Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Range Officer's 2007 - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1) What is the approximate height of Chander Tal Lake situated in Lahaul-Spiti? - Ans. 4270 mt.

2) Who was the first Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court? – Ans. Justice M.H. Beg

3) On which river Baglihar Hydro-Electric Project (450 MW) proposed to be built: – Ans. Chenab

4) Who is the Lok Ayukta of Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. Justice Bhawani Singh

5) Who inaugurated the Shimla-Kalka rail track on November 9, 1903 A.D.? – Ans. Lord Curzon

6) How many Municipal Corporations are there in Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. One (Shimla)

7) Who conceived the idea of Nalwari Fair of Bilaspur in 1889 A.D.? – Ans. W.Goldstein

8) When was present Mandi district formed? – Ans. 15 April 1948

9) Who is the Chancellor of H.P. Agriculture University at Palampur? – Ans. Dr. V.S. Kokje (The Governor of Himachal Pradesh)

10) What is the average life expectancy of Himachal Pradesh of Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. 67 Years

11) Who wrote the book “Himalayan Circuit”? – Ans. G.D. Khosla

12)  The instrument used for measuring optical activity is: – Ans. Polari meter

13) Which mountain range separates Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur from Tibet? – Ans. Zanskar Range

14) Nicholas Roerich (Maharishi) painted nearly 7000 canvases in the Himalayas. To which country did he belong? – Ans. Russia

15) Who was crowned Miss World 2006? – Ans. Tatana Kucharova

16) Where is the only temple of Rishi Lomushiri located in Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. Rewalsar (Mandi)

17) Which is the smallest Dam in Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. Pandoh Dam (Mandi)

18)  Which district of Himachal Pradesh has lowest population (Census 2011)? – Ans. Lahaul-Spiti

19) A gentleman from Himachal Pradesh has set the world record of fastest and most accurate typing. Who is he? – Ans. Rajender Singh

20) Who was the Chief Counsellor of The Aryan King Divodas? – Ans. Rishi Bhardwaj

21) When was the I.A.S. cadder sanctioned for Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. 1971 A.D.

22) In whose reign did Basholi School of Painting come into prominence? – Ans. Raja Kripal Pal (1678 – 1694 A.D.)

23) Who established the state of Hindur (Nalagarh) in 1000 A.D.? – Ans. Raja Ajay Chand

24) Who was the Lt. Governor of Himachal Pradeshbetween 1955 to 1963? – Ans. Sh. Bajrang Bahadur Singh

25) When did Dr. Y.S. Parmar become the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh for the first time? – Ans. 24 March 1952

26) In which district is Mani Mahesh Lake located? – Ans. Chamba

27) In which District of Himachal Pradesh is ‘Ukhyang’ or ‘Phulech’ festival celebrated? – Ans. Kinnaur

28) Who is the local deity of Rampur Valley (Bushahr state in Shimla District)? – Ans. Badrinath

29) Where is Gaj Hydel project located in Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. Shahpur (Kangra)

30)  Which city in Himachal Pradesh known as ‘CHOTI KASHI’? – Ans. Mandi

31)  Where is India’s biggest Wildlife Sanctuary for Gir Lions? – Ans. Gujarat

32) Which country is also known as “The Land of the Mid Night Sun”? – Ans. Norway

33)   What is ‘Nine O Nine’? – Ans. A collection of short stories written by Nandita Puri

34) How many countries are the Veto Holding permanent members of the United Nations Security Council? – Ans. Five (USA, UK, China, Russia, France)

35) Which acid is found in digestive juices in human body? – Ans. Hydrochloric acid (HCL)

36) Who was the president of Indian National Congress (INC) at the time of independence of India? – Ans. J.B. Kriplani

37) In which year were the first general election held in free India? – Ans. 1952 A.D.

38)  Who has been crowned Miss Universe 2006? – Ans. Zulika Rivera Mendoza

39)  Who is the present pope of Vatican City? – Ans. Pope Benedict XVI

40)  Who won hockey world cup 2006? – Ans. Germany

41)  Who has written two lives? – Ans. Vikram Seth

42) What is ornithology? – Ans. Study of Birds

43)  Who was the captain of Indian Woman’s Cricket Team that defeated England in 2006? – Ans. Mithali Raj

44) When did Mahatma Gandhi start his Non-Violence Movement against the British? – Ans. 1917 (Champaran satyagraha)

45) When was the Indian Airlines IC-814 flight (from Kathmandu to New Delhi) hijacked to Kandhar? – Ans. 25 December 1999

46) Who has been appointed as the new Secretary General of United Nation Organization (UNO)? – Ans. Ban-Ki-Moon (South Korea)

47)  First cereal used by man is: – Ans. Wheat

48) When was Bhagat Singh, the great Martyr, put to his gallows? – Ans. 23 March 1931

49)   With which term the “epicenter” associated? – Ans. Earthquake

50)   Who is the Chief of the Palestinian militant group “Hamas”? – Ans. Former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh

51)  What is the chemical name of Vinegar? – Ans. Acetic acid (Ethanoic acid)

52) Who wrote the American Declaration of Independence? – Ans. Thomas Jefferson

53)  With which kind of dance is Birju Maharaj associated? – Ans. Khatak

54)  Who is the first person without legs to scale the Mount Everest? – Ans. Mark Inglish

55)  When will India’s first Moon mission (Chardrayaan - I) be launche
d? – Ans. 2008

56)  What is the name of Japan’s parliament? – Ans.  Diet

57) Who was the Vice-President of India Between 1997 - 2002? – Ans. Dr. K. Krishna Kant

58)  When did Guru Gobind Singh create the ‘Khalsa’? – Ans. April 13, 1699

59) Who was the first recipient of Param Vir Chakra? – Ans. Major Somnath Sharma

60)  What is the real name of ‘Prachanda’ the great Maoist leader of Nepal? – Ans. Pushap Kamal Dahal

61)  What is the chemical name of Baking soda? – Ans. Sodium bicarbonate

62)  Who was known as ‘Frontier Gandhi’? – Ans. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

63) Who was the first woman to scale Mount Everest? – Ans. Junko Tabaie of Japan in 1975

64) The fish respires through: – Ans. Gills

65)  Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha? – Ans. G.V. Malvankar

66) In how many field Nobel Prize is awarded annually? – Ans. Six (Peace, Chemistry, Literature, Economics, Physics, Physiology)

67)  Who wrote ‘In the line of fire’? – Ans. Parvez Mushraff

68)  Who was the first Secretary General of United Nations Organization (UNO)? – Ans. Trygve Havledine Lie (of Norway)

69) Who is the world’s first female space Tourist? – Ans. Anousheh Ansari of Iran

70)  Which Ocean lies between Africa and Australia? – Ans. Indian Ocean

71)  Non-stick kitchenware is coated with: – Ans. Teflon

72)  Who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006? – Ans. Orphan Pamuk

73) Who was the Finance Minister in the Interim Government in India in 1946? – Ans. Liyakat Ali Khan

74) When was the Planning Commission of India established? – Ans. March 15, 1950

75) In which field of sports Jhanu Hansda of Jharkhand has made a mark? – Ans. Archery

76)  Who is the chairman of 6th pay commission constituted by the government of India? – Ans. Justice B.N. Srikrishna

77)  What is the capital of Finland? – Ans. Helsinki

78)  Who was the last Viceroy of India? – Ans. Lord Mountbatten

79)  The Japanese Art of Flower arrangement is called as: – Ans. Ikebana

80) The Headquarter of SAARC which is established on December 8, 1985 is located at? – Ans. Kathmandu (Nepal)

Write about 150 words in any two of the following:
1)      What is the role of Judiciary in India?
2)      What is VAT?
3)      What are the India’s Achievements in the fields of sports?
4)      What are the Civilians awards in India?
5)      How is the Prime Minister of India elected?

Write about 150 words in any two of the following:
1)      What is the difference between a ‘Mole’ and ‘Spy’?
2)      The role of SAARC n promoting peace in South Asia?
3)      In which field is China the greatest Military rival of US?
4)      Mahatma Gandhi’s Fight against Apartheid in South Africa?
5)      Protection & Preservation of Forests in Himachal Pradesh?


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