HP Subordinate Allied Services Solved Paper 2012 (Part-3)

101) The boundary between India and Pakistan was demarcated by: Sir Cyril Radcliffe

102) The Headquarter of the Ghadar Party was at: San Francisco, USA

103) Which nationalist leader has been referred to "Lokhitwadi"?- Gopal Hari

104) Most of the weather phenomena take place in the: Troposphere

105) Which gas in the atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet rays?- Ozone

106) Where is the Doldrums belt located? - Near the equator

107) The velocity of winds is governed by: Pressure gradient

108) Name the instrument used for measuring humidity: Hygrometer

109) Which amongst Easterlies, Westerlies, Drainage winds and Trade Winds is not a planetary wind? - Drainage Winds 

110) What is meant by the term "Cirrus"?- High Cloud

111) Rainfall caused due to the presence of mountains in the way of winds is called: Orthographic rain

112) Plains formed due to the filling up of lakes are called: Lacustrine plains

113) Which amongst marble, coal, granite and slate is an organic rock? - Coal

114) Which soil is most common in the Indo-Gangetic Pain?- Alluvial

115) The term "epicenter" is associated with: Earthquake

116) Polynesians are believed to be a subgroup of: Mangoloids

117) Of which region is rice the most important crop?- Tropical monsoon

118) Iron is obtained mostly from: Magnetite

119) Which countries are separated by the Durand Line? - India & Afghanistan

120) Cotton fiber is obtained from the: Fruit

121) Duncan pass is located between: South & Little Andaman

122) The Pacific Ring of Fire is associated with: Volcanoes & Earthquake

123) Where is the Gulf of Mannar located? - South of Kanyakumari

124) Which are the oldest rocks in the country? - Aravallis

125) The highest peak in Indian territory is K2 in which range is it located? - Karakoram Range

126) Among Ganga, Narmada. Brahmaputra and Krishna which river flows through the rift valley? - Narmada

127) Which part of the islands in the Arabian Sea is known as Minicoy islands? - Southern

128) Which river of India is called "Tsangpo" in one of its reaches? - Brahmaputra

129) The monsoon starts retreating from India in: Mid-September

130) Where can one expect dry winters in India? - Bengal Plain

131) Which are the twin cities in India? - Hyderabad & Secunderabad

132) Most plantation of tea, coffee and temperate fruits are laid out on: Mountain soil

133) Which crop is especially prone to bacterial blight? - Wheat

134) What does the word "Murrah" refers to: A breed of Buffalo

135) In which part of India are thorn forests commonly found? - Rajasthan

136) In which area is the deodar tree commonly found? - Alpine Forests

137) Which state has more than 90% of its area under forests? - Arunachal Pradesh

138)Where is the Wild Ass Sanctuary?- Gujarat

139) What is Jhoom? - A type of Cultivation

140) Which crop requires water-logging for its cultivation? - Rice

141) Which crop amongst Bajra & Rice, Maize & Jowar, Barley & Mustard, Jowar & Rice is not grown in the Kharif season? - Barley and Mustard

142) On which river is the Nagarjuna Sagar Project located?- Krishana

143) Diamond mines are located in: Madhya Pradesh

144) A major plant of Hindustan Machine Tool Limited is in: Pinjore

145) Where is the oldest oil refinery of India? - Digboi (Assam)

146) What is Chandipur at sea known for?-Missile testing range

147) How many PIN zones has India been divided into: 8

148) Which river rises in the Aravallies and flows into the Gulf of Cambay? - Sabarmati

149) What is the other name of Cardamom hills? - Nilgiri Hills

150) Common salt is obtained from sea water by the process of: Evaporation

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