NCERT Books recommended for UPSC IAS preparation

Indian Polity
IX Democratic Politics Part-I (New)
X Democratic Politics Part-II (New)
XI Indian Constitution at Work (New)
XII Politics in India since Independence (New)
XII Contemporary World Politics (New)

IX Story of Civilization Part-I (Old)
X Story of Civilization Part-II (Old)
XI Ancient India (Old)
XI Medieval India (Old)
XII Themes in History Part-I
XII Themes in History Part-II
XII Themes in History Part-III
XII Modern India (Old)

Indian Economy
IX Economics (New)
X Understanding Economic Development (New)
XI Indian Economic Development (New)

VI Land and People Part-I (Old)
VII Land and People Part-II (Old)
VIII Resource and Development (New)
IX Contemporary India Part-I (New)
X Contemporary India Part-II (New)
XI Fundamentals of Physical Geography (New)
XI Indian Physical Environment (New)
XII India-People and Economy (New)
X Geography of India (Old)

VI Science (New)
VII Science (New)
VIII Science (New)
IX Science (New)
X Science (New)


XII Indian Society (New)
XII Social Change and Development in India (New)

Disaster Management
VIII CBSE Text Book for Disaster Management
IX CBSE Text Book for Disaster Management
X CBSE Text Book for Disaster Management

Technology XI Computers and Communication Technology Part 1

Note: You can buy these books from any book-store or download from internet.
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