Basic facts about Himachal Pradesh - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

  • Himachal Pradesh was formed on 25th January, 1971 with Shimla as a capital.
  • The altitude of Himachal Pradesh is 350 mt. to 7025 mt.
  • Himachal Pradesh is located between latitude 30°22’ to 33°12’ North and longitude 75°47’ to 79°04’ East.
  • Area under the forests in Himachal Pradesh is 37033 sq. km which is 66.5% of the total area of HP.
  • The geographical area of Himachal Pradesh is 55673 sq km which is 1.7% of the total area of the state India.
  • There are twelve districts in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Statehood day of Himachal Pradesh is celebrated on 25th January every year.
  • Himachal day is celebrated on 15th April every year.
  • State bird of Himachal Pradesh is Jujurana (Western Tragopan).
  • State flower of Himachal Pradesh is Pink Rhododendron.
  • State animal of Himachal Pradesh is Snow Leopard.
  • State tree of Himachal Pradesh is Deodar.
  • Neighboring states of Himachal Pradesh are Punjab on West, Jammu & Kashmir on North, Haryana on South, Uttrakhand on South-East and Uttar Pradesh on South-West.
  • Languages spoken in Himachal Pradesh are Hindi (Official language), other languages namely English, Punjabi, Mahasui, Kulluyi, Lahauli, Kinnauri, Sirmauri, Chambyali, Bilaspuri, Pahari, Kangri, Mandiyali and Dogri.
  • Largest district (area wise) of Himachal Pradesh is Lahaul-Spiti with an area of 13833 sq km.
  • Smallest district (area wise) of Himachal Pradesh is Hamirpur with an area of 1118 sq. km.
  • There are four Lok Sabha constituencies (Hamirpur, Mandi, Shimla, and Kangra) and three Rajya Sabha constituencies in Himachal Pradesh.
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 View of Dhauladhar Range from Kangra

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