Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (Prelims) 2014 (Part -2)

Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (Prelims) - 2014

  1)      ‘Jhum’ is a term used for:
A.      Terrace farming
B.      Tribal farming
C.      Shifting farming
D.      Farming on a slope

2)      The working principal of a washing machine is:
A.      Centrifugation
B.      Dialysis
C.      Reverse osmosis
D.      Diffusion

3)      An air bubble in water will act like a:
A.      Convex mirror
B.      Convex lens
C.      Concave mirror
D.      Concave lens

4)      Diffusion of light in the atmosphere takes place due to:
A.      Carbon dioxide
B.      Dust particles
C.      Helium
D.      Water vapors

5)       The characteristics odour of garlic is due to:
A.      A chloro compound
B.      A sulphur compound
C.      Acetic acid
D.      A fluorine compound

6)      Which one of the following is an active component of clove oil?
A.      Menthol
B.      Eugenol
C.      Methanol
D.      Benzaldehyde

7)      Which one of the following is not an essential micronutrient for plants?
A.      Boron
B.      Zinc
C.      Sodium
D.      Copper

8)      Fat present below the skin surface in our body, acts as a barrier against:
A.      Loss of heat from our body
B.      Loss of essential body fluids
C.      Loss of salts from the body
D.      Entry of harmful micro-organisms form the environments

9)      When ants bite, they inject:
A.      Glacial acetic acid
B.      Methanol
C.      Formic acid
D.      Stearic acid

10)   The “Stones” formed in human kidney consist mostly of:
A.      Calcium oxalate
B.      Sodium acetate
C.      Magnesium sulphate
D.      Calcium alone

11)   Cryogenic engines find applications in:
A.      Submarine propulsion
B.      Frost-free refrigerators
C.      Rocket technology
D.      Researches in super-conductivity

12)    In eye donation, which one of the following parts of donor’s eye is utilized?
A.      Iris
B.      Lens
C.      Cornea
D.      Retina

13)   The major component of honey is:
A.      Glucose (31%)
B.      Sucrose (1%)
C.      Maltose
D.      Fructose (38%)

14)   Arteries supplying blood to the:
A.      Carotid arteries
B.      Hepatic arteries
C.      Coronary arteries
D.      Pulmonary arteries

15)   What is the average fat content of “Buffalo milk”?
A.      7.2%
B.      4.2%
C.      9.0%
D.      10.0%

16)   Which of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution?
A.      Diesel
B.      Coal
C.      Hydrogen
D.      Kerosene

17)   Standard 18-carat gold sold in the market contains:
A.      82 parts gold and 18 parts other metals
B.      18 parts gold and 82 parts other metals
C.      18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals
D.      9 parts gold and 15 parts other metals

18)   Which of the following types of glasses can cut-off ultraviolet rays?
A.      Soda glass
B.      Pyrex glass
C.      Jena glass
D.      Croobes glass

19)   On the bank of which river is Nadaun town of Hamirpur District?
A.      Satluj
B.      Ravi
C.      Beas
D.      Uhl

20)   Which mountain pass connects Spiti to Ladakh?
A.      Kangla
B.      Shipki
C.      Rohtang
D.      Manirang

21)   Which of the following is not in the vicinity of Kullu?
A.      Sultanpur Palace
B.      Bijli Mahadev
C.      Dev Tibba
D.      Kalatope

22)   In which town is Panchvaktra temple?
A.      Chamba
B.      Mandi
C.      Hamirpur
D.      Una

23)   Which lake at Rewalsar Mandi is known for floating island?
A.      Kuntbhyog
B.      Parashar
C.      Kalasar
D.      Sukhsar

24)   Identify the correct chronological order in which the following Europeans travelled in Punjab and Shimla Hill states?
Select the correct answer from the code given below:
1.       Vigne
2.       Moorcraft
3.       Forster
4.       Thomas Coryat

A.      4,3,2,1
B.      1,3,2,4
C.      2,1,3,4
D.      4,1,2,3

25)    Which action of Raja Sansar Chand prompted the Hill Chiefs to invite Gurkhas to invade Kangra?
A.      His failure to retrieve Kangra fort
B.      His attack on Kahlur state and capture some territory
C.      His alliance with Sikh Chief Jassa Singh Ramgarhia
D.      His defeat at the hands of Sikh Chief Jai Singh of Kanhaiya Misl

26)   Which of the following is believed to be the oldest among Shimla Hill States?
A.      Jubbal
B.      Keonthal
C.      Bushahr
D.      Baghat

27)   Who negotiated the arrangement between the states of Kashmir and Chamba by which the later became independent of the former?
A.      Col. Lawrence
B.      George Russel
C.      David Ochterlony
D.      Captain G. Birch

28)   Raja of which state was treated by the wife of Dara Shikoh as her son?
A.      Kangra
B.      Sirmaur
C.      Nurpur
D.      Guler

29)   When did the consultative body of ruler of princely states known as Narendra Mandal came into existence?
A.      1911
B.      1921
C.      1931
D.      1941

30)   With which district of Himachal Pradesh is Kayang folk dance mainly associated?
A.      Una
B.      Solan
C.      Sirmaur
D.      Kinnaur

31)   With which of the following is NGO named Vishakha is associated?
A.      Dalits
B.      Women
C.      Physically challenged
D.      Senior citizens

32)   When was a Sanad granted to the Raja of Bilaspur by the British government confirming his possession on the right bank of Satluj?
A.      February, 1846
B.      March, 1846
C.      October, 1847
D.      April, 1848

33)   Court poet of which princely state of Shimla Hills is the author of Shashi Vansh Vinod?
A.      Jubbal
B.      Nurpur
C.      Guler
D.      Bilaspur

34)   Who was the first person to vote in the First General Elections in India in 1951-52?
A.      Shyam Saran Negi of Kalpa
B.      Satya Dev Bushehri of Rohru
C.      Bhagmal Sautha of Jubbal
D.      Anand Chand of Bilaspur

35)   In which year publication of Hindi daily Divya Himachal begin?
A.      1997
B.      2001
C.      2003
D.      2007

36)   Which Tehsil of Mahasu district was carved out to form Kinnaur district?
A.      Rohru
B.      Chini
C.      Kotkhai
D.      Rampur

37)   According to Annual Status Education Report (ASER) 2012-13 what percentage of class V students of Himachal Pradesh Government and private schools can read only class II text?
A.      44.6
B.      57.7
C.      72.8
D.      83.8

38)   Who led the famous Mandi conspiracy of 1914-15?
A.      Swami Krishna Nand
B.      Pandit Gauri Prasad
C.      Sobha Singh
D.      Mian Jawahar Singh

39)   Which day is observed as Anti-Leprosy Day?
A.      October 02
B.      November 14
C.      January 30
D.      October 31

40)   After which American scientist is ‘h-index’ named?
A.      Jorge E. Hirsch
B.      Frederick Sainger
C.      Linus Pauling
D.      Percy Julian  

41)   Which lake is jointly owned by China and India?
A.      Tsomoriri
B.      Tsokar
C.      Pongong Tso
D.      Thanka

42)   Who is George Alexander Louis?
A.      A French Novelist
B.      An American film star
C.      Third in the line as heir to the British throne
D.      A German football player

43)   In which field did Frederick Sainger win Nobel Prize twice?
A.      Literature
B.      Physics
C.      Chemistry
D.      Peace

44)   When was telegraph service closed in India?
A.      July, 2013
B.      September, 2012
C.      June, 2013
D.      October, 2013

45)   Who is Shinzo Abe?
A.      Prime Minister of Israel
B.      Dissident artist of China
C.      Chess player of Korea
D.      Prime Minister of Japan

46)   With which game/sport is Deepika Kumari associated?
A.      Wrestling
B.      Archery
C.      Badminton
D.      Boxing

47)   What is the name of Pakistani Bus that plies between Lahore and Delhi?
A.      Sada-e-Sarhad
B.      Samjhauta
C.      Karvan-e-Aman
D.      Dosti

48)   For which work did Mridula Garg get the 2013 Sahitya Academy Award?
A.      Miljulaman
B.      Uske Hisse Ki Dhoop
C.      Chitkobra
D.      Kathgulab

49)    According to Transparency Intentional which are the most honest countries in the world in 2012-13?
A.      France and Belgium
B.      Holland and Australia
C.      New Zealand and Denmark
D.      Sweden and Germany

50)      Who was crowned as Miss World in 2013 beauty contest?
A.      Marialin of France
B.      Navaneet Kaur of India
C.      Oaklin of Ghana
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