.D. – Dodra- Kwar (Shimla) Revolt took place.

1908 A.D.Bhuri Singh Museum was founded at Chamba.

1909 A.D. – Mandi Agitation took place against the atrocities of Raja Bhawani Sen and Wazir Padha Jeevanand.

1914 – 1915 A.D. – For organizing a branch of Gaddar Party in Mandi, Mian Jawahar Singh, Rani Khairigarhi (Lalita Kumari), Badri, Sidhu and Kharara were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. 

1921 A.D. – On May 11, 1921, Mahatma Gandhi visited Shimla for the first time (for a series of interview with Lord Reading) . He stayed in the Shanti Kutir at the Summer Hill Shimla.  

1925 A.D. – On August 21, Lord Reading, the then Viceroy of India, inaugurated the Central Council Chamber, Shimla. Presently this building houses the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Chamber...continue reading 

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