Naib Tehsildar Solved Paper 2014 (Part-2) - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledege

1)      Who invented the gravitation law?
a)      Einstein
b)      Dalton
c)       Faraday
d)      Newton

2)      What does audiometer measure?
a)      altitude
b)      atmospheric pressure
c)       movement of heart
d)      intensity of sound

3)      Who invented telephone?
a)      Samuel Morse
b)      Alexander Graham Bell
c)       Marconi
d)      Pascal

4)      What are lines on map, joining places with equal amount of pressure called?
a)      Isobars
b)      Isohyets
c)       Isohels
d)      Isocheim

5)      Which of the following is not renewable source of energy?
a)      coal
b)      wind
c)       water
d)      sun

6)      Who is known as father of genetics?
a)      Rutherford
b)      Cushing Harvey
c)       William Harvey
d)      J.G. Mendel

7)      Which movement of Gandhi ji gave the slogan of ‘do or die’?
a)      Civil disobedience movement
b)      Non – cooperation movement
c)       Quit India movement
d)      Champaran movement

8)      Who is the editor of Bahishkrit Bharat?
a)      Vinoba Bhave
b)      B.R. Ambedkar
c)       Dada Bhai Naoriji
d)      lord Curzon

9)      Who founded the Kirti Kisan Party?
a)      S.S. Mirajkar
b)      S.V. Ghate
c)       Sohan Singh Josh
d)      Narendra Dev

10)   When did Gandhi ji return to India?
a)      January 01, 1915
b)      January 09, 1915
c)       March 15, 1915
d)      April 10, 1915

11)   On which day in 1931 were Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukh dev executed?
a)      March 23
b)      April 13
c)       May 10
d)      June 27

12)   In which year did Muslim league pass the Pakistan resolution?
a)      1932
b)      1937
c)       1940
d)      1942

13)   Consider the following statements :
1) Soul force is better than brute force
2) Self suffering is higher than violence
3) Hatred must be replaced by love

Which of the above statements are true about Gandhi ji?
             a)      1 & 2
             b)      2 & 3
             c)       1 & 3
             d)      1,2, & 3

14)   When Gandhi ji was asked in 1921 whether he would like to make any changes in the languages of Hind Swaraj written in 1909 he said he would like to change one word. What was this?
a)      His criticism of doctors
b)      His criticism of lawyers
c)       His use of word prostitute for the British parliament
d)      His views about machines

15)   Which is the longest day in the northern hemisphere?
a)      March 21
b)      September 28
c)       June 15
d)      June 21

16)   Which of the following is true about lunar eclipse?
a)      It occurs only on a new moon day
b)      It occurs only on a full moon day
c)       It occurs when moon comes between the sun and earth
d)      It occurs when sun comes between earth and moon

17)   What does Richter scale measure?
a)      Humidity
b)      Cyclones
c)       Earthquakes
d)      Tides

18)   In which state is Chilka Lake?
a)      Kerala
b)      Odisha
c)       Rajasthan
d)      J & k

19)   Among the following which tribal group is found in Manipur?
a)      Mundas
b)      Gonds
c)       Tadas
d)      Angami

20)   In which state of India is Panchmarhi?
a)      Kerala
b)      Madhya Pradesh
c)       Haryana
d)      Bihar

21)   Who led the 1857 war of independence in Gwalior?
a)      Nana sahib
b)      Rani Lakshmi Bai
c)       Tatya Tope
d)      Begum Hazrat Mahal

22)   In which year did Gandhi ji set up (All India) Harijan Sevak Sangh?
a)      1917
b)      1922
c)       1928
d)      1932

23)   Which of the following reduced the age for entry into ICS from 21 to 19 years?
a)      Lord Ripon
b)      Lord Curzon
c)       Lord Lytton
d)      Lord Dufferin

24)   When was the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi?
a)      1905
b)      1909
c)       1911
d)      1916

25)   Under which act provision was made for the first time for the election of some non-official members in the central and provincial legislative councils?
a)      Indian council act, 1861
b)      Indian council act, 1892
c)       Indian council act, 1909
d)      Indian council act, 1919

26)   What is the name of the journal in which Balgangadhar Tilak wrote an article for which he was put on trial in 1908?
a)      Bharat Mata
b)      Kesari
c)       Sandhya
d)      Yugantar

27)   Which elite group of Muslims organised the Shimla deputation to Lord Minto in October 1906 pleading for separate electorates?
a)      Deoband group
b)      Bengal group
c)       Dacca group
d)      Aligarh group

28)   At which session did the congress party for the first time demanded Swaraj/Swashasan?
a)      1905
b)      1906
c)       1907
d)      1909

29)   In which conspiracy case was V.D. Savarkar deported in October 1910?
a)      Kanpur conspiracy
b)      Kakori conspiracy
c)       Nasik conspiracy
d)      Alipore conspiracy

30)   What was the periodicity of publication of Gadar?
a)      Daily
b)      Weekly
c)       Fortnightly
d)      Monthly

31)   When did Madan Mohan Malaviya leave the Swaraj party?
a)      1922
b)      1924
c)       1925
d)      1928

32)   When was all India workers and peasants party set up?
a)      1908
b)      1919
c)       1925
d)      1928

33)   Which state of India is situated on border of Afghanistan?
a)      Punjab
b)      Rajasthan
c)       J & K
d)      Himachal Pradesh

34)   Which state of India has the longest coastline?
a)      Pashchim Banga
b)      Odisha
c)       Kerala
d)      Gujarat

35)   What is the approximate number of big and small islands in Andaman and Nicobar group of islands?
a)      22
b)      122
c)       222
d)      322

36)   Which river’s source is Verinag?
a)      Jhelum
b)      Ravi
c)       Beas
d)      Chenab

37)   Which of the following cities is on the bank of Chambal River?
a)      Kota
b)      Ujjain
c)       Jabalpur
d)      Surat

38)   In which state is Kaziranga Tiger reserve?
a)      Mizoram
b)      Meghalaya
c)       Arunanchal Pradesh
d)      Assam

39)   By what name is shifting cultivation called in Kerala?
a)      Jhum
b)      Podu
c)       Ponam Krishi
d)      Beera

40)   Where is the headquarters of central railway?
a)      Jaipur
b)      Bilaspur
c)       Jabalpur
d)      Mumbai

41)   What is the tree of Karnataka?
A) Coconut
b) Sandal
c)   Palm
d)   Sal

42)   What is the female literacy rate in India (2011 census)?
a)      65.46 %
b)      71.06%
c)       74.04%
d)      82.14%

43)   From where has the constitution of India borrowed the idea of concurrent list?
a)      Canada
b)      Australia
c)       Ireland
d)      France

44)   What term is used for the presidential power of substituting one form of punishment by another of a lighter form?
a)      Pardon
b)      Reprieve
c)       Respite
d)      Commutation

45)   Which vice- president of India had the longest tenure?
a)      V.V. Giri
b)      B.D. Jatti
c)       Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
d)      G.S. Pathak

46)   Who was deputy prime minister of India during 1989-91?
a)      Charan Singh
b)      Devi Lal
c)       L.K. Advani
d)      Y.B. Chavan

47)   What is total number of members in public accounts committee in India?
a)      15
b)      22
c)       25
d)      30

48)   Where is the seat of Chhattisgarh high court?
a)      Raipur
b)      Bijapur
c)       Bilaspur
d)      Jamshedpur

49)   Which commission proposed that the appointment of governor of state should be done by a committee consisting of Prime Minister, Home Minister, Lok Sabha and the Chief Minister of the concerned state?
a)      Sarkaria commission
b)      Punchhi  commission
c)       Venkatachalia commission
d)      National Judicial commission

50)   What term is used for the estimate of advance payment to the government to carry on its work till the passing of the appropriation bill?
a)      Vote on credit
b)      Finance bill
c)       Vote on account
d)      Supplementary budget

51)   Which of the following is included in the tertiary sector of Indian economy?
a)      Mining
b)      Manufacturing
c)       Construction
d)      Transport

52)   What is the proposed growth target in draft approach to the 12th five year plan?
a)      6%
b)      8%
c)       9%
d)      10%

53)   In which five year plan was the idea of inclusive development first emphasized?
a)      Ninth
b)      Tenth
c)       Eleventh
d)      Twelfth

54)   What is minimum number of household having poorly built tenements with inadequate sanitary and drinking water facilities and unhygienic conditions to be termed as slums as per the new definition of 2011?
a)      20
b)      30
c)       40
d)      50

55)   When was the mid day meal scheme launched in India in primary schools?
a)      1975
b)      1995
c)       2005
d)      2007

56)   When was the special economic zone (SEZ) act passed in India?
a)      1998
b)      2001
c)       2005
d)      2007

57)   What was the headquarters of the reserve bank of India?
a)      New Delhi
b)      Bengaluru
c)       Nasik
d)      Mumbai

58)   Which private sector bank set up in 1985?
a)      Kotak Mahindra
b)      AXIS bank
c)       HDFC bank
d)      ICICI Bank

59)   In which year was Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna launched in India?
a)      2002
b)      2005
c)       2007
d)      2009

60)   Who is the chairman of 13th finance commission?
a)      C. Rangarajan
b)      Raghuram Rajan
c)       Arjun Sengupta
d)      Vijay L. Kelker

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